Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center(IEDC)

Sowing the seeds for self-employment & income generation

Dayananda Sagar institutions are producing large number of trained manpower, thus fulfilling the needs of the industry, R&D institutions and other sectors of economy. In order to make optimal use of facilities, expertise and know-how available in these institutions for the benefit of the society, it is necessary that appropriate links be established between them and the industry. In addition, young graduates are also looking out for opportunities to exploit their full potential by setting up their own ventures. This necessitates systematic interventions and new instruments, which could facilitate the development and growth of new ventures by fresh graduates. Thus, it is necessary to develop mechanisms so that we could focus our attention on entrepreneurship & self-employment.

Excellent infrastructure is available at our campus for promoting Entrepreneurship.Trained faculty and focused programs inculcate entrepreneurial spirit amongst the Science, Technology and management students.

Empowerment through Entrepreneurship

The Dayananda Sagar institutions, which are leaders in developing human resources, have now taken up to produce entrepreneurs on a continuous basis, who would be employment generators, there by accelerating  the process of economic development and growth of our country.

With the increasing number of graduating students from the institutions, it is our social responsibility and concern to provide them alternate career options. Along with preparing them to be employable, it is also important to develop ‘Job creators’ than ‘Job seekers’. It is therefore necessary to motivate and train young students to take up self-employment. Hence there is a crucial need to promote Entrepreneurship among science, technology and management students. At DSI IEDC, we are undertaking this role of blending their technical inputs with entrepreneurial and managerial skills and train students for entrepreneurial challenges. Entrepreneurs are not only born, but also made.


All the students, Alumni, faculty & staff of institutions under DSI spread across the three campuses are welcome to participate in the IEDC activities.


  • Patrons: Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary
  • Advisory board: An advisory board will be formed consisting of experts from academia, industries, professional societies, R&D institutions, Alumni and leading entrepreneurs. The advisory board meets every year and reviews policies, procedures and activities of the IEDC
  • Managing Committee: Heads of institutions/ departments of various programs of three campuses under DSI form the managing committee. The managing committee will meet every three months and contribute in terms of student participation, faculty expertise for mentoring and extending lab facilities for incubates.
  • Faculty in charge along with staff and student Coordinators at IEDC will monitor & execute the proposed activities.


To create, mentor & nurture entrepreneurs who in turn create employment opportunities, contribute for the economy of the society and nation at large.


Our Mission is to mentor students and start up entrepreneurs with brilliant minds in harvesting their ideas that revolutionize an industry or even create an industry.


History of ED Initiatives @ DSCE...

In the year 2012 IEDC was established in DSI as an initiative to mentor innovative ideas from students and nurture them to become entrepreneurs.

IEDC is the brain child of the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India and is closely monitored by The National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) in order to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among students in premier colleges which has the knowledge base and sufficient infrastructure.

DSI is one of the esteemed Host Institutions to have been selected as Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre.


  • To expose the students to challenging industrial scenario and highlight the importance of entrepreneurs in the economic growth of the country.
  • To induce the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students and also train them to improve their entrepreneurial and managerial competence & skills.
  • Industry- institute interaction in the form of training and incubation.


  1. Entrepreneurship Awareness camps (EAC) supported by NSTEDB under EDII’s DST-NIMAT project
  2. Pre-incubation: Student startups are encouraged. Startups from outside are also encouraged with a condition that they hire at least two interns from DSI.
  3. CHASE YOUR DREAMS - Sounding board: Weekly open mentoring/counseling session between 3 to 5 pm on every Thursday for all students & alumni of DSI who are aspiring for an entrepreneurship career.
  4. Annual E-Week celebrations as announced by NEN
  5. PM-YUVA Courses implementation.
  6. E-Cell activities
  7. Community service: Community development activities like Sector specific EDPs, business fairs with product exhibition and sale for women and economically weaker sections of the society.


  • The incubation center has co working space with well-equipped board/meeting room, an office with phone, printing/photocopying, Wi-fi, drinking water and rest room facilities.
  • DSI students who come with an idea which has a potential for becoming a commercially viable product can apply for incubation.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs from outside are also encouraged to apply for incubation provided they ensure hiring at least 2 DSI students as interns.
  • Proposal for the same will be scrutinized by a technical team and after interview; decision for incubation will be taken.
  • After selection incubates have to sign an agreement in the prescribed format and fill a registration form.

DSI Pre-incubation center at 7th Floor, New Engineering Block has the following 5 startup companies with 9 seats in total.

