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    Day 1: 28/11/2018

    Retro/ Comic Con – Ramp Walk & Paper Craft

    Day 2: 29/11/2018

    Food Wars

  • FEIERN 2018

    FEIERN 2018

    • Date: 30/11/2018
    • Time: 10.00 AM to 1.30 PM
    • Topic:Future of Entrepreneurship
    • Venue: C.K. PRAHALAD HALL, 7th floor, Dr. Hemachandra Sagar Block.

    Mr. Mathew Manimala, Director XIME Bangalore, discussed the following:

    Determinants of entrepreneurship:
    • Personal traits
    • Socio cultural environment
    • Business environment
    • Economic & political environment
    GEM – Global entrepreneurship Monitor
    • History of GEM
    • Model of GEM
    Types of Entrepreneurial activities
    • Autonomous start up
    • Owning & managing a business
    • Start up as part of one’s job
    • Angel funding of others business

    The session continued with success story – “Founding an Unprecedented Business” by Mr. Manish Sharma – Co Founder & Chairman – Printo.

    Followed by panel discussion- “Effective Branding for Startups”



    Department of Management Studies, DSATM has organized three Day Faculty Development Program on “Research Methods and Data Analysis using IBM-SPSS and AMOS” between 14th and 16th November 2018.

    Mrs. Roopa U & Mrs. Ramya H.P participated in the three days FDP from Department of management studies, DSCE.



    • Date:22/11/2018
    • Venue:Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering

    Kannada Rajyothsava was celebrated at DSCE on 22nd November 30, 2018; Dr. Shamita Malnad was the chief guest of the programme.



    • Date:2/11/2018, 20/11/2018 & 23/11/2018
    • Name:Mr. Manju Kumar, LG Soft India Pvt Ltd
    • Semester:III Semester (HR Specialization)
    • Venue:C.K. PRAHALAD HALL, 7th floor, Dr. Hemachandra Sagar Block.
    Day1: 02 Nov 2018

    The session was embarked by giving an overview on private limited company and Limited companies. He explained them by differentiating on the basis of the nature of the business. He gave insights on cost centre and profit centre companies by quoting the examples of Deloitte and CTS for the same.

    After laying the foundation on different types of companies, he moved to the core part of HR- HR functions.


    The HR functions that come under talent acquisition are:

    • Recruitment/Outsourcing
    • Background verification
    • Resource management group(RMG)

    RECRUITMENT refers to enlisting new people into the company. It refers to the overall process of attracting, short listing, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for job within the organization.

    Recruitment starts by requesting for resource (RFR). When RFR reaches the recruiter, he sits with the Business leader and checks for the Job description and asks for the knock-out questions or mandatory skills for shortlisting of candidates. There are different sourcing methodologies like Job portals, social network, Campus recruitment, referrals, consultancies based on the company’s cost. The recruitment cost incurred for the company is calculated based on (Notice period purchase + Joining bonus + Relocation + Consultancy charges + Portal cost + employee referral) / Number of hires

    RFR process is followed by sourcing, screening of applicants, testing through interviews, referral check and release of the offer letter to the candidate.

    BACKGROUND VERIFICATION: The educational certificates and other documents that are submitted during the interview process are checked under BGV along with criminal checks, previous employment checks, and medical checks and address check of the previous company.

    KRA’s of Recruitment:

    • On-time recruitment Hiring cost
    • Early attrition
    • New process or improvement program Learning organization

    The first three are mandatory KRA’s and the rest are company- specific. To achieve the KRA’s, we have to maintain SLA’s.

    SLAs are: On-time recruitment

    • Sourcing within 3 days
    • Sourcing to interview
    • Test conversion
    • Drop outs

    Hiring cost and recruitment cost early attrition Performance grade of joinees

    OUTSCOURCING/CONTRACT STAFFING: Sometimes projects might be for short terms and for that purpose companies go for contract staffing or outsourcing of candidates. While selecting the vendor following points have to be followed.

    Vendor specialization: BGV, reference checks and verification of vendor skills Cost and statutory compliances of the Organisation.


    The main focus of RMG is to determine who all works in the project and how long. RMG works between man-power planning and recruitment teams of the company. They allocate the people to different projects as per the request of group leaders and checks for vacancy if any, and request to recruit to the recruitment team.

    Day 2: 20th Nov 2018

    The session started by brushing through the previous class lecture on the first prior function of HR i.e. the recruitment. Then he focused with the second function of HR, the HR Generalist.

    HR GENERALIST: HR Generalist is an employee of HR department who handles a wide variety of responsibilities such as process making, policy making, database management, succession planning, statutory compliances, employee management activities, attrition and retention etc.

    For a MBA HR fresher it is important to know the policies that an Organisation has. So, he briefed on major policies.


