The faculty in the department are involved in research activity such as HCI, Software engineering, HPC, Cloud computing, Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining. Interested students are encouraged to work with the faculty on various problems. Faculty research papers are published frequently in journals with high impact factor.


List of Guides and Area of Specialization

Guide Name Specialization
Dr. Samitha Khaiyum

Embedded Systems

Dr. Suma S

High Performance Computing

Dr. Vindhya P Malagi Computer Vision and Machine Learning
Dr. Vibha M B Cloud Computing/Web Services

List of Faculty Members with Doctorates

Name Area Specialization
Dr. Samitha Khaiyum Software Engineering for Embedded Systems
Dr. Vibha M B Cloud Services
Dr. Chandrika M Data Mining
Dr. V Srinivasan Data Mining
Dr. Rakshitha Kiran P Machine Learning
Dr.Pavithra Web Mining & Machine Learning

List of Research Scholars

Sl. No Name of the Research Scholar Area of Specialization Year of Registration Status
1 Prof. Alamma B H Data Mining 2017 CV Completed
2 Prof. Harshitha Diwakar IOT with Cyber Security 2023 Registered

Research scholars Details

Sl.No. Candidate Name Course|Ph.D Candidate USN Year of Registration Research Topic Status
Guide: Dr. Y S Kumaraswamy
1. Dr. Samitha Khaiyum Ph.D 1DS10PEN12 November 2010 A Modified FMEA Approach to Enhance Quality of Software of Real Time Embedded Systems AWARDED
Guide: Dr. Manjunath
2. Senan Ali Abd Ph.D 1DS13PEN10 December 2013 An Improvement Image Transport protocol using Cross-Layer Technique for Mobile Ad- Hoc Network AWARDED
Guide: Dr. K C Gouda
3. Nagaraj Bhat Ph.D 1DS13PEN13 November 2013 Weather Informatics Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System in High Performance Computing Environment AWARDED
Guide: Dr. Samitha Khaiyum
4. Bharathi N Ph.D 1DS21PMC01 May 2023 Development of machine learning model for ground water quality index prediction Registered
5. Harshitha Diwakar Ph.D 1DS21PMC02 May 2023 IOT with Cyber security Registered
6. Bharathi M P Ph.D   July 2017 A Viable Approach for Heterogeneous Data Processing using Machine Learning Completed Comprehensive Viva
Guide: Dr. Suma S
7. Srivatsala V Ph.D 1DS16PEJ17 June 2015 Design and Development of Optimized Framework for Digital Branding in Healthcare using Big Data Analytics CV Completed
8. Pushpa J Ph.D 1DS15PEJ28 March 2023 An Enhanced Security Framework for Next Generation SDN Open flow AWARDED
Guide: Dr. Vindhya P Malagi
9. Suma S N Ph.D 1DS16PEJ13 June 2015 Computer Assisted Cognitive Modeling of Healthcare Diagnostics Comprehensive Viva Completed

Funded Projects

Sl No Name of the Granting Authority Name of the Faculty Grant Amount Title Status
1 K-FIST (L1) VGST, Government of Karnataka Dr. Suma S Rs.20,00,000 Collaboration of Internet of Things (IOT) and High-Performance Computing (HPC) for Data Integration and Analytics for Healthcare and General Applications. Completed

    An Autonomous Institute Affiliated to VTU, Approved by AICTE & UGC


    Accredited by NBA & NAAC with 'A' grade.


    CET Code: E007 | Comed-K Code: E040

    PGCET - MBA: B158 | M.Tech: T822

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