Invited talks


UI Framework for Mobile and Web

  • Speaker : Mr. Manjunath M R, Software Developer , SyMetric Systems, Bangalore.
  • Date & Time :26th of December 2020 & 10 AM to 11.30 AM.
  • Webinar Coordinator : Dr. Vibha M B, Assistant Professor

A webinar on “UI Framework for Mobile and Web” was organized by Dept. of MCA to benefit both students and faculty members. The speaker Mr. Manjunath M R is our Alumnus and was kind to deliver the talk. Mr. Manjunath commenced the session by sharing his own experience after graduating from DSCE. He inspired the students to explore more during the student life and he mentioned to discover more and more every day. His motivation especially during this pandemic situation was well received by students. His talk included the varied career opportunities in the industry. He mentioned to start the career with start-ups, as there would be lot of scope for exploring. Later he proceeded with the demonstration of Flutter framework’s installation. Creation of simple mobile applications using “DART” programming language helped the students to understand the operation. The students of MCA were benefitted by this talk and a spark has been created to develop projects on Flutter.

Webinar on Flutter

  • Speaker : Mr. Pratap T M, Technical Manager, PRoBuddy Software Solutions
  • Date & Time :12th December 2020 & 10 AM- 11.30 AM
  • Webinar Coordinator : Prof. Rakshitha Kiran P.

The webinar was organized for 3rd and 5th semester MCA students. The speaker Mr. Pratap T M gave a brief introduction to Flutter application. He spoke about the advantages of flutter over other existing mobile application development applications. The speaker gave a hands-on session on flutter and demonstrated about creating a hybrid application. It was indeed a very informative session and students were benefited.

A webinar series on Cyber Security and its Applications:

Date: 13th November 2020

A webinar series on “Cyber Security and its Applications” was organized by Dept. of MCA to benefit both students and faculty members. The speaker Mr. Shreyas T R,Penetration Tester, Freelance Bug Bounty Hunter, Bangalore enlightened the students with his talk.

The first session of the series was held on 13th November 2020 between 12 Noon to 2PM. During this session, the speaker gave us the insight of cyber security, digital attacks, protecting measures, hacking and many more concepts. Second session was more on the role of networks and its importance in Cyber security. The talk was held on 25th November 2020 between 12 Noon and 2 PM. He also discussed with students, about the career opportunities in Cyber Security and also gave them the prerequisites. It was very beneficial as it brought the awareness among students regarding the cyber security.

Report of Webinar on Operating Systems-an Industry Perspective

  • Speaker : Mr. Prashanth Raghu
  • Date & Time : 23/05/2020 & 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM
  • Coordinator : Prof. Vibha M B
  • Organized By : Dr.Samitha K, Head, Dept. of MCA

A webinar was organized for II and IV semester MCA students. Mr. Prashanth Raghu, Technical Architect, SignEasy Technologies, Bangalore, conducted a Webinar.

The coordinator Prof Vibha M B introduced the speaker Mr. Prashanth to the audience. The speaker started the session with an interaction with students. With the interaction, he understood the comprehension of the students and thus proceeded further by keeping them aware with the advancements of technology. He demonstrated the role of operating system for the current technology. Concepts of virtualization and Micro-services were discussed. The responsibility of operating system in Containerization/Docker technology was explained. The session was well received by students.

The Dept. of MCA extended its gratitude to the speaker.

Report of Webinar on Internet of Things and its Applications

  • Speaker : Dr. Bhanu K R, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Mysore
  • Date : 21/05/2020
  • Coordinator : Prof. Chandrika
  • Organized By : Dr.Samitha K, Head, Dept. of MCA

On 21/05/2020, a webinar was organized for II and IV semester MCA students. Dr.Bhanu K N from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham delivered a talk on 'Internet of Things and its Applications'.

The webinar started with the introduction of Internet of things, and carried forward with topics such as Industrial and real life applications. She also showed some IOT projects of her students and informed about career opportunities in the domain of IOT. It was very beneficial as it brought the awareness among students regarding IOT as a domain.

Webinar Artificial Intelligence: Ruling the current World

  • Speaker : Dr.Bharathi S, Dr.AIT, Bangalore
  • Date : 12/05/2020
  • Coordinator : Prof. Alamma B H
  • Organized By : Dr Samitha K, Head, Dept. of MCA

The Guest Lecture began with a brief introduction of the speaker by Prof Vibha M B.

Department of MCA organized a Webinar on Artificial Intelligence ruling the current World for IV semester students, on 12/05/2020 from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. She spoke about SIRI to self driving cars, and how Artificial Intelligence is progressing rapidly. While science fiction often portrays AI as robots with human-like characteristics, AI can encompass anything from Google’s search algorithms to IBM’s Watson to autonomous weapons.