    Holiday Policy: The Karnataka association for employees will give the holiday lists and from that the company has to mandatorily take 10 days as holidays. The holidays might vary with the state keeping apart the nation declared holidays. The policy is made in such a way that company should avoid holidays on Saturday and Sunday and should make sure that for one religion one holiday is given.

    Leave Policies

    The policy is made in such a way that per month one leave. There are different leave policies followed in an organisation and they are as follows.

    • Casual and sick leaves: These are 12 days leaves and cannot be carried forward to next year. Usually, company divides the leaves into quarters’ in order to reduce the risk.
    • Earned Leaves: Earned leaves are not mandatory, it’s given by the organisation. The leave is applied for an employee only after the tenure of one year and it is of 12 days. Earned leaves can be piled up to certain limit and at the retirement of the employee he can earn money for the same.
    • Maternity and Paternity leaves: Maternity leaves are of 6 months and the employee has to inform it prior. The employee can divide the leaves or take it together according to their need and these come under mandatory category. But, paternity leaves are not mandatory and employee can take in a 3 days stretch or split the leaves.
    • Marriage leaves: Organisation provide leaves for the marriages of the employee but, employee has to inform it prior. These can be for 2/3/5 days.
    • Gardening leaves: Gardening leaves are usually for top executive level employees when they resign the Organisation. The leaves are applicable based on notice period. Once when the employee resign, the Organisation gives leaves of paid for 2 months in order to collect the data available with that person.

    Travel Policies

    An organisation mainly has three travel policies like domestic travel, international travel and local travel policies.

    • Local Travel Policy: The travel allowance is made by cross checking the mileage and the fuel prices. It also include the wear and tear price.
    • Domestic Travel Policy: For any work related travel less than 3 months are categorized under domestic travel policy. The allowance is distributed based on the designation of the employee and the city demands where they stay. During the class he gave insights to how they calculate and distribute the money.
    • International Travel Policy: The countries are divided into tier 1, tier2 etc. and policies are made in pounds and dollars only. While calculating the cost of living of that particular country, food cost etc. is considered. Suppose if the travel is for more than 3 months deputation is given but, salary will be of international based.

    Reward and Recognition Policies

    The policies are coined as an encouragement for the excellence in the performance of an employee. Some types of awards given by Organisation are:

    • Spot awards (only 5% of the employees gets) Service awards
    • Customer appreciation awards
    • Project contribution awards

    Other Policies

    Apart from the above policies he even elaborated few other policies. They are as following.

    • Dress code policies
    • Disciplinary policies
    • Mobile policies
    • Working timing policies
    • Laptop policies
    • Car lease policies
    • Prevention of sexual harassment policies

    Later in his discussion he helped in understanding the off boarding of employees which includes voluntary and involuntary resignation. The discussion even elaborated on employee retention and how it is performed.

    Day3: 23rd Nov 2018

    The last day of the session focused basically on appraisal system and benefits and compensation. He gave idea of three types of appraisal system which Organisation usually follows such as 360 degree, bell curve and MBO. The major discussion was on Bell curve method and there was a hand session on the same. Further, the talk was all about benefits and compensation function of HR, how both is different etc.

    Benefit & Compensation

    Benefit also called as perk is given to attract and retain the employees in the Organisation. It can be said as an additional pay. Compensation is an additional pay given to the employees for the work they does in the organisation. Compensation amount is decided on previous CTC, organisation CTC and Industry standards. He even gave a basic idea on how the salary structure looks like.

    Towards the end of the session he gave ideas to make good resume and mentioned some of the excel formulas that HR students should be thorough with.



    • Date:30/10/2018
    • Name:Geological Survey of India (GSI)
    • Topic:Eradicate Corruption- Build a New India
    • Semester:I & III
    • Venue:C.K. PRAHALAD HALL, 7th floor, Dr. Hemachandra Sagar Block.

    Debate competition was held on the topic “Eradicate Corruption- Build a New India” by Geological Survey of India to support our Government initiative and celebrating Vigilance Awareness Week from 29th Oct to 3rd Nov 2018 in association with Department of Management studies Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering Bangalore.

    Chaithra Mudalagiri III semester student executive welcomed guests:

    • Shri Prem Babu, Director, GSI
    • Shri Subhasish Ghosh, Director, GSI
    • Shri Krishna Rao, Director, GSI
    • Shri S.M.J Bhasha, Director, GSI
    • Shri Tarakeshwar Rao, Deputy Director, GSI
    • Shri P N Rao, Administrative Officer, GSI
    • Dr. Hemalatha K G, Professor & Head of the Department, DOMS-DSCE.

    Shri. Prem Babu, Director, GSI gave a brief introduction about Geological Survey of India. He gave introduction about the GSI that it was found in the year 1851 and briefed about their roles and also spoke about the event and welcomed everyone.

