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  • Power of Data Structures

    Unlocking Success : Optimizing solutions in Recruitment Interviews through the Power of Data Structures

    Description:In this empowering talk, participants will gain a profound understanding of data structures crucial for navigating technical interviews, guided by seasoned Senior Software Engineer, Abhijith S. Drawing from seven years of impactful experience in Data Structures and Full Stack Development at McAfee, Abhijith offers practical examples and problem-solving strategies tailored specifically for interview preparation.

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  • Vision Craft

    Vision Craft

    Description:On January 18, 2024, the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML) at DSCE orchestrated a vibrant tech event titled "Vision Craft." This initiative served as a dynamic platform for 2nd and 3rd-year students to showcase their creativity and technical prowess through the design of laboratory sandwich boards.

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  • She Spark Inaugural Session

    She Spark Inaugural Session

    Description:The primary objective of launching the SheSpark community was to introduce and connect with girls and women, providing them with a welcoming platform to actively engage in discussions, collaborations, and initiatives. During the inaugural session, the focus was on informing participants about SheSpark's objectives and anticipated outcomes.

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  • IISC Lab Visit

    IISC Lab Visit

    Description:In a recent field visit organized by IEDC, Bhuvan and Manjunath from the 5th and 3rd semesters respectively, had the invaluable opportunity to immerse themselves in the cutting- edge STEM lab at IISc. Through engaging with hands-on experiments, they gained firsthand insights into the latest advancements across science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

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  • Lumina 2024

    Lumina 2024

    Description:A cultural event named Lumina was organized by the department of AI & ML on the 5th of January 2024. This report chronicles the unfolding tapestry of performances, speeches, and expressions that marked the essence of our cultural extravaganza. The cultural event commenced with an engaging MC introduction, setting the stage for a night of cultural celebration.

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  • Parent-Teacher Meeting

    Parent-Teacher Meeting

    Description:On 23 rd of December 2023, the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML) at DSCE organized a succinct and informative Parent-Teacher meeting for 7th semester students. The faculty members of the 7th semester, under the leadership of Dr.Vindhya P Malagi, Head of the Department for AI&ML, collaborated to discuss the academic progress, career guidance, and holistic development of the students.

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  • IdeaHive: Where Brilliance Buzzes

    IdeaHive: Where Brilliance Buzzes

    Description:On the 21st of December 2023, the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML) hosted an exhilarating Ideathon, showcasing the department's commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration. Spearheaded by esteemed faculty coordinators, Prof. Kavya and Dr. Reshma, the event served as a dynamic platform for students and participants to unleash their creativity and problem-solving skills.

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  • Futuristic Innovation Technology for Sustainable IT Solutions

    Futuristic Innovation Technology for Sustainable IT Solutions

    Description:The National Symposium on "Futuristic Innovation Technology for Sustainable IT Solutions" serves not only as a platform for discourse on cutting-edge technological advancements but also as a catalyst for instigating positive transformation. This symposium goes beyond mere discussion, actively fostering collaboration, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, and advocating for sustainable practices. In doing so, it assumes a pivotal role in molding the future landscape of Information Technology (IT) in a manner that is both innovative and environmentally conscientious.

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  • Generative AI Session

    Generative AI Session

    Description:On December 2nd 2023, Bismillah Kani, a seasoned Staff AI/ML Scientist at Waygate Technologies, conducted an informative session as part of the partial course delivery for 7th- semester students of the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering he focus of the session was Generative AI, where Mr. Kani covered fundamental aspects such as the definition of generative AI, its applications, and a historical overview of generative AI models.

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  • Talk on Advances in GEN AI

    Talk on Advances in GEN AI

    Description:On November 25th, 2023, Mr. Prabhash Thakur, Director at Centelon, delivered an enlightening talk to the 7th-semester students on the remarkable strides and breakthroughs in the domain of General Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI). With an engaging presence and an expertise-driven approach, Mr. Thakur provided an insightful overview of the evolutionary journey of Gen AI.

