• Pre-Placement Talk

    Pre-Placement Talk

    Description:On January 31st, 2024, 5th-semester students were enriched by a placement talk conducted by EY, a leading global professional services firm. The session served as a vital platform, providing students with invaluable insights into career opportunities, industry trends, and essential skills demanded in the corporate realm. Through interactive engagement, attendees gained a deeper understanding of EY's organizational culture and recruitment processes, bolstering their readiness for potential job placements.


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  • Career Guidance

    Career Guidance

    Description:On January 10th, 2024, the Department of AI&ML orchestrated a pivotal talk on "Career Guidance," adeptly coordinated by Prof. Asha K and Prof. Ramya K, esteemed faculty members of the AIML Department. The session, led by Mr. Naganoshith, a seasoned 7th- semester student, was tailored to enlighten 3rd and 5th-semester students on critical aspects of career planning, with a special focus on opportunities for studying abroad and essential facets of placements.


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  • TCS Aptitude/Logical Reasoning

    TCS Aptitude/Logical Reasoning

    Objective: Enhance participants' problem-solving skills.

    Description: On the 18th and 25th of August 2023, the Department of AI & ML at DSCE organized a highly enjoyable training session on 'Aptitude and Logical Reasoning.' The session was conducted by experts from TCS and focused on enhancing problem-solving skills among students, emphasizing the significance of aptitude and logical reasoning in internship and placement qualification rounds.

    Date:18-08-2023 to 25-08-2023

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  • Pre-Placement Talk

    Pre-Placement Talk

    Objective:The Pre-Placement session held by the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering on July 26th, 2023, was to equip 6th- semester students with essential knowledge and guidelines to excel in interviews. The session aimed to provide insights into interview cracking strategies, interview etiquette, and ways to distinguish oneself during recruitment.

    Description:The Pre-Placement session conducted on July 26th, 2023, by the Department of AIML at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, featured Nagesh, Associate Director - Placements, as the key speaker. The primary objective of this session was to empower 6th-semester students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their upcoming job interviews. Nagesh began by emphasizing the importance of thorough preparation, as it plays a pivotal role in cracking interviews.


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  • Introduction to Data Science

    Introduction to Data Science

    Objective:Introducing students to the field of data science, which involves using statistical and computational techniques to extract insights and knowledge from data

    Description:A seminar on ‘Introduction to Data Science’ provided a comprehensive overview of the discipline, which employs statistical and computational methods to derive insights and knowledge from data. The seminar covered a broad spectrum of tasks, including data cleaning and preparation, data visualization, statistical modeling, machine learning, and more.


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  • Project Management

    Project Management


    • To provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of project management principles and methodologies.
    • To empower students with practical knowledge and insights to enhance their project management skills

    Description:The Department of AIML held a session for the 6 th semester students on May 27th, 2023 regarding Project Management. The speakers for the session were Theertha KS and Rateesh Kurup, senior project manager at VisionNet


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  • Nokia

    Nokia - AI & ML in 5G


    • To gain insights into 5G Technology and understand enterprise 5G Solutions
    • To explore AI/ML Integration at Edge Nodes

    Description:The 6th semester students of AI & ML, DSCE had an opportunity to participate in an emerging tech talk organized by Nokia Bangalore. The talk revolved around three crucial topics that are shaping the future of telecommunications: 5G in India, Enterprise 5G, and AI/ML at edge nodes of Telecom.


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  • Honing Right Coding Skills

    Honing Right Coding Skills

    Objective:To provide students with insights into the benefits of writing clean code, such as ease of maintenance, time-saving, and reduced bugs.

    Description:On March 25, 2023, the AI&ML Department organized a technical talk on "Honing the right coding skills" for the students of the 3rd and 6th semesters. The speaker of the event was Dr. Ganga Holi, an ML Engineer in GeekTrust. The talk aimed to highlight the importance of writing clean code and its impact on software development.