    There were 10 participants and 6 were for the topic i.e. “Eradicate Corruption- Build a New India” and 4 others were against “Eradicate Corruption- Build a New India”. Each participant had given 2 to 3 minutes of time to express their ideas.

    Dr. Hemalatha K G ma’am had an interactive session with students about corruption and mean while scores were being calculated to announce the winners.

    Shri S.M.J Bhasha, Director, GSI announced the winners of the debate competition. Below are the winners of today’s debate competition. 1st prize --Sangeetha 2nd prize – Shreyas S 3rd prize – Geethesh Venkatesh Moger

    Lastly Shri Tarakeshwar Rao, Deputy Director, GSI gave vote of thanks and shared his views on corruption and how we can play our role in eradicating it from our society to build our nation.



    • Date:30/10/2018
    • Time:09:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Topic:Start-up and Investor meet
    • Venue:The Park, Bengaluru

    First & Third semester students of Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Department of management studies were provided with an opportunity to attend the conclave conducted by the Indian Chamber of Commerce at The Park, Bangalore. Speakers had an immense knowledge about the pros and cons of the start–ups and gave a good insight about the various ways to have a success at a global level. The programme began with the Introduction Session followed it up with the 2 technical sessions and concluded with the Pitch Session.


    During the Introductory function, speaker from the Karnataka Government gave us an insight about how the steps taken by the government to promote the start-ups. During the technical sessions, speakers gave us the information about challenges faced at the time of beginning of a start-up, legal work to be undertaken. They also suggested us how to make use of the government facilities to make a start-up a global brand rather than sticking it to the domestic level. During the Pitch Session, about 10 start-ups pitched in ideas and tried to get the funding from their investors.

    Lessons Learnt:
    • Various opportunities that are being provided by the government.
    • Innovative approaches that can be used in making the start-up a global brand.
    • Strategies to be employed for a successful start-up.


    • Date:27/10/2018 – 3Hours
    • Name:Mr. Rahul Gurumurthy Kargal, Consultant.
    • Semester:III
    • Venue:C.K. PRAHALAD HALL, 7th floor, Dr. Hemachandra Sagar Block.

    The workshop was conducted by Mr. Rahul. He started the workshop with the topic of google bots. How google use google bots for the means of marketing. Then he spoke about website architecture. Then he moved on to tags and Meta tags - its importance and uses. Then he explained about key words, how to choose them and what is importance of key words, what role it plays. He also briefed us about search engine optimization (SEO). Finally we did an activity which involved creating a website using all the information given in class and presenting it, depending on our presentation feedback was given.



    • Date:13/10/2018
    • Time:10:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M.
    • Venue:C D Sagar Auditorium, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bengaluru

    Dr. Hemalatha K G, Head of the Department MBA, welcomed all the dignitaries on the Dias, Faculties and students to orientation program for Post Graduate students of DSCE for the academic year 2018-19.

    The chief Guest of the programme Dr. C P S Prakash, Principal, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering addressed the fresher’s. He heartily welcomed the entire fresher’s to DSCE. He further said our college provides education with excellence. DSCE is the best platform to build the career. DSCE is eco-friendly campus with best infrastructure with well-equipped labs, research centers, workshop and library. So it is left to the students to take the best use of all these facilities and build your future.

    Dr. Ramesh Babu, Vice Principal addressed the students about the rules and regulation which must be followed by the students in the college. He further said at present DSCE is one among the five top colleges in Karnataka and we are aiming to be in the top 3 in the coming years. He welcomed all the students to the college.

    Mr. Guru Venkatesh, Vice President, Placements welcomed the students to DSCE and advised some of the things which must be followed by the students in the interview. He gave a brief introduction about the placements in DSCE. Around 150 companies will be recruiting the students of DSCE. So work hard on it and get your life settled.

    Dr. Johnson C David, Chief librarian gave introduction about library at DSCE. He said about the rules and regulations followed by the students in the library. He further said that our library is the first library in the state to adopt RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION technology. So make the use of this library to improve your knowledge.

    He said about the facilities which are provided in the library like


    He further said that DSCE library is a member of the BRITISH Library and also the member of IIM-BANGLORE.

    Last but not the least Dr. Samitha Khaiyum, HOD of MCA, DSCE gave the vote of thanks to all the dignitaries, staff and the students who took the part in orientation program and ended the function.



    • Date:08/10/2018 to 10/10/2018 – 6 Hours
    • Name:Ramya.H.P, Assistant Professor, DOMS-DSCE
    • Topic:Accounting for Managers Bridge course
    • Semester:I (A & B Section)
    • Venue:C.K. PRAHALAD HALL, 7th floor, Dr. Hemachandra Sagar Block.

