The Department R&D Centre is recognized by VTU, offering Ph.D and MSc Engineering by Research Programmes.

KSCST SPP Projects

  • 3 student projects guided by Dr Santhosh K, Dr Mahesh B R, Dr Naveena B E, Dr Jenoris Muthiya has been funded by KSCST in 2022-23 with Rs 20,000/- on 18.04.2023
  • Two projects guided by Prof. Mahesh B R and Prof. Murgayya S B are approved and sanctioned Rs. 12,500/- (Rs. 6500 and Rs.6000) on 06-03-2020.

List of Guides under VTU R & D Centre

Sl No Guide Name Domain
1. Dr. H N Suresh Quality, Reliability and Maintenance
2. Dr. Naveena B E Thermal Spray coating
3. Dr. Nandakumar M B Surface Engineering


Sl No Name of the Research scholar and designation Year of registration & University Domain/Topic Guide Status
1. Govindaraju H 2015 VTU Electronics Cooling/Augmentation of Heat Transfer in Vertical Semiconductor Devices Dr. Srinivas G Bhatt Alliance University Completed Comprehensive Viva-voce
2. Anand Kakhandaki 2017 VTU Condition based maintenance/Condition monitoring of machine tools using Vibration analysis and Process capability Dr. H N Suresh, DSCE, Bengaluru Registered


Sl No Name of the Research scholar and designation Year of registration & University Domain/Topic Guide Status
1. Kavya J T 2017 VTU Metal Matrix composites Dr. R Keshavamurthy,
Prof. and Head DSCE, Bengaluru
Completed course work

Faculty Achievements & Recognitions - Patents

Faculty name Title Application number Role (Inventor/ co-inventor) Date of submission Status (Filed/Published/Grant)
Dr.S.Jenoris Muthiya& Dr. Naveena B E Design and development of carbon dioxide reduction trap for IC engine 202241069874 Inventor 04/12/22 Published
Dr.S.Jenoris Muthiya & Dr. Naveena B E Design and Development of Advanced Battery safety system for Electric Vehicle 202341042041 A Applicant 23/06/23 Published
Dr.Ravikumar K.N. 4-speed peed epicyclic powertrain with electromagnetic clutch for electric Vehicles 202241028508 A Co-inventor 17/06/2022 Published
Dr.Vijay T Performance of HVOF Sprayed tio2 and Cr2O3 coatings on Aluminum die for development of Areca plates 202241001377 Inventor Jan 2022 Published
Dr.Vijay T Universal Jar Lid Opener Developed by FDM process using biocompatible Polymer Composite 2021105944 Inventor Nov 2021 Granted
Dr.S.Jenoris Muthiya Design and optimization and prototyping of electric bike frame with convenient frontal storage 202141053831 Inventor Nov 2021 First Examination Completed
Dr.S.Jenoris Muthiya Steering wheel for monitoring driver health emergencies for automatic braking for automobiles. 363975001 Co-inventor June 2021 Second Examination Completed

Patent received

  • 4-speed epicyclic powertrain with electromagnetic clutch for electric-vehicle” patent published by Vishnu Athreya, Prathamesh Jadhav, Vishwanath Aradhya, Shreyas Kumar on 17.06.2022
  • Design of electric bike chassis with frontal storage for convenient access” patent published by B R Rohith , Venkatesh Gowda B S , Aakash K P , Sudeep V on 10.12.2021
  • Dr. Sekhar N, 2013 “A Plunger used for Briquetting tool plunger application, a Composition and a Method for coating the composition onto the plunger”, application number (Indian patent): 6054/CHE/2013, filing date: December 23, 2013.

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