Microelectronics & Control Systems

M.Tech in Micro-electronics and Control Systems:

Course Duration: 2 Years


B.E / B.Tech or Equivalent degree in electronics, electrical engineering, physics, computer engineering by securing not less than 50% marks in aggregate.

Scope of the Course:

For last few years Electronics engineering has been very dynamic with rapid growth of portable and communication devices. This is a specialization of engineering which actually got derived from Electrical Engineering and found its own original shape very quickly.

This program provides a detailed understanding of the theory and applications of linear and non-linear control systems covering topics related to optimal, intelligent and automatic control systems. The program also includes study of neural networks and computational techniques to obtain mathematical models of industrial drives and control systems. The course helps the students to learn and understand the scientific principles of device physics and using them in the design of integrated circuits. Students were able to learn the methodology involved in design and process for the development of new device structures. The course is beneficial to provide a broad-based education to students with a bachelor’s degree in traditional engineering or science disciplines who are interested to build their career in the semiconductor industry.

Graduates can work as heads of departments of innovation, research and development related to electronic technologies, information and communication. They can also work as Process engineer, Design engineer, Process development engineer, Product engineer, Application engineer, Component design engineer, Professor, Electronics engineer, Design engineer, Manager etc. They can be employed in various companies like L&T, TCE Consulting Engineers Limited, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited etc.

Placement Details:

Sl No. Reg. No. Name Company Details
1 1DS12EMS03 Bhakti Alias Pradnya Accenture, B'Lore
2 1DS12EMS04 Govind Madabhavi Asst Professor, BLDEA, Bijapur
3 1DS12EMS05 Karthik TCS, Mangalore
4 1DS12EMS06 Md Mazharuddin Pursuing Ph.d in Malayasia
5 1DS12EMS11 Parameshwar Reddy Pursuing Ph.d in DSCE
6 1DS12EMS12 Prashanth Kadi Asst Professor, BLDEA, Bijapur
7 1DS12EMS14 Shiva Madhunaik PDO , Kanakapura
8 1DS12EMS15 Shruthi.S.D Senior Software Engineer, HCL, Bangalore
9 1DS12EMS17 Thyagaraj Product Engineer, MACNICA Sitech ltd
10 1DS13EMS01 Saravanan A Ezmier
11 1DS13EMS02 Amith Bhaskar C Continental,TL
12 1DS13EMS04 Dickson Warepam Pursuing Ph.d
13 1DS13EMS08 Pedda Shubham Sangappa Senior Software Engineer, BPL
14 1DS13EMS10 Shreyas H Asst. Professor, SDMIT, Ujjire
15 1DS13EMS11 Shweta G Patil Mind flow, B'lore
16 1DS13EMS12 Srinidhi A S GE, Bangalore
17 1DS13EMS13 Supriya J Asst Professor, DSCE
18 1DS13EMS15 Sy Mudassair Hussain Web disigner, Search point
19 1DS13EMS16 Zeeshan Hashmi J Khateeb Mind flow, B'lore
20 1DS14EMS03 Ankitha C Validation Engineer, US Technology global, Bangalore
21 1DS14EMS04 Chandana K Product development Engineer, US Technology global, Bangalore
22 1DS14EMS05 Dilip IAS Coaching, Hyderabad
23 1DS14EMS06 Guru Prasad Rugi Software Developer, Maventus Software, Hyderabad
24 1DS14EMS07 Kiran Metri Test Engineer, Motorol Solutions, Bangalore
25 1DS14EMS08 Mahesh Aradhya M D Embedded Software Developer, Invendis Technologies Pvt. Ltd
26 1DS14EMS10 Siri Dayanand Software Engineer, HCL Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore
27 1DS15EMS02 Amit Kadani First Division Assistant, Sericulture Department, Bijapur
28 1DS15EMS04 Dhanush M Deputy Engineer, HMT Machine tools Ltd. Jalahalli
29 1DS15EMS05 Gopi N Electrical Engineer, erinip engineering Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad
30 1DS15EMS06 Harshitha L Firmware Developer, Mindteck, Bangalore
31 1DS15EMS07 Pratiksha Rashinkar Continental
32 1DS15EMS08 Praveen Kulkarni Electronics Engineer, Servo control and hydraulics india pvt. Ltd, Belaguam.
33 1DS15EMS09 Ranjitha K M Senior Software Engineer, Tata Elaxi Ltd, Bangalore
34 1DS15EMS11 Shraddha Melinamanai Assistant Professor, Jain College of Engineering, Belagavi
35 1DS15EMS13 Sushma U Bhover Project Assistant, NAL , Bangalore
36 1DS15EMS14 Suved B S Analog and Mixed Signal Design Engineer, Aryvardha Circuits, Bangalore
37 1DS16EMS04 Megha P Program Analyst, Cognizant
38 1DS16EMS05 N Sangeetha Embedded Software Engineer. Univision Technologies
39 1DS16EMS06 Prashant K Developer, Cognizant
40 1DS16EMS07 Rekhashree Cognizant
41 1DS16EMS08 Shilpashree Nadagoudar Cognizant
42 1DS16EMS10 Varsha Patil Program Analyst, Cognizant
43 1DS16EMS11 Prashanth S Embedded Software Engineer.Univision Technologies

    An Autonomous Institute Affiliated to VTU, Approved by AICTE & UGC


    Accredited by NBA & NAAC with 'A' grade.


    CET Code: E007 | Comed-K Code: E040

    PGCET - MBA: B158 | M.Tech: T822

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