From the HOD's Desk:


Department of Computer Science & Engineering IoT & Cyber Security including Block chain are specialized fields of Information Technology (IT). In today’s world everything is connected to the Internet for ease to access, to monitor and control the devices across the world. This provides an opportunity to automate different task and move all the communicating devices to be communicated through the Internet. IoT is the most important technology for 21st century and it connects the device from home to industry, device to device or human to device. The various industry which uses IoT are Manufacturing, Automotive, Transportation and Logistics, Retail, Public Sector, Health Care, Agriculture.

The general safety across all industry is the requirement of securing these devices and its network. To secure the data generated due to communication between the devices, device to humans, and personal information are in demand. Cyber Security courses aims to equip the students with the knowledge and skills required to defend your data, devices, and personal information from the attacker. This course provides a wide variety of opportunity in IT sector and in other manufacturing and production industries.

Dr.Mohammed Tajuddin
Professor & Incharge HoD


To impart quality technical education with a focus on Research and Innovation emphasising on Development of Sustainable and Inclusive Technology for the benefit of society.


  • A cutting-edge technology to the students to develop and innovate in Internet of Things & Cyber Security, including Block chain which proves to be an essential part for any organization.
  • Impart value based technical education of global standards.
  • To nurture teamwork in order to transform individuals as responsible leaders and entrepreneurs in Computer Science and Engineering in IoT & Cyber security including Blockchain.
  • To strengthen the alumni and industrial association for development of students leading to technical and socio-economic growth.