    At the start of the MBA program, before commencement of the First semester classes, students undergo Bridge Courses in Accounting. The Course on Accounting for Managers serves the purpose of securing a footing for students with a non-accounting background and introduces them to the basic building blocks of accounting. Students with an accounting background are enabled to strengthen their basics. Bridge Course is conducted for 6 hours to acquaint students with new subject accounts that they have not studied before.

    The accounts bridge course classes include:

    • The introduction to accounts, its uses and its importance
    • Accounting terms/ Jargons
    • Types of accounts
    • Debit and credit rules
    • Classification
    • Accounting equation
    • Classes progress to teach journals, ledger and trial balance and the basics.

    The bridge course classes are very important to assist lecturers in ensuring that the entire class has some prerequisite knowledge before starting the core concepts of the syllabus. The students also can confidently take up classes and understand the concepts more coherently. As a part of the bridge course students are instructed to take online course in basic accounting, students have completed the online course and submitted certificate.



    • Date:21/06/2018
    • Venue:Architecture Block, DSCE

    Dr. K G Hemalatha- Professor and HOD, Dr. M R Sripathi Rao- Professor, Dr. Deepak R- Associate Professor and Mr. Ganesha K S- Assistant Professor from department of Management Studies attended the International Yoga Day Celebrations conducted by DSCE.



    • Date:30/10/2018
    • Semester:I Year
    • Venue:C.K. PRAHALAD HALL, 7th floor, Dr. Hemachandra Sagar Block.

    The Programme started with Dr. K G Hemalatha, Professor & HOD, DOMS-DSCE, extending a warm welcome to the fresh batch of MBA students. The Head of the department highlighted that students should stay focused as well as be open to new ideas and experiences. The welcome address was followed by introduction of faculty members.

    The second session of orientation started with an Ice Breaking Session for the students conducted by faculties Mrs. Ramya H P & Mrs. Roopa U. With a lot of zeal and enthusiasm, the students brought forth their team building and interpersonal skills. Most importantly they felt quite at ease in the new environment.



    • Date:19/04/2018 to 21/04/2018
    • Venue:P C Sagar Auditorium

    Business Analytics is a dominant field in the emerging technological era. In the dynamic and fast-paced technological revolution, that is taking place in the current world. Need drives invention and discovery, which in turn drives civilization and civilization in turn, ensure stability.

    Right now, given the Industry 4.0 revolution, Business analytics is a much-needed instrument of the future that will inadvertently lead the industries of the future. It has evolved from a whisper to a booming voice in the recent years, gathering much needed attention.

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    • Date:03/04/2018

    Department of Management Studies, DSCE conducted Ethnic Day on 3rd April 2018



    • Date: 21/03/2018
    • Venue: The Oberoi, Bengaluru
    • Faculty Members:Dr Eti Khatri, Prof Brijesh, Prof Ramya
    • Students:Deepak, Ashis Kumar, Ankita, Mrutyunjaya Nadakatti, Anil Rathod
    • Chief Guest:Smt. Rita A Teaotia, Commerce Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, GOI
    • Key Note Speaker:Shri Yaduvendra Mathur, Additional Secretary, NITI Aayog, GOI

    Trade finance has been a key catalyst of the expansion of international trade in the past century, and bank-intermediated transactions now represent more than a third of world trade, equal to trillions of dollars each year. However, there are significant gaps in provision and therefore many companies cannot access the financial tools that they need.

    The supply or shortage of trade finance hurts SMEs the most, and thus has negative knock-on effects for economies and families across the globe. It is the time to rethinking Trade Finance business and need to focus on issues related to the trade finance gap, access to finance, export finance and supply chain finance.

    Given the importance of trade finance for trade and economic growth, ASSOCHAM has organized National conference on Trade Finance to tackle the issues facing in smooth domestic Trade finance as well as Global Trade finance and suggest measure to increase the availability of trade finance, tools techniques, for its optimal use in India. Post conference we will submit a concrete policy recommendation to concerned ministries and regulators to stimulate Trade Finance growth.

    Key Areas of Discussions

    • Trade Finance Challenges: Forms, Techniques 
    • Role of Trade Finance for SMEs – The way forward 
    • Fintech? Easing Trade Finance Norms 
    • Global trade finance markets: structure and recent trends 
    • Project Exports
  • Industrial Visit to Karnataka Soaps & Detergents Limited

    Industrial Visit to Karnataka Soaps & Detergents Limited

    • Date : 15/3/2018 and 22/3/2018
    • Company : : Karnataka Soaps & Detergents Limited
    • Faculty Members:: Dr. M R Sripathi Rao and Dr. Krishna Kishore


  • Industrial Visit to 4R Recycling Pvt Ltd

    Industrial Visit to 4R Recycling Pvt. Ltd

    • Date : 06/3/2018 and 7/3/2018
    • Company : : 4R Recycling Pvt. Ltd
    • Faculty Members:: : Dr. Eti Khatri and Prof. Ramya H.P


  • ICC’s Women’s Conclave 2018

    ICC’s Women’s Conclave 2018

    • Venue:Vivanta by Taj, MG Road
    • Date:22/02/2018

    Women empowerment has always been the topic of many discussions for a long time now. Though in reality, ‘women empowerment’ is a relatively new term, the struggle behind it, for it, has been a long one. The world has changed, India is currently one of the fastest growing economies in the world, yet it lags behind in one of the critical aspects of basis of its society- when it comes to the equal treatment and providing equal opportunities to the women of its nation as that of its men.

