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  • Demo on IOT and Robotics

    Demo on IOT and Robotics organized by Scintillating Ideas Lab, Physics department

    A demo on IOT and Robotics was conducted by senior students for the first year students. Programme was inaugurated by Vice Principal Prof Ramakrishna H. The demo was organized by   Dr. Aruna P, faculty Physics department, DSCE. Dr.C M Joseph, HOD Physics addressed the students and mentioned about the importance of the topic in the current scenario.



    • Date: 16 March 2018
    • Time : 09.00 AM Onwards
    • Venue: Physics Department.

    As quoted by Edward teller, “The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”. A Science Exhibition is imperative for the holistic development of a student so that they are being imparted education with a pragmatic approach and not just with the purpose of making them mug up the curriculum.

    With this in mind, on the 16th of March 2018, Eureka club of Physics department had organized a science project exhibition for 1st year BE students. 27 enthusiastic teams (with around 80 participants) took part in this exhibition.

    The exhibition was inaugurated by the Principal, Dr. C. P. S. Prakash, Vice principal Dr. Ramesh Babu D. R. along with HOD Physics, Dr. C. M. Joseph. Exhibition was inaugurated after going through the collages of last year science exhibition and photography contest photos.

    The day progressed as the young innovators explained their exhibits to judges and to other visitors. Exhibits ranged from drones to various models using the Arduino boards. Projects like clap switch, RC drone, Line follower, home automation, Tesla coil, Bab cow boiler, Leg wheel humanoid robot, wind mill, LIGO, fire extinguisher, people counter, wireless charger, hydraulic robotic arm etc were exhibited.The Science Exhibition was judged by Dr. Roopa and Ms. Shahala, Professors, Electronics and Communications Engineering department of DSCE.

    Through this, the scientific temper among students could be developed and fostering them to become better scientists and technologists as well as better citizens capable of governing their personal thoughts and actions in a scientific manner. This science exhibition had showcased the curiosity, creativity and scientific aptitude of the students.

    This science project exhibition was co-ordinated by Mrs. Aruna P, Asst. Professor, Physics department along with Eureka club members.



    • Date: 10 March 2018
    • Time : 8.30 AM- 2PM
    • Program: Indian Institute of Science – Open Day
    • Venue: IISc Bangalore

    Department of Physics had organized a visit to Indian Institute of Science-Open day on 10 March 2018. The objective of this trip was to give an exposure to first year engineering students in IISC and its various departments. Around 50 students had taken part in this program and visited various departments of IISc.

    First, students visited Materials Engineering department where Dr. Praveen C Ramamurthy explained various techniques of thin film coating and their characterizations. They were shown different instruments used for the same purpose. Thin films and its applications are a part of the syllabus in first year Engineering Physics.

    Later the students were taken to Instrumentation and Applied Physics department where various posters of the research work carried out by that department were exhibited. Students had one to one interaction with Dr. Nagarjuna and his research team who explained the latest research work going on in the field of Optical fibres, super alloys used for aerospace applications and also materials for wearable biological sensors.

    Students also visited Mechanical Engineering department wherein many experiments were shown and explained live. Students found this very interesting and actively took part in the quiz conducted there. Students visited few other departments like electrical and computer science also.

    Students gained exposure to the latest research going on in various fields of science which developed a lot of curiosity and interest in the young minds. The visit was organized by Ms. Aruna P, Asst professor along with Dr. Vidya C and Dr. Naveen SM, Asst Professors of Physics department, under the guidance of Dr. C. M. Joseph, HOD Physics and Dr. D. R. Ramesh Babu, Vice Principal, DSCE.

  • Student Seminar Presentation Contest

    Student Seminar Presentation Contest

    • Date: 18 February 2018
    • Time : 9.30 am - 12 noon
    • Program: Student seminar presentation contest
    • Venue: 402, Business block, DSCE.

    On 18th February 2018, Eureka club of the physics department organized a student seminar presentation contest for the first year engineering students of DSCE. The objective of the event was to give a platform for the students to show and improve their presentation skills. Around 20 students from 1st year took part in this contest and the audience was around 80 students.

    HOD of physics, Dr. C. M. Joseph addressed the students and told them the importance of public speaking skills and inaugurated the program. Students’ presentations were judged by Dr. M. N. Ravishankar and Dr. Priya A H of DSCE.

    Students gave presentations on various hot, trending topics like hacking, ageing of sun, astrophysics, solar turbines, air propulsion models etc. Audience showed keen interest on these topics and asked questions after each presentation. Aruna P, Asst. Professor, Physics department organized this contest for first year students.

    First, second, third and consolation prizes were announced by the judges after the program. Students showed much interest in the program and were requesting the HOD to roll out many more programs like this.

    Overall, students gained insights into these topics in science and actively participated in the questionnaire too.



    • Date: 7 October 2017.
    • Program: Hands on training on Arduino by Scintillating Ideas Innovation Lab.
    • Venue: SI Lab, Department of Engineering Physics.

    On 7th October 2017, SI lab of physics department organized a one day workshop on “Basics of Arduino”. Objective of the event was to give introduction to Arduino and demo of Arduino projects, project ideas and further opportunities in R & D. Around 60 students from 1st year took part in this workshop and the main focus of the workshop was to do hands on practical with Arduino Uno board.

    Arduino is an open source used by developers and hobbyist for creating projects and prototypes. Arduino boards can read inputs - light on a sensor, a finger on a button, or a Twitter message - and turn it into an output - activating a motor, turning on an LED, publishing something online. Arduino has vast collection of supporting libraries developed by open source users across the world. Learning this platform might help students in rapid prototype development their project. Keeping these facts in mind content of workshop was designed and delivered. The workshop was held by three senior students, Mr. Deepu, Mr. Sanath and Mr. Prajwal. They displayed and shared their project details Arduino for the participants of the workshop. Workshop was initiated with a brief talk by Dr.C.M.Joseph, HOD Physics on Arduino and Microcontrollers in general and their importance in day to day life.