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  • Plant for a Planet

    Plant for a Planet

    Description:November 20th, 2023, marked a pivotal moment within DSCE's academic sphere as the "Plant for a Planet" event, the culmination of the Social Connect and Responsibility course for third-semester students, unfolded with an air of environmental enthusiasm and dedication. Spearheaded by Prof. Kavya D N, an advocate for sustainable practices in AI & ML, and joined by external faculty member Prof. Anupama, the event saw the esteemed presence of Dr. Vindhya P Malagi, Head of AI & ML at DSCE.

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  • Intel oneAPI Sessions

    Intel oneAPI Sessions

    Description:On the 10th and 11th of November 2023, Nishank and Manikanta, 7th-semester Intel oneAPI student ambassadors, conducted two Intel oneAPI sessions at the Department of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. The sessions were meticulously crafted to cater to the third semester students on November 10th and the first semester students on November 11th, with the aim of introducing them to Intel oneAPI and providing an immersive exploration of the Intel Developer Cloud.

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  • IEDC Cell

    IEDC Cell

    Description:Professor Kavya D N's session on November 9th, 2023, resonated deeply with the eager minds of third-semester students at DSCE. Her expertise in AI & Machine Learning lent a unique perspective as she fervently delved into the realms of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit within the institution's Innovation Council (IIC).

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  • Project Management and Working Templates

    Project Management and Working Templates

    Description:The Tech Talk on Project Management & Working Templates was held on 20 th September, 2023 and was attended by 7 th Semester students of the AIML Department. The speaker for this event was Krishnamurthy Ramalingam, the CEO and Founder of Galactic Medical DataBank, a leader in healthcare technology solutions.

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  • Amhiti


    Description:In the spirit of compassion and generosity, Team Mudita organized a Mega Collection Drive named "Amhiti: A Helping Hand for a Hopeful Heart!" This event was designed to bring the Dayananda Sagar Institution together to collect essential items and donations to support those in need. The event spanned three days, from the 29th to the 31st of August 2023, within the premises of DSI.

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  • Nokia Company Visit

    Nokia Company Visit

    Description:We learnt about the key points like Sustainability , Cybersecurity , Deglobalisation , State-driven based system and what are their significance. User needs, Technological Structures (How they are inter-connected to each other.) and how Human Augmentation is used to enhance vision and biomedical implants can be used to enhance the human abilities to do things.

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  • Infosys Springboard Certification Drive

    Infosys Springboard Certification Drive

    Date: 23-08-2023

    Description:On 23rd August 2023, the Department of Computer Science and Design at DSCE organized an session about "Infosys Springboard". It was led by Pruthvi Adisesha (Senior Associate Learning-ETA Infosys Springboard). This session focused on promoting Infosys Springboard platform among students and showing them the significance of having these Certification in their CV .

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  • Project Steps and Management

    Project Steps and Management

    Date: 02.08.23

    Description:A Workshop on Project Steps and Management was conducted for 1 st and 2 nd year students of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Department by Dr. Vindhya P Malagi, Head of the Department, AI&ML. The event was coordinated by Asha K, Assistant Professor, AI&ML. Overall 110 students attended the workshop, focused on the steps that are needs to follow during Project Implementation.

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  • Faculty Development Program on Flavors of 5G

    Faculty Development Program on Flavors of 5G

    Date: 24.07.2023 to 28.07.2023


    • To obtain knowledge about 5G telecommunication architecture and working
    • To know about the use of AIML technologies in 5G

    Description:The session started with an introduction to 4G LTE and its architecture. A brief history of the telecom industry from 1G to 5G is presented and the difference between each generation are discussed in detail by Mr.Kiran.

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  • Scientific Talk and Technology Demonstration

    Scientific Talk and Technology Demonstration

    Date: 14.07.23

    Description:The event commenced with an introduction to CSIR 4PI (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research - 4PI), a prestigious research institute dedicated to cutting-edge research in various scientific domains. The event aimed to showcase the institute's achievements, collaborative nature and ongoing projects while providing insights into intellectual property rights, GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) applications in Earth Sciences, data science research projects, atmospheric sciences, climate dynamics, and cybersecurity.

