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  • Faculty Woman Achiever - 2018

  • Big Image Data processing using machine learning algorithms

    FDP on "Big Image Data processing using machine learning algorithms"

    Department of Computer Science & Engineering Conducted A Six Day Faculty Development Programme on “Big Image Data processing using machine learning algorithms”

    This is an FDP conducted by National Institute of Technology, Warangal, Telegana under the scheme of PMMMNMTT, MHRD, Govternment of India from 11th – 16th December 2017. The FDP was attended by Dr. M Kusuma, Associate Professor, Dept of CSE, DSCE.

    The digital content is generated with exponential speed due to scanners, web cameras, digital cameras, mobile phone cameras, video cameras and digital medical imaging devices etc. Processing such huge amounts of data generated in less time is a challenging task. Traditional Image Processing/Video Processing methods fail to process these data because of insufficient memory and computational power. In order to process such data high performance computing capability provided by Big Image Data Processing algorithms are more appropriate. In this context the workshop discussed about Big Image and Video technologies, Processing and Analytics, which can also be used in different domains.

    The latest technologies like SPARK, Hadoop and knowledge of their integration with Matlab (Hands-On) was demonstrated. Hands-On experience in using machine learning tools to analyze Big Image Data sets, classify, predict and optimize the images was provided. Also, new methods of Teaching and Learning were taught to enable the participants to learn new methods and practices in Teaching and Learning.


  • Doctoral Degrees

    Faculty of computer science department were conferred with doctoral degrees

    • Dr. Ramesh Babu D R  Vice Principal, Prof. & HOD, DSCE has been conferred the DISTINGUISHED FACULTY IN ENGINEERING Award for his exceptional academic records and research excellence in the area of Computer Science and Engineering by Venus International Foundation for the Academic year 2017.
    • Dr. Arbind Kumar Gupta Professor, CSE, received a Grant of Rs. 40,000/- from Department of Health Research, Indian Council of Medical Research towards organizing workshop on Integration of Technologies for Affordable Healthcare.
    • Prof. Shashidhar B successfully defended his PhD Thesis and conferred a Doctorial Degree under VTU
    • Dr. Krishnan R 's article titled "Introducing AI in College Curriculum" published in "Towards AI" Blog.
    • Dr. Krishnan R, Professor, CSE Is elevated to the grade of Senior Member of the IEEE.
    • Mrs. Preeti Satish, Associate Professor, Is nominated in the Program Committee of “The IEEE International workshop on Combinatorial Testing & It’s Applications”, CTA-2017 to be held in July 25th - 29th at Prague.
    • Mrs. Rashmi S R , Asst. Professor, Presented a Paper titled "Domain Ontologies and their use in building Intelligent Systems: A Comprehensive Survey" and Received The Best Paper Award in ICIMIA -2017 conference.
  • workshop on “Python” by Infosys Campus Connect

    A five-day workshop on “Python” by Infosys Campus Connect

    FDP Name: A five-day workshop on “Python” by Infosys Campus Connect FDP Dates: 3th to 7th July 2017 FDP Venue: PAAVI College of Engineering Attended by: Prof Anitha M

    "A workshop on python, RDBMS and python DB integration was conducted in Paavi Engineering College. There was assignments given every day for which it was evaluated. There was also project given which was evaluated. In my team , we presented a project on Blood Bank Management System which was selected as the best project and goody bag was given as a prize.

    Workshop Schedule

    Date Resource person/Organization Activity/Title
    03-07-2017 Mrs Sahana Kumarswamy Introduction to Python
    04-07-2017 Mrs Sahana Kumarswamy OOPS with Python
    05-07-2017 Mr Anoop Singh RDBMS
    06-07-2017 Mr Anoop Singh Python DB Integration
    07-02-2017 Mrs Sahana Kumarswamy, Mr Anoop Singh Projects Presentation Feedback by participants

  • Report on Faculty Training –“Android Developer Fundamentals” attended

    Report on Faculty Training –“Android Developer Fundamentals” attended

    FDP Name: Five Days Faculty Training on “Android Developer Fundamentals” FDP Dates: 06th to 10th of March of 2017 FDP Venue: Koenig Solutions-Google ,Kormangala 4th Block, Bengaluru Attended by: Mr. N. Arun Kumar,Mr Anil Sagar

    DAY1: About Android Studio DAY2: Hands on session Image and color settings for App. DAY3: Hands on session of Text view ,button and check box. DAY4: Hands on session of Menus,Recycle concept,maintaining stack. DAY 5: Hands on session on how to maintain database SQLITE.