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  • Parent-Teachers Meet

    Parent-Teachers Meet

    • Date:19/02/2018
    • Time:10:00 AM-11:30 AM
    • Venue:C.K. PRAHALAD HALL, 7th floor, Dr.Hemachandra Sagar Block

    A parent teachers’ meeting conducted in the Department of Management studies, DSCE and the agenda of the meeting is as follows:

    • Attendance status
    • Performance of the students
    • Life skills and value systems
    • Extra learning / value added course
    • Dress code and usage of mobile phone in the campus.

    Dr. K.G.Hemalatha, Professor, and HOD, Welcome the parents and faculty members to the meeting. There were 15 parents present in the meeting and explained the rules and regulations of the college and department which should be followed by the students such as attendance, dress code , usage of mobile phone etc. she also explained the importance of teaching life skills and value added courses to the students. Parents gave few suggestions like restricting the usage of mobile phone to students. Meeting concluded with thanking the parents for attending the meeting and suggested to be in touch with the department regularly to monitor the attendance and performance of the students.

    Many parents have come after the meeting schedule, HOD and faculty members were elaborated the requirements expected from the parent’s side. Almost



    • Date:20-01-2018
    • Industry Experts:
    • 1.Mr. Ramakrishna Marutharaju, SAP Managers, DXC Technology
    • Tanvir Singh, India leader for Campus Recruitments and university Relations, E&Y-GDS

    Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering (DSCE) conducted “Engineering Conclave” on 20th January 2018 at DSI campus, Kumaraswamy Layout. “Engineering Conclave”- an academic industry interface organized by DSCE was very much helpful to identify the requirements of the industry and update the curriculum. The Conclave covered all the departments with six panels contributed different value added suggestions. It also paved a way for exchanging of knowledge and sharing of ideas in order to enhance the value of courses and to build a strong relationship between industry and academia.


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  • Orphanage Visit - A Day with the Children

    Orphanage Visit - A Day with the Children

    On the 13th of January, 2018 the students of DSI’s DOMS (MBA-VTU) first year, ‘A’ section realized the true joy of happiness is gotten by giving and sharing happiness with others, and this unforgettable lesson was learnt by students when college provided them with an amazing opportunity to spend an entire day at an orphanage.

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  • Gestione 2017

    Gestione 2017

    Department Of Management Studies (MBA-VTU), DSCE, Philip Kotler Club is conducting Marketing event ‘Gestione 2017’ on 22nd December 2017 at CD Sagar Auditorium at 9.30AM. ‘Gestione’ is a Marketing event tailored to test the Marketing knowledge of the students in hopes of preparing them for the future. Mr. Arun Prabhu , Founder-CEO, Valuvox Business Solutions will inaugurate and address MBA students.


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  • Chanakya 2017: Fiz Wiz Quest! Search for the Finance Wizard

    Chanakya 2017: Fiz Wiz Quest! Search for the Finance Wizard

    Department Of Management Studies (MBA-VTU), DSCE, Warren Buffet Club is conducting finance event ‘Chanakya 2017: Fiz Wiz Quest! Search for the Finance Wizard’ on 18th December 2017 at CD Sagar Auditorium at 9.30AM.‘Chanakya’ is a finance event tailored to test the financial knowledge of the students in hopes of preparing them for the future. Mr. Kannan.S, CFO, Arvind Lifestyle brands will inaugurate and address MBA students.

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    • DATE: 30-11-2017
    • BY: Krishna Kishore, Mrs. Ramya.H.P, and Mr. Ganesha K.S
    • TOPIC: Marketing, Finance and Human Resources
    • VENUE: MBA-VTU, 7th floor, Dr.Hemachandra Sagar Block.


    Date: 09-10-2017 Venue: C.D SAGAR HALL, DSCE.

    The program started with the introduction of PG Director, Dr. A. Srinivasan. The Director’s message to students was to utilize the time and facilities given to them in an effective manner and he also stressed the importance of a dress code as it is the start of how post-graduate students must carry themselves.

    The second important person to take the stage was our respected Principal, Dr. C.P.S Prakash. Dr. Prakash welcomed the PG Students to our excellent campus coupled with state-of-the-art infrastructure. He also insisted the students to approach any of the mentors at any point of time for their betterment.

