Evolution of Computers has laid its path to store, process and acquire data in optimized and efficient manner. Due to advent in technology and with emergence of digitalization, massive volume of data which is generated while carrying out day to day activities using computer technology needs to be mined intelligently to carry out business tasks. Data management and utilization is one of the core objectives of any software application. Hence, our engineers need to be trained on comprehensive knowledge of the science beneath the data.

Data Science is one of the most potential specialization branches of Computer Science which enables the students to gain awareness on Data Analytics, Data Visualization and Data Acquisition using the current trend of Machine Learning Algorithms. Data Science engineers will be able to design and solve problems related to real life applications using robust characteristics of mathematics, statistics, Computer Programming using cutting edge technology of Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms.


To impart quality technical education with a focus on Research and Innovation emphasising on Development of Sustainable and Inclusive Technology for the benefit of society.


  • To provide an environment that enhances creativity and Innovation in pursuit of Excellence.
  • To nurture teamwork in order to transform individuals as responsible leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • To train the students to the changing technical scenario and make them to understand the importance of Sustainable and Inclusive technologies.