    1. Mrs. Kusuma M, Associate professor of CSE, DSCE, successfully compled and defended her Ph.D Dissertation.
    2. Dr. Shubha Bhat, Associate professor of CSE, DSCE, successfully compled and defended her Ph.D Dissertation.
    3. Grant received from SMYSR, Vision Group on Science and Technology (VGST)
    4. Grant received from Karnataka state council for science and technology(KSCST)
    5. Grant received from Department of Science and Technology (DST)
    6. Grant received from Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO)
    7. Grant received from Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)
    8. Grant received from TRIP, Vision Group on Science and Technology (VGST)
    9. Media Lab- Inspiring Creativity
    10. Entrepreneurship cell



  • Ashutosh Pandey of 3rd Sem achieved accolades in Hackathon competitions

    HACKMAN - 2018

    RAKATHON - 2018

  • Final Year Student Tanupriya Rajput wins Women TechMakers Scholarship

    CSE, DSCE, Final Year Student Tanupriya Rajput wins the Prestigious Women TechMakers Scholarship of $1000 at Singapore


    DSCE ACM Student Chapter

  • Alumni Interaction and Career Guidance Program

    Report on Alumni Interaction and Career Guidance Program

  • Project Open Day-2018 Winners

    Date :21/5/2018

    Venue :Dept of CSE, DSCE

    Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering conducted OPEN DAY – A one day project exhibition of all 8th semester projects across all the departments of the college. This year Mr. Sripad K, Head- Capabilities Development, Adobe Systems, Bangalore, was the Chief Guest for the event at the Department of CSE, DSCE, where the all the 8th sem projects of the department were showcased.

    Teams who won the accolades for their work

    Regular Batch:

    Sl Name of the Project Names of Students Category Awarded
    1 KARNA - Knowing the Unknown 1. Abhiram Bharathvamshi P S 1DS14CS002 Best Project Presentation
    2. M Jayashree 1DS14CS052
    3. Bharat Kumar KG 1DS14CS020
    4. Bhavana R L 1DS14CS022
    2 Sentiment Analysis on Magic Mirror 1. Sriparna Ghosh 1DS14CS106 Best Innovative Project
    2. Sonu Kumar 1DS14CS103
    3. Riyaz Pasha 1DS14CS082
    3 Therabot – An Artificially Intelligent Chatbot for Therapy 1. Raja Rajan.A 1DS15CS417 Best Project of Social Relevance
    2. VarshaJambunathan 1DS14CS118
    3. Laasya.R 1DS14CS136
    4 Kalpayita: A Machine Laerning approach to Interior Designing 1. Apoorva Jaiswal 1DS14CS014 Best Project(overall)
    2. Ashish Agarwal 1DS14CS016
    3. Komma Karthik 1DS14CS043
    4. Akshaya.S 1DS14CS006

    Regular Batch:

    Sl Name of the Project Names of Students Category Awarded
    1 Brain Tumor Analysis using Image Processing 1. Ayush Arora 1DS14CS018 Best Project Presentation
    2. Ritesh Kumar 1DS14CS126
    3. Shubham Tiwari 1DS14CS098
    2 A Knowledge Driven Approach to Activity Recognition in Smart Home 1. Kavya.M.G 1DS14CS040 Best Innovative Project
    2. Divakar R 1DS14CS030
    3. Aditya Suryavamshi 1DS14CS005
    4. Anushree.G 1DS14CS013
    3 Smart-O-Grid – The Efficient Power Manager 1. Aninditya Saha 1DS14CS129 Best Project of Social Relevance
    2. Ravi Kant 1DS14CS130
    3. Nitesh Sarda 1DS14CS132
    4. Amitha H M 1DS15CS402
    4 Chatbot to Provide Legal Services Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing 1. N. A.Samasth 1DS14CS059 Best Project(overall)
    2. Nirmalkumar. A 1DS14CS068
    3. Pavan S Naik 1DS14CS070
    4. Rajath R Kulkarni 1DS14CS078

    Shift Batch:

    Sl Name of the Project Names of Students Category Awarded
    1 Early Fault Detection of SpaceCraft Sensors:DTG 1. Medhini S Narayan 1DS14CS723 Best Project Presentation
    2. Milind Basavaraja 1DS14CS724
    3. Nida Tasmiya 1DS14CS728
    4. Prashanth K Mudagal 1DS15CS428
    2 Document Digitization of Businesses using AI 1. Guhan Sundar 1DS14CS711 Best Innovative Project
    2. Raghav Sai 1DS14CS710
    3. Adithya Dev 1DS14CS725
    3 Design and Implementation of Smart-E-Toll using IOT 1. Jyothsna 1DS14CS709 Best Project of Social Relevance
    2. Srimanth Ds 1DS14CS749
    3. Sripriya S 1DS14CS734
    4. Naga Sai Rupesh 1DS14CS718
    4 Gesture Keyboard using Accelerometer and Machine Learning 1. Kanchan Bohra 1DS14CS715 Best Project(overall)
    2. Shubham Mundhra 1DS14CS745
    3. Shabeeha Ahmed 1DS14CS743
    4. Devina Singh 1DS14CS708
  • Student Woman Achiever - 2018

  • Nvidia Labs TAship

    Nvidia Labs TAship

    • Date: Dec 26th to 21st Jan


    Purpose of this activity is to have better understanding of the working environment of Nvidia labs, learn and teach machine learning.