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  • ISRO Campus Visit

    ISRO Campus Visit



    • To provide students with practical exposure
    • To expose students to advanced technologies used in satellite design and manufacturing

    Description:On a bright morning, the students of the AIML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) Department from Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering embarked on an exciting industry visit to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

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  • Aventus

    Aventus – A National Level Hackathon

    Date:02.06.23 - 03.06.23


    • To encourage participants to think outside the box, explore new ideas, and develop innovative solutions to address real-world problems.
    • To enable participants to enhance their technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork through hands-on experience.

    Description:Aventus is a dynamic 24-hour Hackathon hosted by the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, by Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering (DSCE) and is sponsored by Visionet and Cellstrat AI Lab. It is an exciting event that gathers a diverse group of college students to develop innovative solutions that bridge the gap between theoretical and experiential learning.

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  • Adobe Workshop

    Adobe Workshop



    • The workshop aimed to enhance the digital design skills of faculties by providing them with in-depth knowledge of Adobe software and tools.
    • The objective was to equip faculties with the necessary skills to incorporate Adobe tools into their teaching methods, enabling them to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for students.

    Description:On 29 th of May 2023, a workshop jointly organized by Adobe and AICTE was conducted for faculties. The workshop aimed to provide faculties with valuable insights and hands-on training on Adobe software.

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  • Derbi Foundation

    Derbi Foundation



    • TThe visit aimed to familiarize faculty and students with the DERBI Foundation, a renowned hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. The objective was to gain insights into the various programs, initiatives, and support systems offered by DERBI.
    • The objective was to immerse faculty and students in the startup culture at DERBI Foundation. Through interactions and discussions, they gained exposure to the challenges, successes, and innovative ideas of startups in various domains.

    Description:Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Department of Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) in Association with Institution Innovation Council (IIC) on 23rd May 2023, from 10:30 am to 02:00 pm. Dayananda Sagar Entrepreneurship Research & Business Incubator is a Technology Business Incubator with the objective of supporting startup entrepreneurs.

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  • Know the Power of Your Brain

    Know the Power of Your Brain



    • To provide valuable insights about the brain's potential to the attendees.
    • To inspire the attendees to take steps to improve their brain function.

    Description:On 28th April 2023, the department faculty Dr Renukadevi S attended a technical talk titled "Know the Power of Your Brain." The session was conducted by Dr Kieron O Mahony, the CTO and Co-founder of Hue Learn, based in the United States.

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  • Yukti Innovation Repository and Innovation Challenge

    Yukti Innovation Repository and Innovation Challenge



    • To provide a platform for students to showcase their innovative projects and solutions.
    • To encourage the creation of business models and startups on sustainable and innovative technologies.

    Description:The workshop on Yukti Innovation Repository and Innovation Challenge was organized by the AIML department in association with the Department of ETE for the students of the institution on 17th April 2023. This event was a part of the Institution Innovation Council, which is a platform to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among students.

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  • Biology for Engineers

    Biology for Engineers

    Date:17.04.23 - 21.04.23


    • To ensure that we can understand the bridging between Biology and Engineering
    • To promote Networking and Collaboration among like-minded individuals

    Description:The department faculty Dr Renukadevi S attented 5 days of FDP organized by department of biotechnology on the theme "Biology for Engineers" from 17th of April to 21st of April 2023. The keynote speaker was Dr. Mahesh S, Visiting professor, Dept of Biotechnology,DSCE. The training program designed to provide engineering faculty with an understanding of basic biology principles and their applications to engineering

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  • Yukti Project

    Yukti Project



    • To evaluate and recommend the best 10 innovations from the YUKTI project.
    • To identify the potential impact and feasibility of the innovations.

    Description:YUKTI project/Innovation evaluation for recommending the best 10 innovations was done on 23rd of March 2023, by IIC council members. Dr. Vindhya P Malagi, Convenor, IIC, and Head, Department of AI&ML, was the panel member in the evaluation.