An AI takeover is a hypothetical scenario in which artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes the dominant form of intelligence on Earth, with computers or robots effectively taking the control of the planet away from the human species. Possible scenarios include replacement of the entire human workforce, takeover by a Artificially Super Intelligent.In a nutshell, AI provides a cutting-edge technology to deal with complex data which is impossible to handle by a human being. AI automates redundant jobs allowing a worker to focus on the high level, value-added tasks.

Invited Talk on “Java & Web Applications”

  • Speaker : Mr. Vijay Kulkarni
  • Designation : Corporate Trainer
  • Date & Time : 4th April 2018 between 2 PM to 5 PM
  • Venue : AV Auditorium, DSCE Main Library
  • Participants : Staff and IV Semester Students
  • Convener : Dr. Poornima Nataraja, Professor and Head
  • Coordinator : Prof. Vibha M B, Assistant Professor

The Guest Lecture began with a brief introduction of the speaker by Prof Vibha M B.

The Speaker Mr. Vijay Kulkarni, having a rich experience in corporate training at organizations like IBM, Deloitte, Wipro, HCL etc., interacted with the IV semester students. The talk commenced by recollecting the basic concepts of Java and gradually moved towards providing insights on advanced concepts of Java. Importance of Angular JS and AJAX in web technologies was discussed. The speaker also highlighted the advancement in database tools and technologies.

Mr. Vijay Kulkarni provided a complete overview of the technology scenario in the industry and also stressed on the necessary skill set to be procured by students in order to meet the industry expectation. The students were given suggestions regarding job opportunities related to Java and Web Applications. The session was interactive and the students were benefited. The Head of the Department of MCA, Dr. Poornima Nataraja, concluded the session with a vote of thanks.

Workshop on ‘The Mindful Engineer Program’.

  • Date: 15th March 2018
  • Time: 2 to 5 PM
  • Venue: NBB 601, DSCE, Bangalore

An initiative to connect and nurture thriving community professional software engineers whomake an impact through the mastery of their craft and enjoy all-round well-being.

The Mindful Engineer Program (MEP) is a unique orientation program that has been designedfor young software engineers who are entering the software industry. This program aims to setthe graduating engineer on a path of mastery and excellence. The MEP complements the courses covered at their college/university as well as trainingsprovided by the company hiring the engineers.

This program is designed to be a one day interactive workshop with an experienced facilitatorrunning the program. Final year graduate/post-graduate students who plan to join the software/ITindustry would benefit the most from this program.

Benefits of this program


  • Awareness of skills required to grow as a software engineer.
  • Tools to plan and develop skills overfor the first 5-7 years of their career.


  • Better feedback from industry partners on students placed.
  • Increased hiring and more companieseager to hire from campus.

IT/Software Companies

  • Higher quality engineers who contribute more effectively
  • Lesser effort to train and growsoftware talent

Guest Lecture on “Cyber Security”:

Digitization has made our lives simple and easy. However, it demands to protect our data at every point of time in order to avoid cyber crimes. With this motive, the Department of MCA organized a guest lecture on “Cyber Security”.

  • Speaker : Mr. Rahul M Jamgade
  • Designation : Owner, Datacepts Infosec(Opc) Pvt Ltd.
  • Date & Time : 02/03/2018 Friday between 11.15 AM to 1 PM
  • Venue : C D Sagar Auditorium
  • Participants : Staff and Students of Department of MCA
  • Convener : Dr. Poornima Nataraja, Professor and Head
  • Coordinator : Prof. Vibha M B, Assistant Professor

The Guest Lecture began with a brief introduction of the speaker by Prof Vibha M B.

The speaker initiated the talk with the need of securing the data. The speaker provided thorough information about Cyber Security threats, Vulnerability, Computer Security, hacking, Baiting and Phishing etc. His talk also included about Cyber Stalking, Extortion, Spoofing, and Cyber Crimes etc. The privacy policies for various applications that are freely available were informed to the gathering.

Mr Rahul, gave an insight about network etiquette, the do's and don'ts of online communication. The case studies discussed by the speaker, gave clarity to understand the cyber threats. The talk also included the Privacy and Security issues on Mobiles and the Cyber World. He mentioned the precautionary methods to safe guard data. The speaker concluded his talk by providing awareness about the cyber laws and acts.

The director of PG Studies, Dr. A Sreenivasan graced the event and admired the talk. The Head of the Department, Dr. Poornima Nataraja thanked the speaker Mr. Rahul M Jamgade, for providing vast information related to cyber security.

