From the HOD's Desk:


Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Engineering is a new fascinating, challenging and practically oriented subject brings the vital breakthroughs in the world’s most advanced technological industries from medicine to entertainment. It offer graduates with an excellent platform to enable the students enter into a wide range of challenging sectors such as Automotive Industries, Finance, Engineering, IT, Manufacturing & Production, Transport & Logistics, Defence, Healthcare, Entertainment and Science.

Students studying R&AI will typically learn a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and mathematics. They'll delve into topics such as kinematics, dynamics, control systems, sensors, actuators, programming languages, also they will learn combination of programming languages like Python and libraries such as TensorFlow and PyTorch for machine learning and deep learning, C++, MATLAB etc. Overall by the end of this program student will emerge out as industry ready graduate in the field of Robotics and Artificial intelligence.

Dr. Rudresh M
Associate Professor & Incharge HOD


To provide students with a comprehensive and cutting-edge education in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to the highest quality who are professionally competent and highly qualified to tackle real-world problems and innovations by promoting excellence in teaching, learning and research.


  • Provide high quality education that imparts Scientific Knowledge and Technical skills to fulfil the requirements of a ‘Global Engineer’
  • Training their Communication and Managerial skills for promoting technology transfer, supporting start-up and collaborating with industry partners to translate research into real-world solution
  • Inculcate students in professional activities with ethics, integrity, honesty and credibility, social and environmental consciousness