Department Activities

  • Industrial Visit to IBM, Bangalore

    We all assembled at the college gate at 7.45AM and left the college in college bus. Our team reached IBM campus at 10:00am. After going through the necessary registration formalities and issuing the IBM temporary ID, we were welcomed inside the campus.

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  • Workshop on Cyber Security Awareness

    On 16th September 2022, a workshop was organized at 10:30AM for II semester MCA students. A group of Ethical Hacking Certified students from Jain University conducted a workshop on ‘Cyber Security Awareness‘.

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  • Industrial Visit to ISRO and HAL, Bangalore

    A one-day Industrial visit was organized to ISRO & HAL Museum, Bangalore.

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  • Association with Durga India

    The Memorandum of Understanding (the ‘Agreement’) was made and entered into on this day 26th July 2022 between Durga India and Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering. Durga India is an NGO where unique citizen’s initiative is to help young women and girls to harness important life skills to deter crime.

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  • Yoga Day Celebration with Faculty

    Department of MCA took initiative to celebrate YOGA Day with their faculties on 21st June 2022. In order to ensure peace, harmony, happiness, wellness, stress management, mental health amongst faculty members by doing Yoga and Meditation. Systematic exercises, proper breathing techniques and meditation are the important cornerstones of Yoga. It is an established truth that Yoga improves both physical and mental health. The faculty members participated actively in the Yoga sessions and benefited a lot from them.

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  • Sports Day Celebration

    For sports fans, sports are the personification of hard work and dedication. To get to the peak of their sport, even the most naturally gifted athletes have to give it their complete self. Given the nature of sports, it’s not surprising that athletes have had some inspiring and motivating things to say about hard work, determination, leadership, winning, and much more.

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  • Women's Day Celebration with Housekeeping Staff

    The International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 th March to celebrate womanhood and to pay tribute to the indomitable sprit of women globally. The celebration started in early 1990s when inequality and oppression was encouraging women to become more vocal and active in campaigning for change.

    To celebrate Women’s Day more meaningfully and to motivate Women around us, Department of MCA, DSCE has organized a special event on 11 th of March 2022. The event was dedicated to celebrate womanhood by appreciating every woman around us. All the Woman housekeeping staff were invited as special guest for the event and a couple of events were organized to appreciate them for their contribution to the society. Interaction of MCA students with housekeeping staff inspired students to look at life with a different perspective. The main motto of the event was to look at the society where we live as a community which is inclusive of everyone without any prejudice.

  • Women's Day Celebration

    International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide, every year on the eighth day of March. It celebrates womanhood and pays tribute to the unconquerable sprit of women globally. The celebration dates back to the early 1990s when inequality and oppression was spurring women to become more vocal and active in campaigning for change.

    On this special occasion, a program was organized by the department of MCA, DSCE for identifying and appreciating the motivation of Women towards their duties. A couple of events were organized for the students of MCA to create awareness regarding the Women’s role in technology. Also, to remember her contribution to the society which resulted in overall development of the nation as well as its community.

  • Workshop on 'Data Science – Problem Solving and Ideation'

    Department of MCA, DSCE has organized a workshop on 18th February 2022, 09:30 am at CD Sagar Auditorium. The resource person Mr. PG Bhat, President at Pluma Knowledge Solutions (P) Ltd., Bangalore delivered a very informative session on ‘DATA SCIENCE – PROBLEM SOLVING and IDEATION’.

    The workshop was dedicated to first year MCA students in order to shape their perspective regarding Data Science as a career option. Mr. PG Bhat started the session with the students’ academic progress and gradually started to explain regarding career prospects and industry requirements.

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  • Workshop on Sustainable Menstruation

    Speaker:Dr. Aarushi Kehar, Senior Manager Research, Sirona Hygiene Foundation , Bangalore.

    Date: 28th December 2021, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

    Webinar Coordinator:Dr. Vibha M B & Prof Chandrika M

    A seminar was organized on ‘Sustainable Menstruation’for the students and staff of DSCE by Dr. Aarushi Kehar, Senior Manager Research, Sirona Hygiene Foundation at 11:00AM on Saturday, 18th December 2021. The seminar included introduction to complexity of addressing menstruation, its importance, best practices and clinical approaches. It brought the awareness amongst students regarding the importance of menstrual health & hygiene.

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  • Talent Search-Art & Cultural

    Date 26th November 2021

    As a part of holistic development culture, the Department of MCA organized an art and cultural fest. Art, per se reflects innovation and talent. The students of MCA department participated wholeheartedly to make the event a grand success.

  • Campus Interview BluePrint

    Date 23-October-2021

    Speaker: Sutanu Majumder, Trainer , Practico Pvt Ltd.

    In order to inculcate campus interview skills in students, Centre of Innovation and Learning (CIL) conducted a webinar on “Campus Interview Blueprint”. The key elements of the webinar were pre-placement talks, mock interviews that encompassed both HR and Technical interviews. The webinar helped students to understand the entire process of interviews that can be practiced throughout to brighten their career prospects.

  • Webinar on “How to Prepare and Crack a Coding Interview”

    Speaker:Mr. Kousick Shanmugam., Principal Engineer, Hashedin by Deloitte.

    Date: 22nd July 2021, 10 AM-11.30 AM

    Webinar Coordinator: Dr.Vibha M B

    Technologies are advancing rapidly and seeking opportunities in the emerging technologies is a challenge. Students to meet their dreams for a bright career need to focus on cracking an interview successfully. The curriculum of MCA helps them to develop skills in coding & development, testing, management etc. A good guidance to crack the interview will help the students to achieve their dream.