Seminar on Data science and its significance

  • Speaker :Mr.Prasad joshi, CEO at Data Satva
  • Date :20/2/ 2018
  • Time :2 PM to 4PM
  • Venue :CD sagar Auditorium, DSCE

A seminar on “Data science and its significance” was organized by the Department for the 1st and 2nd year students. Dr. Suma S welcomed the speaker and his team. The speaker Mr Prasad joshi, gave an insight on Data, Data Analytics and its importance.

The speaker spoke about the facts and statics about the data collected in recent years. He spoke about Analytics in business, Business analytics focuses on developing new insights and understanding of business performance based on data and statistical methods

The students were given suggestions regarding the job opportunities in the field of data science. The workshop was helpful for the students as it is also a part of their curriculum. At the end of session Dr. Poornima Nataraja, Head of the department, thanked the speaker for the informative seminar on data science

Guest Lecture on “Future of Technology”:

Mrs. Shruthi Hanagol Ramesh
Team Lead, SAP Labs, Bangalore
On 27-05-2017
Venue: Department of MCA

Mrs. Shruthi Hanagol Ramesh with 15 years of industry expereience is working as a Team Lead at SAP Labs, Bengaluru. Mrs. Shruthi started the lecture, by exhibiting how the SAP world has been rapidly changing over the last two years. The volume of data continues to grow exponentially resulting in massive economic and societal disruption. She highlighted how the new technologies are emerging. Traditional business functions are being totally transformed. Technologies like S/4HANA, Cloud, Mobile, Augmented Reality, Smart Machines and Wearables are the essentials tools and enablers of this transformation. She highlighted that it is against this backdrop they have created Mastering SAP Technologies.

Mrs. Shruthi Ramesh continued listing the core themes for SAP this year are expected to be the cloud, S/4 and HANA, since SAP is positioning its offerings as the "digital core" for modern businesses. SAP technology is currently in an active delivery cycle, producing product updates and adding features. Focus on S/4HANA is expected, but the coming innovations on the core HANA platform will be interesting — HANA is truly becoming a full-fledged development and runtime environment, not just an in-memory database. It will be able to host applications using a wide range of technologies, such as TomEE and Node.js, and provide enterprise integration options, all while getting supports through SAP's development tools.

She also threw light on the SAP Virtual Machine Container, highlighting the design of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server which is aimed at providing an exceptionally high level of robustness and supportability for the applications running on it

With the Virtual Machine Container technology (VM Container, VMC), SAP has achieved a technological foundation that allows Java applications to be executed with a similar level of robustness as software developed in ABAP. She discussed the aim to be isolating individual users from each other as securely as possible to avoid any unwanted restrictions. In order to provide an optimal runtime environment for selected scenarios with especially high demands on a narrow ABAP-Java coupling, in this release a Java VM can also run integrated in the ABAP work process.

The lecture concluded with a note opinionating that we live in world where digital is woven into the fabric of our lives; where the pace of change is accelerating, its trajectory exponential, and the convergence of paradigm shifts is the new norm. The impact will be profound, as structures, industries, value, ethics, and traditional transformation strategies are challenged and re imagined, and societal progression moves us from profit to purpose. It’s a looking-glass world, making us rethink our long-held notions of success and failure.

The event concluded with Dr. Poornima Nataraja, Professor and Head, Department of MCA, thanking the speaker for providing the students with an insight into future of technology.


ISTE Student Chapter (MCA) - Technical Talk on "WEB DEVELOPMENT TECHNOLOGIES":

Date: 12th November, 2016
Venue: Department of MCA

The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) student chapter‘s objective is to keep up the students updated about the recent technologies. The Department of MCA arranges technical talks from the eminent personalities from industries and other organizations to deliver lectures on current trends, enhance professional ideas and standards to improve the academics. The objective of the ISTE student chapter is to make an effective linkage between the technical institutions, industry and society.

The Indian Society for Technical Education chapter Department of Computer Applications organized a technical talk in the MCA department for I Sem MCA students on 12/11/2016 from 11.00 AM to 12.30 PM on latest technologies in web like MongoDB, NodeJS, PHP and Python and its career opportunities in the industry.

The talk was delivered by an eminent speaker Mr. Manoj Kumar, Principal Software Developer, Oracle India Pvt.Ltd., with his extensive skill in Full stack web Application development, MEAN Stack, Oracle ADF and Oracle cloud.

The Speaker of the session was welcomed by Dr. Poornima Nataraja, Professor and Head, MCA - VTU and introduced by Prof. Suma S, Associate Professor, MCA - VTU. The talk on “Web Development Technologies” provided an insight into the technologies like Node JS, MangoDB, PHP and Python along with a demonstration session. The interactive session concluded with focus on opportunities in these areas and steps to achieve the targeted goals in web technologies.