1 4 Mr. Ravi Rangan
2 1 Mr. Adithya N C
3 2 Mr. Ravi Mishra
4 TriSpace TECHNOLOGIES (OPC) Pvt. LTD. 1 Mr. Vijay Anand N
5 1 Mr. Amitesh
2017 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010

Three teams from CSE department participated in the DCB Fintech Hackathon event held at NEN premises on Saturday, 4th November 2017 at 12noon, and all the three teams were qualified in the prelims winning cash prize of Rs.10, 000 each.... Click here for a brief report

Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering is proud to announce that the following students of Department of Mechanical Engineering graduated in 2017 were awarded the certificate of innovation excellence for their project titled “Auto adjusting roof panels maximizing day lighting” in CZC Renewable energy Innovation contest conducted by IIT madras & IWMA in collaboration with US consulate general Chennai and Polaris, a virtusa company...... Click here for a brief report

DSCE has been recognized as HOST INSTITUTION (HI) by MSME, GOI for setting up BUSINESS INCUBATOR (BI) under the Scheme “Support for Entrepreneurial & Managerial Development of SMEs through incubators”

The following are the entrepreneurs who were funded by MSME for their ideas at our BI

1 Mr K Sahasranam Small Size Shop  Floor CMM CIMTRIX Systems Pvt. Ltd.
2 Mr H S Nikhila Cloud Based  production Tracking  & Monitoring Solution
For Engineer
PRECITECH Precision Machineries Pvt.Ltd.
3 MrShreyankDivakarHampi Ready to use  Therapeutic food  & supplements NOVOSYNTH Health Care Pvt. Ltd.
4 MrPriyankSaxena Development of Non-Invasive  Portable Vein-locator VPHORE Media & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
5 MrHemanth Singh Tomar Gesture based  computing platform TOMAR Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
6 Mr P R NaganandaTejasvi Remote Piloted Ground Control Station ANGLE OF ATTACK Systems LLP

National initiatives on developing and harnessing innovations (Start- up NIDHI) sponsored by NSTEDB, DST, GOI and implemented by EDII, Ahmedabad had called for online applications for Student start-up NIDHI program. The following project groups submitted their proposals who were given certificates of nomination by IEDC, DSI

2 ML Emergency Oxygen Generator
3 ISE SAKSHAM –  A user friendly web platform to develop a more comprehensive connection between the public and police to eradicate communication and security issues to provide a more rapid and effective system.
4 CIVIL Application of Multi-walled carbon nano tubes (MWCNTs) for surface water treatment
5 CIVIL Development of demolition concrete mix using Pre-coating technique
6 EEE Plastic road construction

Out of the 6 project groups who submitted their proposals for Student Startup NIDHI contest, the following two groups have been shortlisted for next evaluation. They have been invited to present their project on 18th June 2018 at EDII, Ahmedabad.

1 CIVIL SHARATH U, SANGANBASAPPA VEERAPUR, SHUBHAM, SHASHIKIRAN B S Development of demolition concrete mix using Pre-coating technique
2 EEE PRANAV K B Plastic road construction
2014-2015 2013-2014 2014-2015

Entrepreneurship Awareness Campus (EACs)

National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development board (NSTEDB), a DST agency from GOI has initiated Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EACs) and implemented through EDII under DST-NIMAT project. The following is the list of Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EACs) conducted during 2017-18, 2016-17.

1 26,27 & 27 July 2017 DSIT All branches
2 30, 31 Aug & 1st Sept 2017 DSATM MCA
3 20, 21 & 22 September 2017 DSCE IEM & Chemical
Click here for Report
4 25,26 & 27 September 2017 DSCE MBA
5 2, 3 & 4 November 2017 DSU CT
6 9,10 & 11 November 2017 DSCE CSE
7 8,9 & 10 August 2016 DSCE ME & IEM
Click here for Report

1. E- Week 2018 announced by National Entrepreneurship Network(NEN) was successfully conducted from 10 to 16 Feb 2018.

Day/Date Activity Time Venue
Saturday, 10/2/2018 Inaugural function & My story by CEOs followed by Business Dumb Charades 10am - 1pm CD Sagar Auditorium
Monday 12/2/2018 Seminar on “Pitching fund raising & financial support” by Mr. C A Pavan Sharma, Balakrishna Consulting LLP 2.30pm- 4pm AV Auditorium
Wednesday 14/2/2018 Seminar on “IP aspects of a startup” by Mr. ArunSubramanyan V, Formulate IP Techno Legal Solutions Pvt. Ltd 2.30pm– 4pm AV Auditorium
Thursday 15/2/2018 Seminar on “Creativity in Entrepreneurship” by Mrs. Lakshmi Rajesh, Alyousha Consultancy services 2.30 - 3.30pm AV Auditorium
Movies screening: Kanasu –Nanasu& Hero 3.30-5pm AV Auditorium
Friday 16/2/2018 E-Xtempore: Pick N Speak competition & Prize distribution 2.30pm -5pm IEDC

Click here for complete report

2. PM YUVA program was inaugurated on Friday, 23rd Feb 2018, 3pm at AV Auditorium, DSI Library.

PM YUVA Classes were held By Prof. S R Sudhir, Manager DERBI foundation on the following days between 5 to 7pm at Room no.701, New Engineering Block, DSI campus-1

