List of Scholars Completed/Pursuing Ph. D/M. Sc. (Res & Engg.,) from Research Centre, Department of Biotechnology, DSCE, Bangalore:

Sl No Name Research Program Guide Co-Guide Year of registration Year of completion University
1. Sinosh Skariyachan Ph.D Dr. N. Rajeswari Dr. S. Kiran 2010 2016 VTU
2. Sameera .N M. Sc. (Res & Engg.,) Dr. S. Kiran - 2010 In progress VTU
3. Preetham .J Ph.D Dr. S. Kiran - 2011 In progress VTU
4. Madhuri G.S. Aithal
Fellowship: Lady tata Memorial Trust
Ph.D Dr. N. Rajeswari - 2011 In progress VTU
5. Ramakrishan .D
Fellowship: Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowhip
Ph.D Dr. G. A. Ravishankar Dr. S. Kiran 2013 In progress VTU
6. Shashank A. Tidke Ph.D Dr. G. A. Ravishankar Dr. S. Kiran 2013 In progress VTU
7. Bhanu Revathi .K Ph.D Dr. Shinomol George K Dr. Saroja N Rao 2016 In progress VTU
8. Manasa V. Anand Ph.D Dr. R. Ravishankar Dr. S. Kiran 2016 In progress VTU
9. Supreetha .K Ph.D Dr. Saroja N Rao Dr. S. Kiran 2016 In progress VTU
10. Dr. Nilambari Patil Post Doc Dr. G. A. Ravishankar - 2016 In progress  

List of Guides and their Research Specialization:

Guide Name Specialization
Dr. G.A Ravishankar Plant Biotechnology & Food Biotechnology
Dr. S. Kiran Plant Biotechnology
Dr. N. Rajeswari Cancer Biology & Molecular Biology
Dr. Shinomol George Neurotoxicology and Cell Biology
Dr. Sinosh Skariyachan
Microbial and Environmental Biotechnology,
Molecular Modeling and Computer Assisted Drug Designing
Dr. K. M. Kumar
Bioinformatics, Microbial informatics, computational medicinal chemistry, Omics sciences, NGS data science
Dr. Govindapa M
Plant biotechnology, Endophytic Fungai, Nanobiotechnology

List of faculty members registered for research program and their areas of research:

Sl. No. Candidate Research Topic Registered Year Guide
1 Mr. Ramakrishana D

Studies on potentiation of bioactive compounds of Salacia
reticulata under in vitro and in Vivo condition for beneficial effects

Ph.D., 2013 Dr. G. A. Ravishankar
Professor Dept. of Biotechnology DSCE, Bangalore
Dr. S. Kiran
Professor & Head Dept. of Biotechnology DSCE, Bangalore
2 Mr. Shanshank A Tidke Enhancement of Isoflavane in saybean, invitro and invivo,
through elicitor application and vesicular – Arbuscular mycorsijal (VAM) treatment
Ph.D., 2013
3 Ms. Madhuri S. Aithal Evaluation of gene expression in Notch Pathway & their epigenetic status from Human Glioma Samples Ph.D., 2011 Dr. N. Rajeswari
Associate Professor Dept. of Biotechnology DSCE, Bangalore
4 Mrs. Preetham Harsha Pharmacological evaluation of selective medicinal plants for hepato protective activity Ph.D., 2011 Dr. S. Kiran
Professor & Head Dept. of Biotechnology DSCE, Bangalore
5 Mr. Sinosh Skariyachan
Asst. Professor
Molecular characterization of microorganisms present in Cauvery River and in silico analysis for probable drug targets Ph.D., 2010 Dr. N. Rajeswari
Associate Professor Dept. of Biotechnology DSCE, Bangalore
Dr. S. Kiran
Professor & Head Dept. of Biotechnology DSCE, Bangalore
6 Mr. N. Sameera Studies on biosorption of Chromium from waste water effluents using biomass M.Sc (Engg.) 2010 Dr. S. Kiran
Professor & Head Dept. of Biotechnology DSCE, Bangalore
7 Mamatha R Patil

Identification of probable lead molecule targeting major genes in pyocyanin biosynthesis pathway of drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa by molecular modeling and computational virtual screening

M. Sc (Engg.) by Res. 2018 Dr. Sinosh Skariyachan
Associate Professor Dept. of Biotechnology DSCE, Bangalore-78

Funded Projects:

Sl No Coordinator / PI/Co-PI Project Title Funding Agency Amounts received Year of Sanction Status
1. Dr. S. Kiran Biotechnology Skill Enhancement Programme-(BiSEP) KBITS, GoK 50 lakhs. 2017 Approved
2. Dr. Saroja Narsing Rao Creating protease knock in E. coli system using crelox mechanism for better expression of soluble recombinant proteins DBT Rs.25 lakhs 2017 Ongoing
3. Dr. Shinomol George K
Dr. Kumar K M
Bionanoparticles from Bacopa monnieri and its propensity in ameliorating acrylamide induced neurotoxicity: involvement of glutathione- in vitro and in silico KSCST Rs.5,500 2017 Completed
4. Dr. Sinosh Skariyachan Prioritizing the plastic degradation potential of noval thermophilic consortia screened from various waste management landfills and sewage treatment plants in selected areas of Karnataka state: an eco-friendly biotechnological intervention for plastic waste management KSCST Rs.7,500 2017 Completed
5. Mrs. Manasa V. Anand Innovative biofuel production from hydrothermal liquefaction technology by blending polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and lignocellulosic biomass (Sawdust) KSCST Rs.8,000 2017 Completed
6. Dr. Sinosh Skariyachan Application of novel thermophilic Bacterial consortia screened from cow Dung as an eco-friendly approach for The degradation of plastic garbage in Bengaluru city KSCST Rs.8000 2016 Completed
7. Dr. Shinomol George K
Mrs. Bhanu Revati K
Amelioration of oxidative stress in Acrylamide induced neurotoxicity Invitro using aged garlic extract, s-ally Cysteine, n-acetyl cysteine KSCST Rs. 6000 2016 Completed
8. Mr. Madhu H. N Bioelectricity production through integrated bio-gases and microbial fuel cell KSCST Rs. 10,000 2016 Completed
9. Dr. N. Rajeswari DNA Methylation studies on Glioma tissue samples using High resolution melting (HRM) based quantitative analysis DBT Rs.25 lakhs 2015 Ongoing
10. Dr. S. Kiran Production of efficient grade biodiesel from azolla filiculoides and extraction of nutraceuticals (dha, epa) from remaining processed fatty acids KSCST Rs.5,000 2015 Completed
11. Mr. Sinosh Skariyachan Formulation and characterization of novel plastic degrading microbial consortia isolated from various places of Bangalore city and study of their bio degradation potential. KSCST Rs. 8,000/td> 2015 Completed
12. Madhu .H.N Preparation of innovative crosslinked PVA gels for bone fracture dressing application using herbal products KSCST Rs.7,000 2015 Completed
13. Dr.G.A. Ravishankar PI
Dr. S. Kiran Co-PI
Influence of Stress on Metabolites with Nutitional Value and Protective Function of Indian and Bulgarian Soybean Genotyes obtained by Biotechnology and Genetic Methods DST Rs. 11.40 lakhs 2014 Ongoing
14. Dr. Saroja Narsing Rao - PI
Dr. G.S.Jagannatha Rao - Co-PI
Siderophore monoxygenase – A potent drug target for tuberculosis and other bacterial diseases DBT, Women Scientist category Rs. 29 lakhs 2014 Ongoing
15. Mr. Sinosh Skariyachan Selection and Screening of Microbial consortia for efficient and eco-friendly degradation of plastic wastes in urban and rural areas of Bangalore KSCST Rs. 5,000 2014 Completed
16. Dr. N. Rajeswari An observational longitudinal prospective study to evaluate genes expressed in Notch pathway, prognosis and treatment response in gliomas DST Rs. 18.00 laths 2008 Completed
17. Mr. Madhu H.N Energy efficient algae bio mass cultivation for sustainable bio diesel and bio gas production KSCST Rs.10,000 2013 Completed
18. Mr. Madhu H.N Photo bioreactor design for continuous hydrogen production using Micro algae KSCST Rs.9,000 2012 Completed
19. Mr. Sinosh Skariyachan Prudent Elucidation of Physiochemical & bacterial characteristics of Byramangala Tank, Ramanagara District VGST/ SPiCE, Rs. 30,000 2011 Completed
20. Dr. S. Kiran Biotechnology Finishing School Government of Karnataka Rs. 1 Crore 2011 Completed
21. Dr. S. Kiran Co-PI High Volume Propagation and Development/ Refinement of protocol of selected Bamboo species (2007-2010) NMBA-DST Rs. 27.55 laths 2007 Completed
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