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  • Nvidia GTC Report

    Nvidia GTC Report



    • To attend the "Developer conference of AI and the Metaverse" organized by NVIDIA GTC.
    • To explore the latest breakthroughs in AI, accelerated computing, and other emerging technologies.

    Description:On March 21, 2023, students from the AI&ML Department's 3rd and 6th semesters attended the "Developer conference of AI and the Metaverse" as part of NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference (GTC). The conference aimed to explore the latest trends and advancements in AI and accelerated computing.

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  • Photography & Escape Room Challenge

    Photography & Escape Room Challenge


    Objective:To provide an opportunity for students to showcase their creativity and team working skills through a photography contest and escape room challenge.

    Description: On March 21, 2023, the AI&ML Department organized a non-technical event for the students of the 3rd and 6th semesters. The event featured a photography contest and an escape room challenge. The event started with a formal inauguration, where the guidelines for the event were explained to the students.

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  • Generative AI - An Overview of GPT/ChatGPT Algorithm and its Applications.

    Generative AI - An Overview of GPT/ChatGPT Algorithm and its Applications


    Objective:Introduce students to the concepts of Generative AI and GPT/ChatGPT algorithms..

    Description:On March 19th, 2023, AI & ML Department students from the 3rd and 6th semesters participated in a webinar titled "Generative AI - An Overview of GPT/ChatGPT Algorithm and its Applications." The session aimed to introduce students to the cutting-edge concepts of Generative AI, focusing on the GPT/ChatGPT algorithms and their potential applications across a wide range of industries.

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  • Infosys Springboard

    Infosys Springboard


    Objective:Familiarize students with the Infosys Springboard platform and its offerings.

    Description:On 17.03.23, as part of the Orientation program, the AI&ML and CSD department jointly organized a session titled "Overview of Infosys Springboard," which was attended by students of the 1st semester. The event featured Pruthvi Adisesha, Senior Associate, Learning-ETA, Infosys Springboard, who provided insights into the platform and its various offerings.

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  • Pre-Placement Training - CIL

    Pre-Placement Training - CIL


    Objective:To Equip AI&ML students with essential skills for job interviews through dynamic training sessions and individual mock interviews.

    Description: On the 17th of March, 2023, the placement department organized a "Dynamic Skills Integrated Program" for the 6th semester students of the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML) department. This comprehensive preplacement training event aimed to prepare students for the competitive job market by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge.

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  • Buddy System Cybersecurity and Fundamentals of Linux

    Buddy System Cybersecurity and Fundamentals of Linux



    • To raise awareness of cybersecurity threats and best practices
    • To introduce students to Linux fundamentals

    Description: The Department of AI&ML organised a session on Cybersecurity and Linux on 2nd Feb 2023 for the students of First Semester. Students were made aware of major and minor cybersecurity threats and how to stay safe on the ever evolving internet.Linux fundamentals for students were taught to make students comfortable with the Linux Operating system. The talk highlighted the importance of privacy and general awareness of the web.

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  • Intel oneAPI Online Meeting

    Intel oneAPI Online Meeting



    • To help students understand how to use the oneAPI platform
    • To guide students in the process of setting up the Intel DevCloud environment

    Description:Students of various teams clarified their doubts with student ambassador of Intel oneAPI from Sastra university.

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  • Womens Day and Holi Celebration

    Womens Day and Holi Celebration



    • To promote women empowerment
    • To celebrate the festivities of Holi·

    Description:The department of AI & ML faculties celebrated “International Womens day and holi" on 8th of March 2022. Day filled with laughter, joy, engaged in enjoyable activities and everyone feeling closer and more connected to each other.

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  • Ethnic Day

    Ethnic Day



    • To promote diversity among different cultures and styles.
    • To create an atmosphere suitable for appreciating and learning about various traditions and cultural harmony

    Description:The department of AI & ML students and faculties participated “Ethnic day" as a part of centre for performing arts on 7th of March 2022. Everybody came together with memorable style, culture and attire.

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  • Faculty Development Program

    Faculty Development Program

    Date:06.03.23 - 10.03.23

    Objective:Enhance faculty understanding of digital healthcare solutions and their potential applications.

