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Students Project

Title of the Project Carried out at Short description Relevance
IOT Based Agriculture Automation System DSCE Smart farming is an emerging concept, because IoT sensors capable of providing information about their agriculture fields Rural India, Smart agricultural initiative
Design and Development of Faulty Product Detection using IR Sensors DSCE Out of size products are detected and classified. Quality management
Fabrication of Solar Powered Crop Harvester DSCE Renewable energy used for crop harvesting Agricultural Based
Steam Car Washer DSCE Application of steam to effectively remove dirt and dust on car surface. Application of steam formation and pressure vessel design. Energy conservation
Design and Development of automated Solar Powered Lawn Mover DSCE Development of Automated lawn mower Using renewable source i.e solar power Energy Conservation and Automate the system
Groundwater restoration in bore wells using Twin-ring method DSCE Water restoration using the twin ring method for recharging the bore wells Social, Conservation of resources
Organic Waste Recycling by Portable Organic Compost Maker DSCE Effective recycling of food waste into maneuver for crops Social and Environmental
Design and Development of Automatic Headlight for Two Wheeler Using Sensors DSCE To automate upper to lower beam and vice versa. The objective of this project is to avoid accidents because of opponent vehicle light beam. It addresses the safety of driver and passengers Safety Management
Design and Fabrication of Tree Climbing and Harvesting Robot DSCE To reduce human effort to climb tree and The entire movement of the harvesting mechanism is controlled using remote controller Agricultural Based
Automated Greenhouse Maintenance System DSCE To minimize human care needed for the plant by automating the greenhouse and monitor the in-house environment status Environment Management
Fabrication and Design of Portable Vertical Axis Wired Turbine DSCE Portable wind turbine for generating electricity which can generate 5v Power Energy Conservation and Management
Manufacturing Engineering Support at an Aerospace OEM Textron India Pvt Ltd Process management procedures Process management
Automatic speed control system for Automobile DSCE To reduce the speed of vehicle in turning which in turn reduces accidents. Safety Management
Influence of demographics on employability among engineering students DSCE How age, gender and academic credits influence employability Human resources development
Design and Development of Vehicle tracking and locking system DSCE vehicle tracking system by using microcontroller chips for better tracking of vehicle and locking system Societal application
Design and Development of Wireless Power Transfer Device DSCE Transfer of power to recharge batteries. Technology, Science
Development of Smart city by Application of IOT DSCE A smart city is a municipality that uses information and communication technologies to increase operational efficiency, share information with the public and improve both the quality of government services and citizen welfare. Digital India Initiative
Harvesting wind energy via wind generated at over head of moving train DSCE To design blades to generate power by harvesting wind energy over head of moving train Energy Conservation And Societal Benefit
Design and Development of Mechanism for harvesting energy from Gym Equipment DSCE This aims to create a mechanism to harvest energy from cable and pulley machine in a gym. Energy Conservation and Management
Simulation of Urban traffic system using SUMO and optimization of real traffic signal using open CV image sensing module DSCE Software integrated device helps to reduce the traffic density thus helping environment minimizing the pollution Social Welfare
Design and Development of Automated smart sericulture system DSCE Smart sericulture system- Agriculture system Agricultural based
Design and Development of automated solar sprayer for agriculture farm purpose DSCE Development of solar sprayer for agriculture farm purpose Using renewable source i.e solar power EnergyConservation and agriculturalpurpose(SocialWelfare)
Design and Development of Portable water dispenser by desalination and moisture absorber DSCE Conversion of salt/waste water into usable for drinking and other purpose using non- conventional energy sources Social, Renewable Energy
Design and Development of Automatic brake failure indicator & supplemental braking system DSCE To indicate the failure of conventional braking system and to activate supplement brake if conventional system fails.It addresses the safety of driver and passengers Societal Welfare
Design and Development of Object sorting robot using color sensor for manufacturing industry DSCE Picking and placing of colored objects in specific bins using robotic arm Process automation
Design and Development of Mechanism for waste segregation DSCE To separate the domestic waste in to different categories. It addresses environmental and health issues. Environmental and safety
Design and Development of mechanism to clean grains DSCE Separation of grains from seed using blower mechanism Social, Agricultural