1 Thursday, 1st March 2018 Let’s get started; form teams, how entrepreneurship has changed the world, what is entrepreneurship.
2 Friday, 16th March 2018 Explore E-cells on campus; why join E-Cell, from E-cell to entrepreneurship.
3 Friday, 23rd March 2018 Listen to some success stories; Global legends, your own heroes.
4 Wednesday, 11th April 2018 Analyze the communication style of an entrepreneur, Everything is not what it seems, Wrap up 1 & 2 Entrepreneurship style quiz 1 & 2
5 Friday, 20th April 2018 Customer profiling, personal selling, wowing your customer. Applied design thinking, design thinking process; Back pack redesign. Design thinking myth buster
6 Friday,  27th April 2018 Individual Activity; Understanding risks through risk takers Team Activity: The big debate scenario. Assignment: How entrepreneurs manage risks.

Click here for complete report

 Friday 27th April 2018 was the last class of PMYUVA program for this semester which was held at IEDC. Refreshments were served for the participants.

3. Management Seminars on “Entrepreneurial Finance” was conducted on Monday 26th March 2018 between 2pm and 5pm at AV Auditorium, DSI Library with the following faculty resource persons. 49 engineering students including 4 from MSRIT attended the seminars.

TIME 2pm to 3.30pm 3.30pm to 5pm
SPEAKER Dr. Punith Cariappa Dean, School of Commerce & Management, DSU Prof. Kiran Bindu Partner - Mentes Capital
TOPIC Demystifying Finance Finance for Entrepreneurs

Click here for complete report

4. BUSINESS MARATHON, a case study analysis and presentations were held on Wednesday, 11th April 2018 at. 10.30am @ IEDC. 8 teams participated in the daylong event featuring two business case study analysis and presentation by the teams.

TIME 10.30am to 1pm 2.30pm to 5pm
CASE How does Google Motivate its employees? Coca-Cola pesticide crisis

Click here for complete report

E Week

Workshop on "Strategies for Technological Commercialization" by Mr. N.G. Lakshmi Narayan

IEDC conducted Workshop on "Strategies for Technological Commercialization" - An IP workshop for faculty members to educate on the patent filing, NRDC support for technology commercialization. The workshop was conducted on 18th May 2015 from 9.30 AM to 1.00 PM in our AV auditorium, main library.
Mr. N.G. Lakshmi Narayan is an IIT Kharagpur Master Graduate in the field of Bio Technology. 22+ years of experience in innovation/technology management viz., acquisition, evaluation, protection, value-addition and commercialization of innovations / technologies in areas of Agriculture, Horticulture, Sericulture, Food & Nutritional Sciences, Biochemistry, Applied Microbiology, Agri Chemistry, Plant and Animal Biotechnology, Chemicals, Bio-chemicals, etc. Workshop majorly focused on the procedures to file the patents, Value addition to the projects, the role of NRDC in supporting Entrepreneurship and IP Protection, and Licensing. Mr.Lakshmi Narayan also dealt on the funding agencies that can facilitate the Individual and the MSME's for taking the innovation to the later stage of commercializing it. He explained the process of engagement that NRDC will have with the Institute's entrepreneurs, who may or may not have filed the patent. Initially, screening of the Ideas will have to be done by a panel of members who will be in the Institutes Patent Cell. After successful screening of the ideas from the Institute's end, NRDC also conducts a screening and then processes it for Patent filing. He added that, NRDC provides Value Addition: NRDC conducts market survey and / market analysis of the process / product for its techno-economic feasibility / viability, basic engineering design package. He elaborated the process of Licensing and Industrial relations to be maintained in order to have the long term sustenance and various steps to follow during Licensing. Faculties across different Branches actively participated and there was a good interaction level with the speaker. The forum also consisted of a few faculty members who had already processed their provisional patent with the concerned patent authorities.




IEDC has received grants to conduct 5 Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EAC) and DSCE has received One EAC from NSTEDB under DST-NIMAT project of EDII. All these 6 EAC programs will be conducted to final year S & T students of DSI during the ensuing academic year 2018-2019.
The 3 day EAC includes seminars, case studies and activities on various facets of entrepreneurship and startups followed by an industrial visit.
Interested candidates can contact IEDC for registrations and more details.

Prof. Roopa Farshi, ............Click here for CV
Faculty in Charge
IEDC & DSCE Pre-Incubation Center,
5th& 7thFloors, New Engineering Block
DSI, Campus-1, Shavige Malleshwara Hills,
Kumaraswamy Layout,
Bangalore 560 078, Karnataka.
Phone: 080-42161459
Mobile: 9900408498
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • An Autonomous Institute Affiliated to VTU, Approved by AICTE & UGC

  • Accredited by NBA & NAAC with 'A' grade.

Contact Info

  • Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Shavige Malleshwara Hills, Kumarswamy Layout, Bangalore - 78

  • +91-80-42161750+91-80-42161751
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