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  • Data Science for Beginners Talk

    Data Science for Beginners Talk


    • To introduce data science to beginners
    • To lay out the path needed to become a successful data scientist

    Description:The AI&ML Department girls students of 3rd semester and 6th semester attended a talk "Data science for beginners" on 10th March 2023 at 4pm to 5pm.The main objective of the talk is to help students understand what data science.


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  • Salesforce Talk

    Salesforce Talk


    • To promote gender equality in the workspace
    • To spread awareness regarding how Salesforce works as a company

    Description:The AI&ML Department students of 3rd and 6th semester attended a session "Innovation and technology for Gender Equality" on 10th March 2023. The event was hosted by the placement unit of DSCE for the benefit of all 6th semester students. The event provided valuable insights into the company culture at Salesforce, encouraged students to consider working there, and offered them an opportunity to upskill themselves with a training program


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  • Future of AI

    Future of AI

    Objective: To understand how engineering, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence can be used to impact every major area of work.

    Description:The speaker of the session was Prof. Ian Wakeman, Head, School of Engineering and Informatics, University of Sussex, UK. The session explored the role of AI and other cutting-edge technologies in various fields and industries

    Date: 28-02-23

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  • Personal Data Protection and Embedding Privacy by Design in Architecture of IT Solutions

    Personal Data Protection and Embedding Privacy by Design in Architecture of IT Solutions

    Objective: To understand the importance of data protection and privacy

    Description:The speaker of the event was Mr. Manuel M, a privacy specialist at the Scania Group, Södertälje, Sweden. He talked about the various ways to implement a data locks and the standards that are put into place to maintain the level of data protection and GDPR.


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  • Finding and Landing your Dream Job – early strategies

    Finding and Landing your Dream Job – early strategies

    Objective: To give us insights that will help us chart our own path to our dream job

    Description:The host of the session, Ms. Netra Malagi is currently working as a senior engineering manager in LinkedIn, San Jose, CA, USA and an Advisory Board Member for AI & ML Department in DSCE. The host spoke about how to identify the skill sets needed for job, internships and how to prepare for interview by creating a professional resume


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  • Developing Quantum-Based Software & The Simulation Challenges

    Developing Quantum-Based Software & The Simulation Challenges

    Objective:To understand what Quantum Computing is and its future

    Description:The event was taken by Mr. Anurag Kulkarni, Mr. Abhishek Tanwar,Mr. Abhigyan Mishra and Mr. Pranav Sateesh, the experts at BosonQ Psi, a quantum computing startup. They talked about the various modules present within their quantum simulation software and briefed students on the roadmap of their application.


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  • AI Disruption-Innovation in Computer Vision and Text Processing

    AI Disruption-Innovation in Computer Vision and Text Processing

    Objective: To explore the innovations within Computer Vision and Text Processing.

    Description:The speaker of the event,Mr. Vivek Singhal, is the chief data scientist at Cellstrat Hub. He talked about feature engineering, style transfer and other resources available in cellstart hub.


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  • UG Research Society Inauguration

    UG Research Society Inauguration



    • To Inaugurate the departments research society
    • To introduce the students of the department to various aspects of research

    Description:The department of AI&ML, DSCE inaugurated the “UG Research Society” on 23rd october 2022 from 12PM to 1PM. This society was setup for the undergraduate students to encourage them into research.The speaker was Dr. Vindhya Malagi, Head of the department AI & ML, DSCE.The speaker gave a detailed explanation on research and how research work needs to be carried out. She explained to students about the various research problems and how the tasks to be progressed.

    Date: 23.11.22

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  • Towards AI Talks – Building ML Pipelines

    Towards AI Talks – Building ML Pipelines


    • To understand what an ML Engineer is
    • To analyze the various components of an ML pipeline and its working

    Description:The session started by Ms.Tanupriya Singh, Machine Learning Engineer, Expedia Google APAC WomenTechMakers Scholar. She discussed about handling data and the benefits of maintaining reliable data. She presented the various components of a ML pipeline and explained detail.


