• Department has class rooms, tutorial rooms with all equipped with projectors.
  • Department has well equipped laboratories with UPS Support.



Department Name Laboratory Name Major Equipments
CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Momentum Transfer Lab Venturi meter, Centrifugal pump,
Weighing Balance 20kg Capacity)
Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus, Friction Apparatus,
Reynolds Apparatus
Mechanical Operations Lab Air permeability, Vacuum leaf filter, Ball mill,
Cyclone separator, Jaw crusher, Disc grinder,
Drop weight Crusher, Rotap sieve Shaker,
Test Sieves with hand shaker, Stoke’s law Equipment,
Pollution Control Lab COD Digester, TLC kit, Dust Analyzer, Electric Oven,
Electric Bunsen with Energy Regulator,
Digital Thermometer Orsat Apparatus, )
Mass Transfer Lab Vacuum drier, Atmospheric tray Dreier,
Diffusivity Measurement, Surface evaporator,
Fractionating distillation column, Hot air oven, Photoelectric Calorimeter, Lab Centrifuge,
Abbe Refract meter, Muffle Furnace )
Heat Transfer Lab Transient Heat conduction with constant flux,
Transient Heat conduction with constant Temperature,
Shell & Tube heat exchanger, Climbing film evaporator,
Vertical Condenser, Horizontal Condenser, Heat transfer through packed bed,
Spiral plate heat exchanger,
Heat transfer in vertical bare & finned surface,
Coiled tube heat exchanger
Instrumentation Analysis Lab Gas Chromatography, Dissolved oxygen analyzer,
Redwood Viscometer .1 & 2, UV-Vis Spectro Photometer,
Digital Nephleo Turbidity meter, Recording Polorograph,
Flame Photometer Auto Titrator, Colorimeter)
Process Control Lab Pressure vessel Experiment, Time constant of manometer,
Single tank System, Two tank interacting system,
Two tank non-interacting system, Time constant & response step changes of thermometer,
Level Pressure Trainer, Flow Controller,
Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab RTD Studies in Segregated flow reactor,
Packed bed absorption with reactor, RTD Studies in Tubular reactor,
RTD Studies in Mixed flow reactor, RTD Studies in PFR, Mixed Flow Reactor,
RTD in PBR, Adiabatic Reactor, Sono Chemical Reactor
Bio Chemical Engineering Incubator with shaker, Distilled Water Plant,
Deep freezer, Trinocular research microscope with microphotography attachment,
Colony Count, Vacuum oven with oil free vacuum pump
Computer Application & Simulation Lab Computer HCL Busy Bee Black Desk top: Atom, PC 1.6 GHZ, 512 MB, Cache,533 FSB,945 Chipset,1GB Ram 80 GB HDD,EC2 Tech Micro ATX, Hcl 15 inches CRT Monitor and Pro simulation Software & UPS & Server) 
Computer Aided Chemical Equipment Drawing Lab Computer – HP Pro 3330 Series, 500GB,7200RPM SATA

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    PGCET - MBA: B158 | M.Tech: T822

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