    Akshaj Jain from CSE, DSCE did a teaching assistantship at Nvidia Labs, under the guidance of DR. Sanjay Chitins fromDSU, ( from December 26th to 21st Jan). He did alpha testing on the machine learning course provided by nvidia labs and is executing a project on Stock market analysis and prediction.


    Observed that Nvidia labs is at the forefront of AI technology and many deep learning technologies like ANNs, CNNs and RNNs can be used successfully to implement various innovative ideas. RNNs can be used for prediction of stock prices, CNNs can be used to analyze images etc.

  • Bagged 2 university ranks

    Bagged 2 university ranks

    • Ms. Sriparna Ghosh of Final Year received "Venkat Memorial Scholarship" from Google. She is one of the six students from India selected for this scholarship.She won US $750 towards her educational expenses and a trip to Youtube HQ at San Bruno California, USA
    • Ms. Tanupriya Rajput of V semester is nominated as Lead of Google Developer Club.
    • Ayush Arora and Priyangshu Roy published a paper titled "k-NN Based Classification of Brain MRI Images using DWT and PCA to Detect Different Types of Brain Tumour", in International Journal of Medical Research and Health Sciences, under the guidance of Dr. Ramesh Babu D R, Dr. Venkatesan S and Prof. Shwetha M D
    • VII Semester students participated in National Level Coding Competition “Code Vita-2017” conducted by Tata Consultancy Services.
      Name Round 1 Rank Zonal Rank
      Sriparna Ghosh 422 252
      Sonu Kumar 1104 647
      Ashish Agarwal 2182 1344
    • Mr. Mayank, Mr. Subhankar Mr. Vishwas & Mr. Ravi won III Prize in Hack 2Help Hackathon, an Inter college Mega Hackathon conducted at Dayananda Sagar University, sponsored by US Consulate & Intel. And Mr. Darshan & Team, Mr. Rajath & Team, Ms. Apoorva & Team, Ms. Snigdha & Team Made it to TOP 10 in the Hackathon Hack 2Help.
    • Mr. Darshan N, Mr. Rohan Kumar T S, Mr. Chandramouly K, Mr. Raja Rajan A Won the First Place and a Cash Prize of Rs. 10,000 /- at “VentureSity BanyanHack 2016” Hackathon.
    • Mr. Aditya R Suryavamshi, Ms. Surabhi R, Ms. Poornima M Chabbi Won III Prize in Hackmania, conducted at Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore.
    • Ms. Kavya M G of VII semester isselected as The Facilitator for Google Applied CS with Android Program.
    • Ms. Meghana K M, of VI Semester, successfully completed an International Internship through AIESEC Global Volunteer Programme.
    • Ms. Larika Amlani , Mr. Kumar Shubham C & Ms. Neha Abanur of V semester won the Best Paper Award , under the guidance of Dr. Venkatesan S. The students have presented the Paper, titled “Smart Helmet” at National level Paper Presentation Contest on “MAKE IN INDIA” held at Sathyabama University on November 2016. Paper presentation
    • Mr. Rishabh Lakhotia of III Semester, is nominated as Facebook Campus Ambassador. Only 10 people were selected all over India. He will be working with the Facebook team on various beta projects.
    • Ms. Varsha Jambunathan of VII Semester, is nominated as an Ambassador for Microsoft Student Partner.
    • Raja Rajan, Abhishek Kori, Chandramouly K , Darshan N, Meghana N and Rohan Kumar T S, - III runners up in Smart India Hackathon 2017, winning a cash prize of Rs.25,000. The event was organized by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and CVR College of Engineering.
    • Larika Amlani, Neha Adanur and Kumar Shubham Choudhary of 5th Semester won Make in India National level paper presentation contest organized by Entrepreneurs council of india on 19.09.2016 at Satyabhama University, Chennai. Topic: Smart helmet under the guidance of Dr. Venkatesan Selvam
    • Chandramouly and team from CSE won 1st place in Banyan hack 2016 in Machine Learning hackathon by Venturesity
    • Chandramouly from 5th semester won Hack Fest 2016 by Walmart labs. He was gifted a MacBook Pro in All India online hackathon.
    • SREESHA KURUVADI, a sixth semester CSE student is awarded with a scholarship of Rs. 1,17,600 to pursue Android Nano-degree course, from Udacity , Google and Tata Trusts in January 2016.



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