Research and Development Activities

KSCST 46 series

Sl No Title Amount Duration
1 Camouflage Surveillance Robot Using Ai 7000/ 6 Months
2 Solar-Powered Vacuum Cleaner 7000/ 6 Months
3 Solar Powered Automated Harvesting Bot 5000/ 6 Months
4 Multilingual Ocr, Tts And Google Assisted Eyewear For Visually Impaired Users 6000/ 6 Months
5 Detection Of Fissure Using Computer Vision With Automated Complaint Redressal 6000/ 6 Months
6 Power Generation At Highways Using Vertical Windmill, Efficient Solar System And IOT 6000/ 6 Months

List of Projects Funded by KSCST 45 series

Sl No Title Team Guide/Co-Guide Amount
1 E-Shop Website Using Mern Stack Mr. Abdul Sagheer Mr. Mohammed Saqib Ahmed Mr. Arfath Abbas Mr. Abdul Wahid Prof. Vinod Kumar H Dr. Smitha Sasi 7000/
2 Energy Management For Home Automation Using Ai Mr. Yathish S Mr. Arun Kumar H S Mr. Halashankar N Patil Mr. Sandeep S Mr. Sandeep K V Dr. Smitha Sasi 7000/
3. Machine Learning Model For Wildlife Conservation Mr. Mohit Senapati Ms. Aishwarya Gaonkar Ms. Priya C Ms. Nayana T Dr Ganashree Ts 5000/
4. Smart Anaesthesia Syringe Ms. Pratigya Srivastava Ms. Ankitha P Ms. M. Vaishnavi Ms. Sarayu M S Prof. Vivek Raj K Dr. Smitha Sas 6000/
5. Arduino Based Smart Solar Tracker Mr. Vikas Shetty V Mr. Prashanth J N  Mr. Murali N Ms. Smitha T R Mr. Jayanth C Dr. Smitha Sasi 6000/
6. Secure Remote E-Voting System Mr. Debmalya Halder  Mr. Pratulya Pratap Mr. Shubham Jagdish Singh Mr. Manish Kumar Prof. Saravana Kumar Dr. Smitha Sasi 6000/

Best Project of the Year Award in the 44th Series of Student Project Program

India Innovation Challenge Design Contest 2019-2021

KSCST 43 Series.

List of Research scholars completed Ph.D in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Research Centre.

Candidate Name Guide Year
Dr. Sayed Abdulhayan Dr. P T kulkarni 2015
Dr. Vinod B Durdi Dr. P T kulkarni 2018
Dr. Siddlalingappa G Biradar Dr. P T kulkarni 2018
Dr. Parameshwara Dr. H C Srinivasaiah 2018
Dr. Malleshaiah Dr. H C Srinivasaiah 2018

List of Faculties completed Ph.D in other Research Centre/universities.

Candidate Name Research Centre/University Year
Dr. Santhosh B Department of Telecommunication Engineering SIT / VTU 2022
Dr. Srividya B V Dept of Electronics and communication Engineering BMSCE/VTU 2018
Dr. Smitha Sasi Dept of Computer science and Engineering/VTU-RRC 2018

List of Guides and their Research Specialization

Guide Name Specialization
Dr. Aswatha A R VLSI and Embedded System
DR. H C Srinivasaiah VLSI and Embedded System
Dr. Devaraju Wireless Communication
Dr. Ganashree Video Processing

List of Faculty Members Registered for Doctorate Program and their Research Areas

Sl No Faculty Name Research Area Research centre
1. Mrs. Rajeswari P Embedded System Department Of Electronics and communication ,DSU
2. Mr. Saravana Kumar Image Processing Department Of Electronics and communication,DSCE,VTU
4. Mr. Jayanth C Optical Networks Department Of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering,Dr AIT
5. Mrs Deepthi Raj VLSI and Embedded system Department Of Electronics and communication,BIT,VTU
6. Mrs Pushpa BR Conformal Array Antennas Department Of Electronics and communication ,DSU
7. Anitha Suresh Smart Antenna Department Of Electronics and communication ,DSU
8. Mr. Sandeep K V Wireless Communication Department Of Electronics and communication,DSCE,VTU
9. H Vinod Kumar Antennas Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering ,DSCE,VTU
10. Nagarathna VLSI & Embedded Systems Department Of Electronics and communication ,DSCE,VTU
11. Vivek Raj K VLSI design &Embedded Systems Department Of Electronics and communication ,DSCE,VTU

Funded Projects

Department has successfully completed 1 projects on Investigation of speed and power in sub 100nm memory circuits:

Sl No Name of the Granting Authority Faculty Name Amount Sanctioned(Rs. Lakhs) year of Sanction Title Status
1. VGST Dr. Ganashree T.S 5 2017 Deplo yment of Hybrid Neural Netwo rk to detect breast cancer Completed
2. ISRO Dr. A. R. Aswatha 13.56 Nov - 2016 Secured Data Transmission For space communication over ECC Completed
3. VTU Dr. H. C.Srinivasiah 10.18 Feb/Mar – 2010 Investigation of speed and power in sub 100nm memory circuits Completed

List of Projects Funded by KSCST 44 series

Project Reference Number Project Title Team
Andrea Clement,
Aravind Krishnan,
Sumukhi T,
Syed Farhan Abidi
Manoj G,
Gokul Kiran

List of Projects Funded by KSCST 42 series SPP Programme 2019-2020

Project Reference Number Students Guide Stream Title
42s_Be_0004 Preethi R
Nidhi A J
Anisha Shenoy G
Akhila A
Dr. A. R. Aswatha A Design and Implementation of Ecdsa For Video Frames
42s_Be_0014 Ashika Y
Anusha C R
Pratiksha D B
Meena N
Dr. Vinod B Durdi C Movie Piracy Reduction Using Automated Infrared Transmitter Screen System and Steganography Technique
42s_Be_0017 Gouthami M
Harika P S
Kavitha V
Anitha Suresh C Application of Visible Light Communication for Satellite Image

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