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  • Solution Engineering- Approaching and Applying problem solving Techniques

    Solution Engineering- Approaching and Applying problem solving Techniques


    Objective: To understand solutions engineering and it’s various applications

    Description: Department of AI&ML, DSCE organized ” Solution Engineering- Approaching and Applying problem solving Techniques” as a part of tech talk for the 5th semester students on 4th November from 2PM to 3PM. The speaker of the event Mr. Ronak Saif, is a Technical Solutions Engineer ,Google Cloud Platform division, Google. He provided information on problem solving and the various approaches used on solution engineering.

    Date: 04.11.22

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  • Venture Capital and AI

    Venture Capital and AI


    Objective:To provide an insight into the how startups work and function

    Description:The speaker, Mr. Akshaj Jain an alumini of DSCE, currently working at the Carnegie Mellon university USA.He was explaining about the various internships and startups where he worked and the same he was interacted with students

    Date: 27.10.22

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  • Introduction to Robotics

    Introduction to Robotics

    Objective: To make students to understand application of Robotics in various fields

    Description:The speaker for the session was Dr. T.M Manujunath, HOD of ECE at DSCE. He talked about his numerous accomplishments and achievements over the course of his career, which was helpful to the students to understand Visually.

    Date: 02.11.22

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  • Tech-Talk on ”Layering AI over Metaverse ”

    Layering AI over Metaverse


    Objective:To discuss about industry metaverse and to conduct the session which is shared with no code development platform.

    Description: Mr. Puneeth Started the session with brief introduction of Metaverse. He explained different types of mixed reality experiences and the same he was interacted with students.

    Date: 29-07-2022

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  • Tech-Talk on ”Artificial Intelligence and its Future ”

    Artificial Intelligence and its Future

    Objective: Birds-Eye View of the various domains in Artificial Intelligence

    Description: The session started with a warm greeting by CH Naga Noshith and a brief introduction on the speaker, Mr. Krishnamurthy Ramalingham, an alumni of DSCE. He explained his journey since leaving DSCE.

    Date: 13-11-2021

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  • Machine Learning - A Walkthrough

    Machine Learning - A Walkthrough

    Session 2


    • To illustrate and explain Convoluted Neural Networks(CNNs)
    • To conduct a hands-on session with CNNs to help student understand it better


    Summary: Mr. Sandesh and Mr. Arshit began the session with an informal recap of basic Neural Networks taught previously. After clearing the doubts on neural networks, they talked about Convoluted Neural Networks.


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    Session 1

    Objective:Introduction to Neural Networks

    Summary: The session started with an introduction to what neural networks are. Sandesh and Arshit explained what neurons are and how they work in a neural network. They also explained how having layers in a neural network can help improve models and eventually solve more complex tasks.


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  • Web Design and Development

    Web Design and Development


    • To make students mindful of tools to use for Web Design and Development
    • To guide the students on web tools and help them strategize for their projects

    Description: In this session, alumni, Mr.Bharghav explained what documentation in web design is and its importance. He demonstrated it to the students using his previous projects as an example. He also explained how some tools such as Whimsical and Figma can be used for behavioral flow and web design respectively.


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  • Event on ”Breakthrough the Change”

    Breakthrough the Change”

    Objective: To help the students to interact with alumni about the aspects that each of the student should focus on.

    Description:This online event gave the students valuable insight into what areas an aspiring student should work on in order to be successful and excel in the future. The alumni gave inputs to understand in what areas of programming students need to focus on and suggested that the students get their hands dirty with as many programming languages as possible but be proficient in any one.

    Date: 18.03.2021

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  • Mentoring Session

    Mentoring Session

    Objective: :To make students aware of Cloud Computing and AI fields.

    Description: Mentoring session gave valuable insight into the Cloud Computing and AI fields. The online meeting started with a brief introduction about Kunal Kumar and his journey to becoming a part of Google, USA.

    Date: 24.03.2021

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