    The next person introduced to students was Mr. M.N Guruvenkatesh, Vice President - Placements. He gave the students a clear insight into the placements offered by DSCE and told the importance of staying updated and ahead of the game. He also advised the students a clear picture on the skills to be developed in order to excel at any interview and emerge as the best compared to peers.

    Dr. Johnson C. David, Chief librarian was the next person to address the gathering. The Hi-Tech library is equipped with automated RFID technology. The library has a collection of over a lakh books, along with CDs and DVDs. Apart from these, students have access to e-books, e-journals, e-learning and educational videos in the digital library. Dr. David laid great stress upon the following:

    • Book Drop Station: It is located at the entrance of the library. This offers flexibility and ease of returning library books at any time, even when the library is closed. The users will receive an email as a confirmation of the return.
    • Shelf Management/ Hand-held reader: The device helps locate books that have been misshelved.
    • EAS Gate Antenna: It is an anti-theft part of the Library RFID Management System. The alarm is triggered when an un-borrowed books passes through them.
    • DELNET: Developing Library Network offers inter-library loan and delivers requested books to its member libraries through courier services.
    • IIM-B Library Membership: Now the students and faculty of DSCE can access IIM-B Library resources once the membership cards are obtained.
    • Private study zone: Students can sit and study their own materials. Separate rooms are available for group discussions.
    • Book bank: This is the most important facility available for special category students.

    Dr. Kiran, COE was the next person to take the stage. Exams are an integral part of the curriculum and understanding the examination pattern is of outmost importance. Dr. Kiran gave the students a clear picture on the entire examination pattern at DSCE. CIE and SEE are a perfect balance of testing the capabilities as PG students as it not only focuses on theoretical knowledge but also on presentation skills and communication, which are of the at most important.

    The session ended with our beloved HOD, Dr. K.G. Hemalatha, giving the vote of thanks and wishing the students good luck for their future.

    In conclusion, the induction program was designed to emphasize on the facilities provided by DSCE for the betterment of its students. The message from all the mentors on stage today unanimously said, “Utilize the resources given wisely and emerge as successful individuals”.

  • TEDx DSCE Women Event

    TEDx DSCE Women Event

    Department of Management Studies (MBA-VTU) is conducting TEDx DSCE Women event on 3rd November 2017 at P C Sagar Auditorium..

    Report On TEDx DSCE Women Event




    Start time: 07.45 a.m. End time: 05.45 p.m.

    A one-day event - TEDxDSCE, organized by the students of Department of Management Studies (VTU 2016-2018) happened at the Dr. Premachandra Sagar Auditorium on 31st MAY 2017.

    The event was hosted by Mr. Balaji A.S, a professional Master of Ceremony. 100 attendees were present and the event started off by 09:15am. Prior to this breakfast was served to all the attendees, speakers, partners, organizers and college hospitality staff. At 9:15am the event began and introduction to TED and TEDx was given by the host and the official TEDx video by TED Curator Chris Anderson was played and was followed by a formal welcome address by Ganesh Datta L S and Namrata Patil – the curators of TEDxDSCE. Right after this the talks began and the schedule went as follows. 

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  • AVEGA - 2017:

    AVEGA – 2K17:

    Avega is a national level management and cultural fest organized by the Department of Management Studies, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering. Avega has been one of the biggest and successful events in the history of DOMS DSCE.

    This year Avega was conducted on the 12th and 13th of April 2017 in the Dr. Premachandra Sagar Auditorium of Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering. Avega 2K17 had the theme of Greek mythology and Carnival. The events from management vertical were named after the Greek Gods and the cultural was named after carnival.

    The event was inaugurated on 12th April 2017 at 10AM by Mr Giridhar P (CA, CPA, CS, and DISA), CFO and Head- Finance, Safran Engineering Services, Safran Engineering Services India Private Limited.

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  • TEDx - The X- Factor Day:

    TEDx - The X- Factor Day:

    “A one-day event - The X-FACTOR DAY, organized by the students of Department of Management Studies (VTU 2016-2018) was inaugurated at the C D Sagar Auditorium on 20th April 2017.

    The event was hosted by Ms. Manasa CR 2nd Semester MBA, and then an invocation song was sung by Ms. Sushmitha 2nd Semester MBA. A video about TED TEDx TEDxDSCE and the X-Factor day made by Mr. Deepak and Mr. Abhishek 2nd Semester MBA was played.

    Dr. K. G Hemalatha, Head of the Department, DSCEDOMS, formally welcomed all the dignitaries present on the dais and participants from various colleges, colleagues & students. The chief guest was florally welcomed by HOD Dr. K G Hemalatha. The ceremony was followed by lightning of the lamp by the Chief Guest, HOD and Curators of TEDxDSCE.