    Description: The Department of AI & ML faculty members attended a comprehensive 5-day Faculty Development Program (FDP) on "Crystallizing Problem Statements for Seeking Digital Healthcare Solutions" from March 6th to 10th. This enriching program was organized by the Department of Medical Electronics Engineering and funded by IEDC/NISP, DSCE

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  • Open day visit to Indian Institute of Science

    Open day visit to Indian Institute of Science


    Objective:To investigate and learn more about the departmental exhibitions.

    Description:The department of 3rd semester students and faculties visited "IISC open Day" on 4th of March 2023. They got an opportunity to visit the Institute to explore the exciting science and technology initiatives and activities of the Institute

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  • Organic Farming

    Organic Farming


    Objective:To educate attendees about the principles and practices of Terrace Gardening as a form of organic farming.

    Description:On February 27th, 2023, the Department of AI&ML conducted a session on "Organic Farming" as part of its Social Connect and Responsibility (21UH36) activity. The session was presented by Prof. Prameetha Pai, Assistant Professor at BMSCE and expert in Terrace Gardening.

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  • Classes for Diploma Students

    Classes for Diploma Students


    Objective:To ensure that the diploma students are well-equipped with the knowledge required for their program and are able to cover the syllabus effectively.

    Description:The department of AI&ML 3rd semester students conducted " Diploma students- Classes" as a part of Curriculum on 25th of February 2023. These classes aimed to cover the syllabus and ensure that the diploma students were well-equipped with the knowledge required for their program.

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  • Flam



    Objective:To gain a comprehensive understanding of Flam's operations, aspirations, and organizational structure and work insigts.

    Description:The session was headed by Mr. Chandan, the Community Manager at Flam. The session kicked off with team-building activities designed to break the ice and foster a sense of community among the participants.

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  • Intel oneAPI

    Intel oneAPI


    Objective:To educate attendees about the capabilities and benefits of using the oneAPI toolkit.

    Description:The department organized the "Intel oneAPI" session as a part of Workshop for faculty and students on 20th of February. The speaker of the session was Dr. Shriram Vasudevan, from Intel corporation, Bangalore.

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  • Disruptive Technologies for Social Change

    Disruptive Technologies for Social Change


    Objective: To encourage creativity and innovation among students

    Description:Departments of AI&ML and CSBS jointly organised Poster Presentation competition on Disruptive Technologies for Social Change on 20th February 2023 for the first year students of the respective departments. There were 30 teams in total, with an average size of 4 to 5.

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  • National Science Day 2023

    National Science Day 2023


    Objective:To promote science education and create awareness about the importance of science in our lives.

    Description:National Science Day 2023 was an event jointly organized by the Department of AI&ML, Maths and Physics, in collaboration with Numerano Club & Mudita, to celebrate the significance of science and technology in our lives. The event took place on 17th February 2023, at PC Sagar Food Court, DCSE.

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  • Syllabus and Scheme Discussion with Cognizant

    Syllabus and Scheme Discussion with Cognizant


    Objective:To collaborate with professionals from Cognizant to identify the most relevant and important topics that should be included in the course curriculum.

    Description:The session was hosted by Cognizant in order to discuss the future course curriculum and value-added courses with Cognizant, a leading technology and consulting company.

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  • Zenken Department Visit

    Zenken Department Visit


    Objective:To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas between the AIML department and Zenken

    Description:The Japanese team from Zenken visited the AI&ML department and Database Management system lab on 16th of February 2023 in order to initiate collaboration and exchange of ideas.

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  • Minions of Nature

    Minions of Nature



    • To promote environmental values and InstitutionalSocial Responsibility.
    • To enable STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,and Mathematics) aspects


    Description:The department of AI&ML Inaugrated "Hydroponics Farming" on 13th of Febraury 2023 as a part of curriculam(Social connect and responsibility - 21 UH36). 3rd sem students were involved in setting up of Hydroponics at 503 - programming space AI&ML department. The event was Inaugrated by Dr Vindhya P Malagi, HOD of AI&ML department. The main objective is to grow the plant without soil.