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  • Webinar on “Values & Belief System”

    Speaker:Ms. Jyothi Yadav, Founder and CEO of Hewpertech IT Services and JB Consultants.

    Date: 17th July 2021, 11 AM-12.30 PM

    Webinar Coordinator: Dr.Vibha M B

    Values are a culture's standard for discerning what is good and just in society. Values are deeply embedded and critical for transmitting and teaching a culture's beliefs. Beliefs are the convictions that people hold and underlying belief is the wealth.The combination of one’s personal values, beliefs and attitudes play a major role in building a society. are the moral principles that guide you in life and affect your behaviour

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  • Webinar on “Attitude in Workspace”

    Speaker:Ms. Medha Hegde., System Engineer I, Cerner Healthcare Ltd.,Bangalore.

    Date:3rd July 2021, 1.30 -2.30 PM

    Webinar Coordinator: Prof Harshitha D

    An attitude refers to our opinions, beliefs, and feelings about aspects of our environment. We have attitudes toward the food we eat, people we meet, courses we take, and things we do. At work, two job attitudes have the greatest potential to influence how we behave. These are job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

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  • Quizzards

    Date 18th June 2021

    Speaker: Prof. Alamma B H, Assistant Prof. Dept of MCA, DSCE.

    As a part of DSCE ADDA, Dept of MCA organized online Quiz event- “Qizzards”. The event was organized for 2nd, 4th, 5th semester MCA students. All the students participated actively for the session. There were few question and students were divided in groups and competed with each others. They had lot of fun and enjoyed the session.

  • Job Hunting Skills

    Date 12th June 2021

    Speaker: Mohammed Ashfak, Motivational speaker and author

    Job haunting, per se is a laborious process that involves students and employers. Since employers look for promising candidates while hiring, it is important to upskill students with respect to job require. Mohammed ashfaq, a they motivational speaker spoke to students that are supposed to cultivate in order to become industry ready.

  • Online Poster Making

    Date 28th May 2021

    In order to give an opportunity to students for showcasing their creative and technical skill, a poster making competition was organized by the Department of MCA. This competition gave ample scope to students to trigger their thought process and develop informative posters on recent technological trends.

  • Webinar on “Menstrual Hygiene Session”

    Speaker: Ms. Roshnee Bhowmick, CSR Executive, Unicharm India.

    Date: 10th March 2021, 11 AM - 12 PM

    Webinar Coordinator: Dr. Samitha Khaiyum, HoD, Dept of MCA, DSCE

    On Account of Women’s Day, Dept of MCA organized a webinar on “Menstrual Hygiene Session” as an activity of ‘Women’s Grievances and Redressal Cell’ under the aegis of DC-WEST for all DSI female students and faculty members. It was a collaborative session with UNICHARM INDIA and GLOBALHUNT foundation.

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  • Webinar on “ How To Enjoy Life?”

    Speaker: Mr. Srinagesh R, Chairman, Mythri Foundation, Bangalore.

    Date: 27th February 2021, 10 AM- 11.30 AM

    Webinar Coordinator: Dr. Vibha M B

    Description: The webinar was organized for I and III semester MCA students. The speaker Mr Srinagesh R is a leading counselor, author and trainer from Bangalore. Dr.Vibha M B, introduced the speaker to the students. Mr. Srinagesh R gave valuable techniques to students as to how they can enjoy and lead a worthy life. He shared many live experiences and inspired students to incorporate them. He mentioned that students have to put great efforts and have to be creative in their academics. He also advised students to carry out the projects sincerely and empower themselves with appropriate skills. The session was very interactive and students got enlightened.

  • Five Day Hands-on Faculty Development Program on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    Five Day Hands-on Faculty Development Program on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    Department of MCA organized a Five Day Hands-on Faculty Development program on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence from 14th to 18th July 2020. Mr. PG Bhat from Pluma Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore was our guest speaker and have given vast information on each topic with the details of its practical implementation.

    Schedule of FDP (11:30 AM – 01:30PM): Day 1: Python Programming Day 2: Data Analytics using Python Day 3: Machine Learning Day 4: Natural Language Processing Day 5: Time Series Analysis

    The program was a huge success as we received 239 registrations across India. Also the interaction during every session was overwhelming and received a good response from all the participants.

  • Industrial Visit to Infosys-Mysore Campus

    One day Industrial Visit to Infosys Campus, Mysore.

    The students of III semester MCA, HoD and two faculty members visited the Infosys – Centre for Excellence, Mysore on 27th September 2019 as a part of the study tour. A total of 53 members visited the campus. On arrival at the campus at 10 AM, the team was guided to the Global Education Center. There was a detail session on the rigorous training that the fresh graduates undergo at the center. The students were given a demo on InfyTQ, a learning application by Infosys. The operation team addressed the students on the qualities to be acquired by software professional and the skill to learn and unlearn. He stressed on the adaptability required to transition from one project to another. The session concluded by appraising the opportunities available at Infosys.

    The students walked through the Library; Seminar Halls etc. after the interactive session. Students were taken through the state of the art facilities- from the swimming pool, snooker tables, bowling alley to the squash, tennis and volleyball courts. The students were in awe of the unique architecture of each building in the campus.

    The visit was a fruitful one with a lot of take away for the students.

  • Five Day FDP on Data Analytics using Machine Learning / AI and Block chain

    Five Day FDP on Data Analytics using Machine Learning / AI and Block chain between 05-08-2019 to 09-08-2019.

    We are pleased to have successfully conducted a -Five Day FDP on Data Analytics using Machine Learning / AI and Block chain between 05-08-2019 to 09-082019. The Faculty Development Program (FDP) was jointly organized by departments MCA, ISE and CSE.


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