Project Finance Management

techtalkA seminar on Project Finance Management was organized in the Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering on November 21 st , 2023, in association with the ISOI student chapter. Dr. Parul Tandan, Chair of Corporate Relations was invited as the speaker. The objective of the seminar was to provide participants with a foundational understanding of project finance principles, concepts, and methodologies. The speaker introduced various project finance models and structures used in different industries and sectors.


Mastering Exam Writing Skills

techtalk Mastering Exam Writing Skills Dr. Bhanuprashanth S was invited on 09-02-2023 to briefed about the Exam writing skills referring to the ability to effectively communicate knowledge and understanding through writing.


IoT & Cloud Computing

techtalkMr. Dinesh Tukaram gave an expert talk IoT & Cloud Computing” on 08-02-2023.The expert started the session by giving brief explanation about Digital Transformation. Later he fitted the topics of IoT and cloud computing. Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing are two interrelated and rapidly evolving technologies that are changing the way we live and work. IoT refers to a network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

Finance Planning & Management

techtalkOn 07-02-2023 Ms. Ramya H.P was invited to give a talk on Finance Planning & Management. Financial planning and management are the process of creating and executing a comprehensive financial plan that aligns with one's personal or business goals. It involves analyzing and tracking income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and investments, and using this information to make informed decisions about how to best manage and grow one's financial resources.

Renewable Energy Resources for Sustainability

techtalkDr. Naganagowda, Former Director of the National Training Centre for Solar Technology, KPTCL gave a talk on the topic Renewable Energy Resources for Sustainability,on 06-02-2023.The objectives of renewable resources and sustainability are to reduce the dependence on finite non-renewable resources, such as fossil fuels, and to preserve the natural environment and ecosystems for future generations. These objectives aim to address the negative impacts that the extraction and use of non-renewable resources have had on the environment, including climate change, air and water pollution, and depletion of natural resources.

Product Development

techtalkMr. Sunil T Shambhatnavar, General Manager of ALS Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru, gave a detailed lecture on the process of Product Developmenton 09/06/2023.

Project Development using MATLAB Tools

techtalkMr. Manjunath, Senior Software Engineer, Mathworks, gave a talk on “Project Development using MATLAB Tools” on 12/02/2023.

Role of ARM Controllers in Industry

techtalkMr.Moshinand Mr.Mallesh, Technical Experts from Cranes Varsity delivered a talk on "Role of ARM Controllers in Industry" on 02-06-2022 for the 4th and 6th sem students of EIE.

VLSI Design flow

techtalkAn expert lecture on the subject “VLSI Design flow”flow’ was arranged on 22nd December 2022, 11.15 AM for 3rd & 4th year students & staff members. Dr.Varaprasad B.K., a Research Professor, DSCE, delivered the scope of the VLSI & its applications in industry.

Seminar on “IoT solution Thing Worx”

techtalkA seminar on “IoT solution Thing Worx” was organized on 28/01/2020. Mr. Sasikiran & Mr. Prajwal K R, Application Engineers, Adroitec Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore delivered the seminar for the 6th semester students.

Seminar on “Real Time Pollution Monitoring & Control from Vehicle”

techtalkMr. Mahesh Kashyap, Consultant, EMPRI, Bangalore was invited to give a seminar on “Real Time Pollution Monitoring & Control from Vehicle” on 18/10/2019. This talk on the real-time application was given to all the students of the department.

Technical talk on “Industrial and Process Automation”

techtalkA technical talk on “Industrial and Process Automation” was delivered by Mr. Venugopal, Venjay Automation, Bangalore on 11/04/2019. The students of 6th semester took active participation in the program.






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