Research Supervisor Details:

Sl.No ​ Research Supervisor Google scholar link Registered University No. of Students Guiding No. of students Completed PhD under supervision
1. Dr Vindya P Malagi VTU 3 Nill
2. Dr. Aruna M G VTU Nill Nill

Research Scholar Details:

Sl.No ​ Research Scholar Guide name Registered University Research Area Year of Registration Status
1. Prof. Asha K Dr. Prabhudev Jagadeesh VTU Machine Learning 2021 Applied for Coursework Exams
2. Prof. Rashmi K Dr. Jyothi R VTU Image Processing 2022 Yet to Registster

Patent Details:

  1. Cloud Based Female Security Device, by Prof. Ramya K, Prof. Asha K , Prof. Rashmi K (11 January 2024) Design no. : 400309-001
  2. Image Sequence Characterization for Object Tracking Test Result Interpretation, by Dr. Vindhya P Malagi, Dr. Krishnan Rangarajan, Dr. Ramesh Babu D R (22 December 2023) Application no: 202341080131 A
  3. Approach to Test Occlusion Handling in Tracking Algorithms, by Dr. Krishnan Rangarajan, Dr. Vindhya P Malagi, Dr. Ramesh Babu D R (22 December 2023) Application no: 202341080133 A
  4. Meager- A Notification Filter for Chat Applications using text, by Dr. Archudha A and Prof. Kavya D N (22 December 2023) Application no: 202341080128 A
  5. Smartwell- Personalized Wellness Insights Powered by Machine Learning, by Dr. Archudha A and Prof. Kavya D N (22 December 2023) Application no:202341080639 A
  6. Artificial Intelligence Driven Data Processing Platform, by Kavya D N and et al., (05 September 2023) Patent Number: 6298639, Available:
  7. NLP Processing Server Equipment, by Dr. Smitha Sasi, Dr. Anju Vijayakumar Kulkarni, Dr. Vindhya Prasanna Malagi, Kavya Doddamane Nagaraja. (2023, August 01). Patent Number [6298493]. Available:
  8. Namitha K and Cia Shetty student of 5th semester, along with professor Vindhya P Malagi filed a patent on "ChargeDis"- one Destination to women's menstrual Health Queries at Indian patent office on 30th Dec 2022, Patent Application number:202241069875.
  9. Vindhya P Malagi has filed a patent on “Alerting System for Identification of Public Without Mask” on May 01, 2021, Patent Application number: 202141020021 and published on 31st May 2021.
  10. Dr. Vindhya P Malagi received the Australian Government Certificate of Grant under Innovation, for the Patent titled "Automated Location Identification System using Text and Image Data", under Patent No. 2021100154 dated 31st of March 2021 for a period of 8 years.
  11. Dr.Preeti Satish & Prof.Swetha.M.D filed an Indian Patent with PATENT TITLE: “Automated Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions in Normal Appearing White Matter from Brain MRI on Routine MRI Sequence”.

Research Publication


  • Sunil Kumar, V., Renukadevi, S., Yashaswini, B.M., Malagi, V.P. and Pareek, P.K., 2023, February. Feature Fusing with Vortex-Based Classification of Sentiment Analysis Using Multimodal Data. In International Conference on Emerging Research in Computing, Information, Communication and Applications (pp. 463-480). Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore.
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  • Srividya, B.V., Sasi, S., Durdi, V.B., Kulkarni, A.V., Malagi, V. and Menon, R., 2023. An Efficient Mobile Descend Scheduling for Enterprise of Mobility-Grounded Systems for Wireless Sensor Networks. International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications in Engineering, 11(8s), pp.328-337.
  • Vijaykumar, A. and Malagi, V.P., 2022, November. Personalized E-learning System Using Linear Regression for Intelligent Tutoring Systems. In International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Communication (pp. 93-103). Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore.
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  • SUMA, S., MALAGI, V.P. and CHIKOP, S., 2023. Resting State EEG Based Classification of Premature Internet Addicts. Korean Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, 27(2), pp.193-202.


  • Sagari, S.M., Malagi, V.P. (2022). A Comprehensive Study of Advances in Oral Cancer Detection Using Image Processing Techniques. In: Smys, S., Tavares, J.M.R.S., Balas, V.E. (eds) Computational Vision and Bio-Inspired Computing. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 1420. Springer, Singapore
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  • Mathew, R., Paul, J., Jamadagni, R., Shruthii, R.G. and Malagi, V., 2022, April. A Comprehensive Study on Hardware and Software Based Accident Detection Systems. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Innovative Computing & Communication (ICICC).