National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Policy (NISP)


Institution Innovation and Entrepreneurship Policy


To foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that can be nurtured into viable business solutions for the benefit of the mankind.


  • To foster a culture of innovation in research and experiential learning.
  • To promote creation and commercialization of IP assets.
  • To create an environment for knowledge collaboration and co-creation towards strengthening business pathways.


  • Create an environment to expose students to entrepreneurship and develop entrepreneurial characteristics or traits in students.
  • Provide the information to support the creation of an entrepreneurial learning environment.
  • To promote entrepreneurship through faculty innovative research projects.
  • To encourage faculty to take up entrepreneurial mentoring.
  • Create awareness of venture creation as a viable career option.
  • To create direct or indirect employment through the entrepreneur cell.
  • To bring awareness about IPR through regular expertise interaction and as part of the curriculum.

Expert Committee Members


Collaborations and MOUs

IPR and Patents