Design and Development of cashless payment system using RFID in Students ID card DSCE IoT based project for cashless payment in campus Process automation
Design and analysis of battery hold down Textron India Pvt Ltd Development of battery hold down for different capacity batteries. Societal Welfare
Design and Development of Digital fuel indicator and Fuel theft Indicator DSCE IoT based project to alerts the vehicle owner regarding fuel theft if any and digitally displays the fuel level in the tank. Societal Welfare
Automatic reduction of speed in automobiles using RFID DSCE Automatic speed control system using RFID Social application
Design and development of automated line following multipurpose trolley DSCE Development of automated movable Trolley that can be used for various purpose Societal Benefit
Design and development of LPG Leakage Detection system and safety kit DSCE Detection of gas leakage using sensors Social, safety measures
Optimizing the use of PET in packaged water bottle using Value Engineering Methodology DSCE Cost reduction by using less material and improvement in production Environmental, Engineering
Reduction in injuries and providing assistance in the transfer of chip scrap DSCE Providing safety and ease in chip scrap transferring using new mechanism. Industrial safety
Evaluation of mechanical properties of glass reinforced metal matrix composite materials DSCE Evaluation of mechanical properties such as tensile, hardness and wear of aluminum matrix and glass reinforcement. Material Property Enhancement
Vertical pedaling motion with lever driven mechanism DSCE New drive mechanism to minimize the effort applied by the user while pedaling bicycle Environment and Societal Benefit
Wear testing of characterization of boron nitride for higher temperature application DSCE Material characterization for high temperature application. This insulator material was a result of mixing of two composites and properties were measured. New composite material and material property enhancement.
Parking management system DSCE Simulation based technique that address parking problems in campus Public service
Energy generated from speed breakers using rollers DSCE A large amount of energy is wasted at the speed breakers through friction, every time a vehicle passes over it. So electricity can be generated using the vehicle weight and speed (kinetic energy) as input. Smart City Initiative
Energy Design and fabrication of quality inspection system using webcam DSCE Quality control enhancement technique using modern computer application to minimize labor intervention. Social benefit since it avoids routine inspection.
Design and development of Semi-Automatic Flower Knitting Machine DSCE Increases labor productivity and an alternate method for Flower Knitting Societal benefit
Management of vehicle traffic system DSCE Simulate actual vehicle frequency using simulation software aiding to take necessary steps to control traffic cumbersome Social Welfare
Problems and prospects of foundry industries DSCE Survey based analysis of problems and prospects of foundry industries Problems of SSI
Automatic Key Dispenser DSCE Automatic key dispenser without using manpower throughout a day Product Development, Technology
Evaluation of quality issues and remedial measures in HMT To Study the existing methods and practices and causes for defects thus finding remedial measures Sustainable Improvement of industrial practice
Improving the production efficiency through standardized work in Faurecia Excellence Systems Faurecia. To increase effectiveness in production through use of Faurecia systems Sustainable Improvement of industrial practice
Fulfilling on time delivery by reducing rejection AEBPL Reduces rejection rate of components in the production line which in turn reduces lead time of the orders. Societal benefit
Redesigning Pika Belt Manufacturing Process Using methods Engineering 515 Army Base Workshop Using Methods Engineering concepts redesigned the manufacturing of PIKA belt Engineering
Design and Development of Drinking water generator DSCE Extracts water from atmospheric air, filters and make it ready for consumption. Environment and Society benefit.
Productivity improvement of a metro rail coach line by using assembly line balancing technique BEML Line balancing techniques used for productivity improvement Engineering- productivity improvement
Design and Development of fryer oil filtration machine DSCE Filtration of oil from waste and dust Social, Industrial Application
Design and Development of emergency exit for A/C busses DSCE Increasing incidents of fire hazards in buses have brought into light the poor emergency exit systems in many vehicles. Societal Benefit
Automatic weighing and feeding machine BHEL Ltd Optimization of process for weighing and feeding Engineering
Layout Remodeling for improving efficiency and safety Metro Products Plant layout redesign for greater efficiency and performance Productivity in SSI
Scrap reduction in Piston machining shop Federal Mogul Reduces rejection rate of pistons in the production line which in turn reduces lead time of the orders. Societal benefit