    The Chief Guest at the inaugural, Dr. C.P.S. Prakash, Principal, DSCE, congratulated the management for organizing such an event, which involved participants from almost all the departments within the college. He expressed his heartfelt joy and proudness about a TEDx event happening in DSCE. His speech was incredible and at length, he thanked the audience for being patiently listening to him.

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  • AVEGA - 2017:

    AVEGA - 2017:

    Department of Management Studies - MBA, DSCE is conducting AVEGA 2017 a Management ,Cultural and Sports fest on 11th and 12th April, 2017.

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    CHANAKYA 2K16 – Finance Fever Pitch:

    Department of Management Studies, organizes an intercollegiate Finance Event under “WARREN BUFFET” Club for aspirants assembling from various Business schools with a very high competitive spirit to participant and with the strong determination to include their achievements & accomplishments to their resumes. For the preceding academic year 2016 our seniors had organized CHANAKYA-2K16 with the same enthusiasm and determination among the new set of student coordinators, student volunteers and faculty coordinator.

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  • GESTIONE 2K16:

    GESTIONE 2K16:

    Department of Management Studies, organizes an intercollegiate Finance Event under “PHILIP KOTLER’ Club for aspirants assembling from various Business schools with a very high competitive spirit to participant and with the strong determination to include their achievements & accomplishments to their resumes. For the preceding academic year 2015 our seniors had organized GESTIONE-2K15 with the same enthusiasm and determination among the new set of student coordinators, student volunteers and faculty coordinator.

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  • Faculty Development Programme

    Faculty Development Programme on Research Design & statistical analysis using SPSS:

    The two-day FDP on Research Design and Statistical Analysis was conducted successfully using the latest version of SPSS (statistical package for social sciences) with 35 participants from 20 colleges. The sessions were mainly dealt in a more practical manner with participants being made aware on all the statistical tools of research methodology required and applied mainly in conducting Ph.D Research.

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  • HR Conclave:

    HR Conclave:

    Department of MBA - VTU, DSCE, conducted "HR Conclave" on 23rd November, 2016 at Dr. Premachandra Sagar Auditorium.

    HR CONCLAVE - 2016 would thus focus on aligning the views of the industry with regards to Redefining the Talent Agenda for the B-school graduates.

    The agenda would be as follows

    • To understand the domain specific skills required by the B-school graduates.
    • How to develop skills related to emerging technology and leveraging it.
    • To understand the importance of organizations culture and also aligning leadership development for sustainable success in the organization.

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  • Battle of Brains 2k16 – Business quiz:

    Battle of Brains 2k16 – Business quiz:

    Department of Management Studies, organizes intercollegiate events for various Business schools with a very high competitive spirit to participants and with the strong determination to include their achievements & accomplishments to their resumes. Fests are organized every year with the objective to provide platform for the students to showcase their talent with a competitive spirit. Battle of Brains 2K16, being the first of its kind. The event was successful enough to attract as many as 41 team registrations. The event executed with a total of 5 rounds planned and organized at its best of quality. Focusing on the types of rounds to include in the event was decided by fest coordinators keeping the interest and need of the management student into consideration, with little emphasis on the fun full events behind the scene.

    • Department of MBA - VTU, DSCE, conducted "Battle of Brains 16" (Inter Class Quiz Competition) on 3rd November, 2016 at MBA-VTU 7th floor, Dr. Hemachandra Sagar Block.

    • Department of MBA - VTU, DSCE, conducted "Battle of Brains 16" (Inter College Quiz Competition) on 15th November, 2016 at C D Sagar Auditorium.


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  • Faculty Development Program:

    Faculty Development Program:

    Topic: Data Driven Decision Making in Management Venue: 7th Floor, Department of Management Studies , DSCE Date: 22nd - 24th Sep 2016.

    MBA-VTU has conducted three day Faculty Development Programme on Data Driven Decision Making in Management from 22nd to 24th Sep 2016. 9 Participants across 7 colleges have participated.

    Rerource Persons: Dr. Deepak R , Associate Professor, DSCE-DOMS and Mrs. Roopa U , Assistant Professor, DSCE-DOMS.


    • To concentrate on developing in-depth understanding of business analytics techniques using Microsoft Excel and other addins.
    • To train the trainers for Business Analytics.

    INAUGURATION: Inauguration started at 10 AM in the presence of Dr. C. P. S. Prakash, Principal as a Guest of Honour, Dr. A. Sreenivasan, Director-PG Studies, DSCE will preside over the function, Dr. Ramakrishna, Vice-Principal, DSCE and Dr. K G Hemalatha, MBA-HOD, DSCE. Welcome speech has been proposed by Dr. K G Hemalatha and after that Ms. Shushmitha First Year MBA student has sing a convocation song and Prof. Brijesh has proposed a Vote of Thanks for the FDP Program.

