List of Guides

Sl.No Name of the Research Guide Specialization
1 Dr.H.K.Ramaraju Environmental Engineering
2 Dr.M.R.Rajasekhara Highway  Engineering
3 Dr.A.R.Rajendra Geotechnical  Engineering
4 Dr.G P Shivashankara Environmental  Engineering
5 Dr.Abhijith C C Highway  Engineering
6 Dr.Neethu Urs Structural Engineering
7 Dr.Shiva Kumar G Transportation Engineering
8 Dr.G Venkatesha Geology


Research Guides and Scholars

1. Dr. Neethu Urs B A Namratha N 2023    
2. Dr. Neethu Urs B A Jeevitha B 2023    
3. Dr. H.K Ramaraju Kiran D A 2023    
4. Dr. H.K Ramaraju & Dr. Venkatesha G Tejaswini M 2023    
5. Dr. Shivakumar G Sridhar H N 2023    
6. Dr. Neethu Urs B A Meghashree M 2021 1DS20PCV01  
7. Dr. Neethu Urs B A Tahera 2021 1DS20PCV02  
8. Dr. G P Shivashankara Ramya.R 2019 1DS19PCV02 Comprehensive
Viva Voce
9. Dr. G P Shivashankara Vidhya B R 2017 4PS18PCB02 Course
10. Dr.H.K Ramaraju Bijimol Jose 2017 1DS17PCA02 Comprehensive
Viva Voce
11. Dr. Vivek R Das Nitin Kumar 2017 1DS18PCB02 Course
12. Dr. Vivek R Das Pallavi R N 2016 1DS16PCJ02  
13 Dr. G P Shivashankara &
Dr. H.K Ramaraju
Sowmya H N 2015 4PS15PCJ03 Awarded
14. Dr. G P Shivashankara Shruthi.R 2015 1DS15PCJ01 Awarded
15. Dr. H.K Ramaraju Venkatesha G 2013 1DS13PGN04 Awarded
16. Dr. M Rajashekara Reshma E k 2013 1DS13PCN03 Submitted Thesis
17. Dr. M Rajashekara J Ranjitha 2013 1DS13PCN02 Comprehensive
Viva Voce
18. Dr. A R Rajendra Ashwini N 2013 1DS13PCN04 Course
19. Dr. G P Shivashankara Adarsh S 2012 1D12PCN04 Comprehensive
Viva Voce
20. Dr. H.K Ramaraju B T Shivendra 2011 1DS10PCM01 Awarded
21. Dr. Munirudrappa Chandramouli S V 2006 1DS07MCN01 Awarded

Sponsored Projects (R & D )

1 KSTA, GoK Assessment and Spatial Distribution of Ground water quality in Bidadi Industrial Area Dr. Venkatesha G &
Prof. Chethan Kumar S
2021-2023 0.30
2 Ministry of Steel Synthesis of Kudremukh Iron Ore Mine tailing based Geopolymer aggregate using fly ash as precursor in construction industry by KIOCL Dr.H.K. Ramaraju 2018-2020 19.96
3 Ministry of Earth Sciences A Case Study on Effect of Coastal Oil and Chemicals Intrusion on Compaction and Consolidation Behavior of Mangalore Soil and Water Dr.H.K. Ramaraju 2017-2019 14.35
4 ISRO, GOI RESPOND The Study Of Pollution Mechanism In Urban Aquifers Of BBMP Area By Integrated Geophysical Remote Sensing And GIS Techniques Dr.H.K. Ramaraju 2013-2015 23,79,000.00
5 VTU, GOK Accelerate Biodegrading Process Of Municipal Solid Waste By Co-Culture Fungi And Methanogens For Bio energy Dr.H.K. Ramaraju 2012-2014 4,00,000.00
6 KIOCL, GOI Geopolymer Cement Preparation From Solid Waste Materials And Iron Ore Tailings Available In KIOCL Dr.Nethaji .S.Ganesan
Dr.H.K. Ramaraju Srishaila Sharma
2011-2014 4,46,000.00
7 AICTE ,RPS Effect Of Gradation Viscosity And Compaction On Bituminous Mixes B.V.Kiran Kumar 2007-2010 6,26,000.00
8 AICTE,MODROB Modernization Of CADD Lab In Civil Engg S. Vardhan
Dr. H.K. Ramaraju
2003-2005 6,80,000.00


