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The Department of ISE is an outstanding department, with talented and driven staff and students. Together, we form a community that innovates, that produces high quality research and education, and that makes an important contribution to the wellbeing of global humanity.


The Department of ISE at DSCE aims to:

  • Set a world class academic achievements with high standards for student aspiration.
  • Recognise globally as a leader in innovative higher education practice
  • Combine active-learning based pedagogy, evidence-based pedagogy with a strong focus on community building, working with students as partners, focusing on global challenges and teaching students 21st century skills
  • Implement change with the agility, we are aware of what needs to be done, and we want to prove a zeal for innovation


We already have some stable foundations for building change:

  • We have proven examples of implementing some of the best practices in the department
  • Our dedicated and talented faculty are committed to their own professional teaching development
  • Our network of teaching and support staff is experienced in supporting students in their professional and personal development
  • We have the knowledge and innovative spirit to take our teaching to the next level in quality by developing best practices

World-Class Education

  1. Student-centred
  • Aim: Make our teaching more interactive, more supportive, more challenging and more rewarding for our students.
  • Enhancement of our education: Our faculty will work together in partnership with our students to create a learning environment that is stimulating and caring.
  • Independent thinkers: We provide space to students giving responsibility for their own learning.
  • Lifelong learning skills: Our students will develop lifelong learning skills that will enable them to tackle 21st century problems and to compete in the global job market.
  • Innovative teaching techniques: Developing deeper understanding, Turning ideas into reality, Working in teams, Taking a creative approach, Solving real world problems, and Technology for learning.
  1. Research-centred
  • Background: One of the most distinctive elements at ISE is that our students join a community of world-class researchers. They learn cutting-edge developments and actively engaging with research and discovery in their chosen field.
  • Aim: Make undergraduate students to undertake research under the supervision of an active researcher.
  1. Our Educational Culture

The culture is driven by success creating a supportive environment for staff and students recognising innovation and improvements. That is,

  • A supportive and inclusive scholarly community,
  • Support for staff to innovate and improve,
  • Student engagement in positive change,
  • World class learning spaces, and
  • High quality evaluation and research.