The Evaluation is done in two parts : Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) & Semester End Exam (SEE) Weightage : 50% CIE and 50% SEE

  • CIE : Continuous Internal Evaluation which is conducted by the course coordinator. It consisting of tests, assignments, and Alternate Assessment Tools (AAT).
  • SEE: Semester End Examinations which is conducted at the end of the semester.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Student has to acquire a minimum attendance of 85% in each course to be eligible to take up SEE. Any student who fails to have 85% attendance will be declared as NSAR (Not Satisfied Attendance Requirement)
  • Minimum CIE marks should be 40% of the maximum marks. Any student who scores less than 40% will be declared as NSSR (Not Satisfied Sessional Requirement)

The order in which SEE is conducted is as follows:

  • SEE at the end of the ODD semester –tentatively conducted during Nov / Dec.
  • Make up Examination (ODD) – conducted after the SEE of ODD semester. Student who obtains transitional grades such as ‘I’, ‘W’ and ‘X’ are eligible to take up the Make Up examination and can secure Letter Grades for that particular course. Student who fail to obtain letter grades will automatically obtain F grade for respective course – in which case the student is eligible for FAST TRACK SEMESTER
  • SEE at the end of the EVEN semester – tentatively conducted during April / May .
  • Make up Examination (EVEN) – conducted after the SEE of EVEN semester. All other details remains same as that of ODD semester Make Up Examination.
  • Fast Track This is conducted after the make up Examination (EVEN) during June/July. Student who obtain F grade in a particular course including absent in 1st and 2nd semester is eligible for Fast Track for that particular course only. He/She will have to attend the classes and take up the CIE once again and then further Fast Track Examination.

Make-Up Examination

  • The students who have secured CIE >=30 (60%) marks and attendance >=85% in the respective course but failed to secure 40 marks in SEE will be awarded with 'X' Grade in SEE and only such students will be eligible to take Make-Up Examination.
  • An additional examination is conducted within two weeks after announcement of Results of the SEE of regular semester for students who have failed to pass the course in SEE by securing 'X' grade and for the students awarded with 'I' grade.
  • There will be no Make-Up Examination after the Semester End Examination of Fast Track semester.

Fast Track Semester

  • The Fasta Track semester is provided to facilitate or as a recourse to such students who have absented themselves from attending CIE or SEE without valid reasons (or)
  • Who have been unsuccessful (Grade F) in attaining the minimum passing standards prescribed for SEE (or)
  • Who have been detained for want of sessional marks (CIE<40%) and declared NSSR (or)
  • Who have been detained for want of attendance (NSAR)
  • Who have withdrawn (Grade W) from a course.
    • Such students shall be required to re-register for the course(s) and go through CIE and SEE again and obtain a grade equal to or better than E in each case. The re-registration shall be possible when the particular course is offered again either in a Fast Track Semester or Main (odd/even) semester.
    • Course load will be specified for Fast Track Semester, for smooth operation of the program. For this purpose, Dean (Academics) and four senior faculties (two Professors and two Associate Professors) shall for a committee, which will be notified by the institution. The students are expected to contact them for any assistance and clarification.
    • A student can register for a maximum of 16 credits and not exceeding 5(five) courses in the Fast Track Semester.
    • The Students who have ‘F’ or ‘AB’ Grades, but have satisfied the attendance requirements and Sessional requirements should register for fast track, attend classes and re-earn CIE marks.
    • Vertical Progression (Promotion to Next Academic Year)

      • A student has to obtain a CGPA of >=5.0 and should not have more than Four courses as not passed (backlogs) 'F' grades at the end of each academic year for promotion to the next higher academic year. Such students who do not satisfy this minimum requirement in an academic year shall improve by registering for the subjects in which they have failed (Grade F) / withdrawn (Grade W) during Fast Track semester under the guidance of Academic Advisory Board of the Institution.
      • If a student fails to satisfy the minimum requirements stated above even after the Fast Track examinations, he / she cannot register for the next higher academic year. However, such students can register for the failed courses (odd semester subjects during the odd semester and even semester courses during the even semester or any courses during the Fast Track semester, if offered) to satisfy the minimum requirement for promotion to the next higher academic year.
      • A student failing to obtain CGPA of 5.0, in spite of obtaining C grades and better than C grades in one or two courses, he/she can register for those course (s) in which he /she has obtained C grade (s) when offered during a Fast Track Semester to satisfy the minimum CGPA requirement. However, failure to secure a minimum CGPA of 5.0 but not less than 4.5 at the end of any academic year for the first time shall attract a warning before approval of the student to continue in the next higher academic year. This facility is available only once during the entire B.E. program duration.
      • Odd semester to even semester mobility does not depend upon odd semester examination results.
        NOTE: Maximum number of F grades that can be carried forward is only 4 (Four)
      • Promotion to Next Academic Year
        • A student seeking eligibility to 3rd semester should not have failed in more than 4 courses (including F grade, Absent, NSAR, NSSR, NE) of first and second semesters taken together.
        • A student seeking eligibility to 5th semester should have passed in all the courses of 1st and 2nd semester and should not have failed (including ‘F’ grade, AB, NSAR, NSSR and NE) in not more than 4 courses of 3rd and 4th semesters taken together.
        • A student seeking eligibility to 7th semester should have passed in all the courses of 3rd and 4th semester and should not have failed (including “F grade, AB, NSAR, NSSR and NE) in not more than 4 courses of 5th and 6th semesters taken together.

      1st and 2nd year audit courses should also be completed before seeking eligibility to 5th semester.

      Equivalent Course for Students transferred from VTU to Autonomous

      • A student has to complete the academic requirements for the equivalent subject defined in the curriculum
      • The student has to complete the equivalent courses in a maximum of three attempts.
      • Equivalent subjects courses are conducted in parallel with the calendar of events defined under Fast Track semester. (I Attempt)
      • Make up exam for eligible candidates shall be conducted immediately after the declaration of the Result. (II Attempt)
      • Third attempt for the equivalent courses shall be conducted during successive Semester End Examination.
    • An Autonomous Institute Affiliated to VTU, Approved by AICTE & UGC

    • Accredited by NBA & NAAC with 'A' grade.

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