  • A Patent was published with application No 202141037362 A titled “A Method for preparing novel composition of Nano cement mortar by using Halloysite Nanoclay (HNC), and Multiwalled carbon Nanotubes (MWCNT)” on dated 27/08/2021, Inventors: Chethan Kumar S, Dr.N.S.Kumar, Gazala Anjum
    Abstract: The present invention discloses a novel composition of Halloysite nanoclay (HNC), and Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNT) and preparation method thereof. The method for preparing novel composition of Halloysite nanoclay (HNC), and Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNT) with enhanced synergistic effects on Compression, Split Tensile and Flexural strength of cement paste in sonicated and non-sonicated state, comprising the steps of, but not limited to: providing, cementitious composites having high compressive strength and modulus of elasticity, and relatively low tensile strength, toughness and ductility; and a plurality of reinforcing agents are used with Halloysite Nano Clay.
  • A Patent was published with application No 202141033078 A titled “Development Of Empirical Formulas To Determine The Shear Planes” on dated 23/07/2021, Inventors: Nanjunda K N, Thejas H K, Chandrashekar V C
    Abstract: The determination of shear planes is very essential in order to determine the design capacity of bolted joint due to single s or double shear force acted in either in lap joint or but joint. The shear pla hear force ne is the plane between two or more pieces under the load where the pieces tend to move parallel from each other, but in opposite directions. The shear planes for lap joint and but jo double cover plates with numbers of bolts are analyzed. From the result empirical formulas are developed

Consultancy Projects

Sl. No. Name of faculty
(Chief Consultant)
Coordinator Client Organization Duration Title of Consultancy of project Cost of the Project (in Rupees) Status
1 Dr. H.K Ramaraju Dr. H.K Ramaraju Jal Jeevan mission (JJM), Karnataka DSR - Review 2022-2023 Water supply scheme 91,391 Report Submitted waiting for amount disbursement
2 Dr. H.K Ramaraju Dr. H.K Ramaraju Water supply scheme Kaveri Infra Project Private Limited 2023 PSR & DSR - Review 11,20,000 Ongoing
3 Dr. H.K Ramaraju Dr. H.K Ramaraju Jal Jeevan mission (JJM), Karnataka, RDPR, DSR - Review 2022 Scruting of hydraulics Design & Drawings of providing water supply scheme to pallavanahalli Hosakoppa & other 59 habitations 3,67,365 Completed
4 Dr. H.K Ramaraju Dr. Vinay A Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Dept. 2018 - 2020 Time, Motion Study 11,23,000 Completed
5 Dr. H.K Ramaraju Dr. Venkatesha G &
Dr. Vinay A
Global Civil Consultant 2019 Test results of bitumen content & amp; Gradation determination of bituminous concrete 25,000 Completed
6 Dr. H.K Ramaraju Dr. Vinay A M/S KSCE, Virajpet 2018 Surveying 5,500 Completed
7 Dr. H.K Ramaraju Dr. Vinay A M/S KSCE, Doddakallasandra 2018 Non-Destructive testing 6,500 Completed
8 Dr. H.K Ramaraju Dr. H.K Ramaraju M/S Anusaar Engineering 2018 Concrete cube testing 2,000 Completed

Developmental Activities – Product development

Composite Biomass Pellets Click here for details
Nano Cement Mortar Using Halloysite Nanoclay & Multi walled carbon Nanotubes Click here for details 
Geopolymer coarse aggregate made up of Iron ore Tailing and Fly ash Click here for details
Waste Segregation System Click here for details

Usage of Innovative tool for Teaching

Click here for Drone Technology Implementation.


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