Research Grants Applied

Sl No Title of the Proposal Principal Programme Coordinator Board / Agency Proposal Amount Status
1 Integrated energy management in rural India using MIMO-CUSUM Statistical Process Control Dr. H Ramakrishna Science and Engineering Research Board 13,67,550 Accepted for Evaluation

Research Grants Received

DST-NIMAT Project 2017-18 Sanctioned Rs. 20,000/- Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme, for conducting activities / programme(s) under the aegis of National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

Title Duration Funding Agency Amount
Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp 3 Days NSTEDB sponsored DST- NIMAT project 2017-18 from EDII Rs. 20,000

Department also received funds from KARNATAKA STATE COUNCIL FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, towards student’s innovative research work. This academic year department received funds for two innovative student projects from government of Karnataka (KSCST)

Title Duration Funding Agency Amount
Automated solar sprayer for agricultural farm purpose 5 months KSCST 40th series student project fund project (2016-17) Rs. 5,500
Portable water dispenser bydesalination andmoistureAbsorber using solar energy andwing energy 5 months KSCST 40th series student project fund project (2016-17) Rs. 5,500

List of Faculty Members/Research Scholars Registered for Doctorate Program and their Research Areas in IE&M Department Research Centre

Guide Name: Dr. H.Ramakrishna
01 Design & Development of Global Engineering Offshore Outsourcing Model Mr. Gangadharayya.R. , Pashupatimath 2011 VTU
02 Implementation of ISO Standards by SWOT analysis for verifying, validating and improvement of critical control parameters in a service industry Mr. ChitteranjanHegde 2010 VTU
03 Wear Testing and Characterization of Boron Nitride, Silicon Dioxide and Alumina Ceramic Materials for the use in Electric Thrusters and Model to Predict Erosion Rate Mr. Vinayakumar.R , Co-Guide: Dr. B.K.Chayapathy 2015 VTU
04 Modelling and Simulation of Energy Management System using CUSUM Analysis Mr. Vinay.K.S 2016 VTU
Guide Name: Dr. S.A.Vasantha Kumara
05 Development of a Predictive Model for Efficient Agility in Manufacturing Systems JawaharJagannatha Rao 2014 VTU
06 Impact of Latest Trends of Information Technology in Closed Loop Supply Chain Management and Reverse Logistics Sandhya.S 2014 VTU
07 Productivity Improvement in Manufacturing Industries using Computer Based Simulation Techniques Rajesh.S.M 2015 VTU
08 Dynamics of Technical Man Power Supply Chain Reena.Y.A 2016 VTU
Guide Name: Dr. B.K.Chayapathy
09 Wear Testing and Characterization of Boron Nitride, Silicon Dioxide and Alumina Ceramic Materials for the use in Electric Thrusters and Model to Predict Erosion Rate Mr. Vinayakumar.R 2015 VTU

List of Guides and their Research Specialization

Dr.H.Ramakrishna Industrial Engineering – Quality Control and Supply Chain
Dr. S.A.Vasantha Kumara Industrial Engineering – Engineering Management & Entrepreneurship
Dr. B.K.Chayapathy Mechanical Engineering – Thermal Engineering
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  • CET Code: E007 | Comed-K Code: E040

    PGCET - MBA: B158 | M.Tech: T822

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