    This workshop was formally inaugurated by Principal Dr. C. P. S. Prakash and Vice principal Dr. D. R. Ramesh Babu and made a visit to the workshop. The workshop had two sessions, in the first session, basics of C programming like adding 2 numbers, printing a message, scanning a message along with if condition loops were spoken about. Topics in basic electronics like Current and Voltage divider rule, how an LED works, how a servo motor works, working of light dependant resistors, how integrated circuits function, Arduino sensor modules and working of magnetic Relay were also covered. In the second session, experiments like LED blink, LED on and off through PC, LED fading using potentiometers, LED fading using code, Light intensity sensitive Motor control using Google Speech-to-text to activate arduino pins, using Bluetooth to control the lights via a relay, How to add a timer to the lights etc were discussed and demonstrated.

    Students learnt the basics of working with Arduino and gained basic knowledge of various Arduino development boards; Programming environment; onboard features of Arduino Uno.

    Student Feedback was collected and it suggested that they welcomed this initiative and they were motivated to explore a more dimension in this platform and also they were willing to use this board in their projects in future. These hands on training sessions were co-ordinated by Mrs. Aruna P, Asst Prof in Physics department, under the guidance of Dr. C. M. Joseph, HOD physics department.



    Date: 12th September 2017. Time: 3.30 -5 PM. Program: Photography workshop 1.0. Venue: AV auditorium, DSI.

    Physics department has initiated a photography club for first year engineering students who have passion for photography. DSCE Photography club has more than 100 participants along with few senior students. This club has conducted a workshop on photography on 12th September 2017.

    The workshop was held by a senior student Mr. Abhishek in which he spoke about the photography as just one of the many activities that contributes to the final PRODUCT along with how to impress the consumers and create a product. The discussion was about “Framing” in photography which included like what to and what not to include in the frame, Rule of Thirds and the role of Foreground in creating Depth.

    How to align / frame your picture with respect to the lines in the scene? What it means to "capture what usually isn’t captured", with respect to framing. Finally ethics of photography was spoken in the workshop. This session was coordinated by Mrs. Aruna P, Asst Professor, Physics department along with Mr. Ishtapran, Asst. Professor, Biotech department with the guidance of Vice principal Dr.Ramesh Babu and also Dr. C. M. Joseph, HOD of Physics, DSCE.



    Date: 16 September 2017. Time: 1.30 -3 PM. Program: Photography workshop 2.0. Venue:BB 301.

    Physics department has initiated a photography club for first year engineering students who have passion for photography. DSCE Photography club has more than 100 participants along with few senior students. This club has conducted a workshop on photography on 12th September 2017.

    Photography club has conducted its second workshop on photography on 16th September 2017 for around 30 students. The workshop was held by a senior student Mr. Abhishek in which he spoke about a photograph as a STORY with THREE ACT NARRATIVE. His discussion was on how one can control that narrative via FRAMING. He covered various topics like Golden Ratio, Guiding Lines, Positive: Negative Space, Foreground: How it creates a sense of depth in Landscape and Tilting

    Abhishek completed the discussion with techniques of Capturing Flowers. And then he shared how he believes EXERCISING CHOICE is the key notion behind all these techniques. Attendees of these workshops were very keen in knowing the photographic techniques and expressed their willingness in knowing more. This session was coordinated by Mrs. Aruna P, Asst Professor, Physics department with guidance from Vice Principal Dr.Ramesh Babu and also Dr. C. M. Joseph, the HOD of Physics, DSCE.



    Date: 9th September, 2017. Time: 12.00 PM – 2.00 PM. Program: Demo workshop on Arduino of the Scintillating Ideas Innovation Lab. Venue: Department of Engineering Physics.

    Scintillating Ideas Innovation Lab (SI lab) of the Physics Department has so far been a pronounced success within the student community and to keep the ball rolling, the department has conducted a demo workshop on Arduino, Robotics and IOT on 9th September 2017. There was a tremendous response from the student community and the workshop had around 175 participants.


    The demo workshop was started with a brief introduction about the workshop by Dr. C. M. Joseph, HOD department of Physics. He briefed about the different microcontrollers available in the market and their applications in the home automation and robotics.

    Please click here for complete report ...

  • Arduino- Microcontroller workshop

    Arduino- Microcontroller Workshop

    Physics Department is conducting a one day Arduino- Microcontroller workshop which includes Home automation , Robotics, IOT and more

    Arduino Hands-on Introduction

    Arduino - a popular 'Open-Source Embedded Development Board''- uses sensors, actuators and an integrated development environment for developing different types of projects. The workshop will help students learn the principles associated with Arduino hardware and software. Training emphasis is given to applied knowledge of the principles by exposing the students to live working projects.

    Course Highlights

    • Practical experience on Arduino
    • Live projects on Arduino
    • Projects on Home automation and IOT
    • Skills for designing projects using Arduino
    • Understanding of the concepts of Arduino

    Introduction to Microcontroller

    • This session would deal with the basics of Microcontroller.
    • What is Microcontroller?
    • Difference between Microcontroller and Microprocessor Microcontroller architecture and Interfacing Introduction to Microcontrollers & the Arduino Platform
    • How can we use microcontroller in our circuits?

    If you are interested and if you want to attend the demo class which will happen on this Saturday (09/09/2017) click on the below link and fill the details...

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