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  • FDP for Faculty

    FDP for Faculty



    • To provide practical tips and tools for personal and professional development
    • To offer insights into goal-setting, time management, stress management, and work-life balance

    Description:The department of AI & ML faculties attended the Faculty development program on "Live your Life" by Sushma Lingaraj, on 11th of February 2023 from 9:00 am onwards. Which was organized by the Department of Training and Placement, Centre for Innovation and Leadership.

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  • Library Committee Meeting

    Library Committee Meeting


    Objective:To develop strategies for promoting library usage among the students, and to encourage them to make the most of the resources available to them.

    Description:On February 7th, 2023, a Library Committee Meeting was held in the main library of DSCE. The meeting was organized by the chief librarian and the committee members and was attended by representatives from the department of AI&ML for both the 1st and 3rd semesters. The purpose of the meeting was related to the functioning and management of the library.

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  • Importance of Data Science and Machine Learning Applications

    Importance of Data Science and Machine Learning Applications

    Date:06.02.23 to 10.02.23

    Objective:To upskill the faculty members of educational institutions on Artificial Intelligence

    Description: The AI&ML Department faculty Prof Kavya D N and Prof Ramya K, attended FDP organized by RVITM,Bangalore, on the topic “Importance of DataScience and Machine Learning Applications ” from 6/02/2023 to 10/02/23 from 9am to 4pm. The 5 days of FDP was organized through online mode , the objective was to upskill the faculty members of educational institutions on Artificial Intelligence.

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  • Talk on Proposal Writing

    Talk on Proposal Writing



    • To provide insights into the importance of proposal writing and the benefits it can bring to various projects.
    • To offer a structured approach to writing proposals for different purposes, including securing funds and research proposals.

    Description:The department of AI&ML ,DSCE organised session on "Proposal writing" as a part of workshop for the faculties on 06th of Febraury 2023 from 4pm to 5pm. The speaker of the event was Dr Vindhya P Malagi, Head of the Department, DSCE. The session was about how to write proposal for funds, Research proposal, normal proposal and scientific importance of the project.

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  • Recruitment Drive for AI Bites

    Recruitment Drive for AI Bites



    • To identify talented and promising students with technical skills in photo and video editing using AI.
    • To assess candidates' ability to use software tools like Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, etc. for creating visually appealing content

    Description:The department of AI & ML had conducted a Recruitment Drive for AI Bites, consisting of Bhuvan, Suprith, Ashwin, Phanindra, and lead by faculty Prof. kavya D N & under the guidance o the head of the department, Dr. Vindhya P Malagi on 1st February 2023.

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  • Workshop on Innovative Thinking and Patenting

    Workshop on "Innovative Thinking and Patenting"

    Date:30.01.23 to 01.02.23


    • To educate and engage participants on patent drafting, filing, and protection.
    • To introduce participants to nuances of patent drafting and filing procedure.

    Description:A 3-day workshop on "Innovative Thinking and Patenting" was organized jointly by Department of CSE and AI&ML between 30th of January to 1st of February 2023. The workshop is aimed towards engaging students and faculty members on patent drafting, filing and protection regime.

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  • Roots of Joy

    Roots of Joy



    • To promote environmental values and Institutional Social Responsibility.
    • To enable STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,and Mathematics) aspects.


    Description:The Department of Ai&ML organized a plantation event "Roots of Joy" on the 30th of January 2023. The event was held under the guidance of Kavya D N, Assistant Professor, Department of AI&ML, in the presence of faculty members and students. A total of 12 plantings were done (seeds/saplings), one by each team.

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  • UG Research Society – Introduction to Research Papers

    UG Research Society – Introduction to Research Papers



    • To discuss different types of research papers
    • To understand how to write a good research paper

    Description:Department has organised an online session "UG research society" on 29.12.22 . The speaker of the event was Dr Vindhya P Malagi, Head of the Department, DSCE. The major goal is to help students understand the significance of ResearchSociety and to gain knowledge about how to write effective research articles.