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  • Faculty Development Program:

    Faculty Development Program:

    MBA-VTU has conducted One day Faculty Development Program on "Research Methodology and Hypothesis Formulation" on 4th Aug, 2016. There were 80 Participants across 56 colleges have participated.

    Venue: 7th Floor, Department of Management Studies, DSCE. Date: 04-08-2016. There were 80 Participants across 56 colleges have participated.

    Session 1: The Role of Research and Research Process Overview by Dr. K G Hemalatha, Professor & HOD, MBA, DSCE.

    Session 2: Defining the Research Problem and Formulation of the research hypothesis by Dr. K Suma Rao, Asst. Professor, MBA, DSCE.

    Session 3: Understanding the concept, constructs, variables and definitions by Dr. Lakshmi Jagannathan, COO - DERBI Foundation, DSI.

    Session 4: Experimental and non-experimental research Design and processing and analysis of data by Dr. Krishna Kishore S V, Asst. Professor, MBA, DSCE.

    Valedictory Function & Group Photo:

  • Workshop on MBTI

    Workshop on "MBTI, Coaching and Developing Staff":

    Department of MBA - VTU, DSCE, organized a workshop on “MBTI, Coaching and Developing Staff ".

    DATE: 16/05/2016 TIME: 02.30 PM – 05.00 PM Resource Person: Mr. Ganesha K S, Asst. Professor, Department of Management Studies, DSCE. VENUE: MBA - VTU, 7th floor, Hemachandra Sagar Block.

  • Workshop on Digital Marketing

    Workshop on "Digital Marketing"

    Department of MBA - VTU, DSCE, organized a workshop on “Digital Marketing".

    DATE: 03/06/2016 TIME: 09.30 AM – 01.30 PM Resource Person: Dr. RAJU B. P. G, VP – OPERATIONS, Aditya lnc – Gushole Consortium. VENUE: MBA - VTU, 7th floor, Dr. Hemachandra Sagar Block.

  • AVEGA' 2K16:

    AVEGA' 2K16:

    Department of MBA - VTU, DSCE, conducted a management fest AVEGA' 2K16 on 27th & 28th April, 2016.

    The various exciting and splendid events includes: - Management -Sports -Cultural -Fashion Show -Treasure Hunt and so!... were conducted and students have actively participated.

    Inauguration of Management Fest of DSCE – Management Studies – AVEGA’ 2K16 by Mr. Arun Prabhu, CEO, Valuox Business Solutions Pvt.LTD , Sri. Galiswamy, Secretary, MGVP Trust and Dr. K. G. Hemalatha, HOD, MBA-VTU


    Celebrity Guest Dr. Shiv Raj Kumar and 2. Felicitation to Dr. Shiv Raj Kumar by Dr. C. P. S. Prakash, Principal, DSCE and Dr. K. G. Hemalatha, HOD, MBA-VTU


    Our Brand ambassadors (Student Coordinators) of DSCE - DOMS with Dr. Shiv Raj Kumar Our Faculty members with Dr. Shiv Raj Kumar


    Department of MBA - VTU, DSCE, organized a workshop on "Balanced Score Card as an assessment tool for organizational performance".

    Details of the workshop as follows:

    DATE: 26/03/2016

    TIME: 11.30 AM – 01.30 PM NAME: Mr. Prakash B.S, Group Manager-Corporate Sustainability, Titan Industries.

    TOPIC: Balanced Score Card as an assessment tool for organizational performance.

    VENUE: MBA - VTU, 7th floor, Dr. Hemachandra Sagar Block.

  • BILANCIO' 16:

    BILANCIO' 16:

    Department of MBA - VTU, DSCE, conducted "BILANCIO' 16" ( Budget Review Competition) on 09-03-2016 at C D Sagar Auditorium.

    Welcome Address by Dr. K.G. Hemalatha, Professor & HOD, MBA-VTU, Inaugural Keynote Address by Chief Guest: Mr. Shashikant Shenoy, Director, KPMG.

    Budget Talk by Mr. Vinay Jain, Manager, KPMG

    Technical Session (competition):
    • Round 1 : Budget Review
    • Round 2 : Think n Ink
    • Round 3 : Budget Talkies
    • Round 4 : Budge Fudge

  • Workshop on Team Dynamics:

    Workshop on "Team Dynamics":

    Department of MBA, DSCE, Conducted a workshop on "Team Dynamics" by Mr. Jairam, Program Management Consultant, MITRE corporation, Washington D.C.,USA.

    DATE: 27/02/2016 TIME: 09 AM – 11 AM BY: Mr. Jairam, Program Management Consultant, MITRE Corporation, Washington D.C., USA TOPIC: Team Dynamics VENUE: MBA-VTU 7th floor, Dr. Hemachandra Sagar Block.



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