Date:: 5 th november, 2016
Venue: Department of MCA

The Department of MCA conducted a One day Value Added Program for I and II year autonomous stream on 5th November 2016. Mr. Jayasimha and Mr. Y V Gundurao, two professional trainers, counselors interacted with the students.

Mr. Jayasimha, has a rich experience of over 25 years in conducting experiential and life improving workshops to participants from different walks of life. He is the only trainer who is magician and the only magician who is a trainer. He spoke to students on Mind and Attitude and brought them awareness on Power of Positive thinking.

Mr. Gundurao has been a trainer for more than 18 years covering more than 50000 participants and specializes in counseling people on Relationship Management. He covered topics such as- Different Learning Styles for Students, Stress Management and Emotion Management.

All the students benefitted from the program and wished to have more of such programs. The Department would like to thank the support received from the Management and Principal for organizing such events.
Some of the photos from the event follow:


Guest Lecture on SAS Awareness and SAS Opportunities:

Date: 22nd September, 2016.
Speaker: Vishwa Brahmabhatt, Epoch Research Institute India Pvt. Ltd

Department of MCA, DSCE conducted a seminar on “SAS® awareness and SAS® Opportunities in todays Corporate World” for second and final year students on 22/09/2016. The speaker of the seminar was Vishwa brahmbhatt.

The seminar gave the idea about SAS software, its benefits, concept of Big data Analytics, dynamic report creation with visual analytics tool of SAS. The speaker also talked about corporate opportunities for the students and career path as Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist or SAS Programmer.


Guest Lecture on Present and Future Trends in Computer Applications:

Date: 17th September 2016.
Guest Speaker: Mr. Biswajit Pal, Sr.Technical Lead, Danske Bank

A invited talk on Present and Future Trends in Computer Applications was carried out by Mr. Biswajit Pal, Sr. Technical Lead, Danske Bank.

The guest lecture was organized as a part of the orientation program for I semester MCA students. During the session, Mr. Biswajit provided an insight to the students on trending areas and career opportunities. The topics like Data Analytics, Cloud, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Web/ Internet Applications, IOT, Machine Learning, and Parallel and Distributed Computing was put forth in detail. The talk provided the students with lucid picture on focus and action points to pursue career in a specific field.

Invited Talk on 'Impact of Motivation and Confidence for Entrepreneurial Endeavors':

Date: 16th September 2016.
Guest Speaker: Mr. Nanjunda Pratap Palecanda, Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Curator, House of Genius

An invited talk on Impact of Motivation and Confidence for Entrepreneurial Endeavors was organized by the department of MCA for 1st, 3rd and 5th Semester students.

During the interactive session, Mr. Nanjunda stressed upon the salient qualities that the student has to imbibe in himself/herself to be successful. He also highlighted failure should not be a deterrent to success but a means towards developing strong determination and persistence. By highlighting some real world cases, Mr.Nanjunda addressed the students on qualities that help gain the job opportunities. He also motivated the students to find solutions for the day to day issues and problems a common man comes across. He emphasized the need for taking up social issues prevailing across India. He concluded the talk by asking the students to focus on disruptive technology and to closely monitor and update themselves with current technologies.

Guest Lecture on Communication Skills:

Date: 30th August 2016.

An Orientation Session on Communication Skills, Mental intelligence, Will Power& Habits was conducted by Mr. Vinayak Makale, Life Skills Consultant, for the 5th semester MCA students in MCA Department.

The interactive session included real world scenarios for enhancing life skills, practical strategies, case studies to succeed in interviews, understanding self and understanding others and team work.


Guest Lecture with a Demo session on "Python Programming":

A Guest Lecture with a Demo session on "Python Programming" was conducted by the Department of MCA on 1st January 2016 for first year MCA students. Mrs. Rama Satish, Assistant Professor, RNS Institute of Technology conducted the session.

Guest Lecture on "Software Design"

A Guest lecture was conducted on 31st October and 7th November 2015 on "Software Design".
The guest faculty was Mrs. Savitha. S, Assistant Professor, Dept. of MCA, R V College of Engineering. The students of 5th Semester MCA participated in the event.

"Techno Talk on SMAC: Social Mobile Analytics and Cloud"

Topic: Social Mobile Analytics and Cloud
Conducted on: 19/08/2015
Conducted by: Mr. Raghavendra Nagarajan, Cloud Consultant, Cognizant Cloud Services, Bangalore

Description: The speaker focused on the concepts of SMAC services. SMAC is the concept blended by four technologies that is currently driving the business. It is an IT model that blends social, mobile, analytics and cloud. The speaker gave an insight to the concepts and motivated the students to consider this as a career opportunity.


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