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  • Google Cloud Computing

    Google Cloud Computing

    Date:16.12.22 - 18.12.22


    • To understand and learn about Cloud Computing.
    • To explore Research and Development projects of IIT Bombay.

    Description:10 students from department of AI&ML has attended workshop on "Google Cloud Computing" organized by IIT Bombay on 16th, 17th and 18th December 2022. Students got an opportunity to visit the "TECHCONNECT" which was the R&D activities of the college. Helped students to understand the working of Gcloud through various hands-on sessions that were conducted during the workshop

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  • Vihaanam- Mudita

    Vihaanam- Mudita


    Description:The club students of Mudita, DSCE has initiated the visit for students of class 8, 9, 10th grade from Rani Saraladevi School(Government High School) on 9.12.22. The students have visited various department of DSCE to gain knowledge, motivating towards technical courses and career guidence.

  • LTIMindtree Industrial Visit

    LTIMindtree Industrial Visit


    Objective:To bridge the gap between industry and academia

    Description:The speakers, Mr. Shrisha and Mr. Bharat, were from the LTIMindtree group and specialized in the AI domain. This helped students to understand the difference between a hypothetical problem and a real-world problem.

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  • The AI Disruption - Innovations in Computer Vision and Text Processing

    The AI Disruption - Innovations in Computer Vision and Text Processing


    Description:Department has organized an tech talk event “The AI Disruption –Innovation in Computer Vision and Text Processing”. The speaker of the event,Mr. Vivek Singhal, is the chief data scientist at Cellstrat Hub. To help students to understand feature engineering and style transfer within AI&ML.

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  • Interaction with Intel Corporation for Collaboration

    Interaction with Intel Corporation for Collaboration


    Description:An interaction with Dr. Shriram Vasudevan, Lead Technical Evangelist, Academic Collaborations, Intel Corporation, on 29th of November 2022 by Dr. Vindhya P Malagi, Prof. & Head, AI&ML, DSCE, towards collaboration with Intel for AI&ML curriculum and Faulty Enablement Program on their OneAPI Ecosystem.

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  • Importance of Verbal Reasoning and Group Discussions

    Importance of Verbal Reasoning and Group Discussions


    Description: Department has organized “Importance of Verbal Reasoning and Group Discussions” as a part of placement session,The speaker of the event, Mr.Mageshwaran, who is an esteemed speaker from TCS. To help students to understand importance of verbal reasoning and applications.

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  • Internship for Cell Strat

    Internship for Cell Strat

    Date:1.11.2022 to 22.11.2022

    Description: Department has organized the event, "A 3-week Internship Accelerate ML", the Speaker of the event was Mr.Vivek Singhal an inustry expert, worked at CellStrat-Hub Platform. To help students to build an A1-Product and to participate in an Internship program.

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  • Towards AI Talks– Building ML Pipelines

    Towards AI Talks– Building ML Pipelines


    Description:The department of AI&ML, DSCE organized “Towards AI talks– Building ML Pipelines ” for the 5th semester students on 17th November from 2PM to 3PM. The speaker of the event, Ms.Tanupriya Singh is a Machine Learning Engineer at Expedia and has been selected as a Google APAC Women Tech Makers Scholar. She gave a brief introduction of herself before going into depth about her job at Expedia.

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  • PEGA systems Architect Essentials

    PEGA systems Architect Essentials


    Description:Department 3rd semester students were participated an internship "Pega Systems Architech Essentials" Organized by CSD department, DSCE. The speaker of the event was Mr. Deepak Rajendran as a Manager, Trainer and Enablement at Pegasystems worldwide India Pvt.Ltd. It helps students to understand and to build an application with low code technology.

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  • The Robotics and it’s Applications

    The Robotics and it’s Applications


    Description:The department of AI&ML has organized a talk on “The Robotics and it’s Applications” for the 5th semester students on 3rd November 9.30AM to 1.30PM. The speaker of the event was Dr. T.M Manujunath, HOD of ECE at DSCE. He explained about the working of the robots through videos, which helped the students to understand the applications visually.

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