Student Publications

Publication by Students

Sl. No Name of The Student(s) Title Name of the Journal Year of Publication
1 Gowtham Rajan Adaptive Morphing Origami Wheel Robot IJEECS 2017
2 Palak Sighal, Rashmi D Patil, Samit Kumar Smart Voting Machine IJSTE 2017
3 Rohan Kulashreshta, Rajeev Ranjan, Shreyas Barati, Rakesh M Wireless Data Transfer of USB devices using Wi-Fi Technology IJASRM 2017
4 Srinidhi M D Design and Implementation of Corrosion Detection System on Aircrafts IJETMAS 2017
5 Sumukh Athrey, Aditi Sharma, Basavaraj Mooli, Kavya G Autonomous Rover Delivery System IJSTE 2017
6 K S Asharani, Komala, Abhishek D K, Likith R DSP Implementation Of (10, 1) Binary Offset Carrier Modulation For IRNSS Application IJECET 2017
7 Thejas Vishnu R , Syed Saad Siddiq Wrist coil for low field MRI ISMRM 2017
8 Pallavi M Primitive and Schedule-Based Sensor Networks MAC Protocol: A Survey. IJET 2017
9 Darshan Shivaramu Keelara, Thejas Vishnu Ramesh, Syed Saad Siddiq. A cost-effective wrist coil for low field MRI IISC 2017
10 Darshan Shivaramu Keelara, Thejas Vishnu Ramesh, Syed Saad Siddiq, Sairam Geethanath. Design and Simulation of RF Coils   2017
11 Thejas Vishnu R, Rohit Kumar S.N.S A conformal UHF antenna for cargo helicopter belly   2017
12 Darshan Shivaramu Keelara, Thejas Vishnu Ramesh, Syed Saad Siddiq Wrist coil for 9.5mT low field MRI, ISMRM   2017
13 Thejas Vishnu.R A dual-UWB rotation independent clock antenna for WLAN applications IEE 2017
14 Rina Maria Light Weight Asymmetric Cryptographic Algorithm for Financial Transactions through Mobile Application IJCA 2017
15 Akshay A Jagajampi, Anusha S, Chandanna Tumkur, Chetan Patil, Arpitha Shankar S I Soilless Vertical Farming SEITCON 2017
16 Pavan V. Ghat, Karthik B. R, Manjunatha N, Roja S Automatic Traffic Law Enforcement SEITCON 2017
17 Prathika S K, Neetha S L, Radhika C,Rupali, Dr. Vimala P. Surface Potential Based model for SiO2 /high and stacked Gate-Oxide Double-Gate TFETs   2017
18 Prajwal Bhat Reusable Rockets and Interplanetary Transportation in Space Communications   2017
19 Pragathi Prasanna A review on the flash crowd attack and its implications   2017
20 Gururaj Pandurangi A brief review of the BEACON technologies in the communication world   2017
21 Rajesh J, Pragathi Prasanna Akshith R, Shankar S RFID and Biometric Based Electronic Voting Machine   2017
22 Fabian V Reginold Design & development of an embedded system based water level using wireless communication between two Arduino Uno’s with the help of RF Modules   2017
23 Rajesh J, PragathiPrasanna, Akshith R Conceptual view of a smart tonopen for biomedical engineering applications IEEE Madurai VEC 2017
24 Bhavana Kulkarni K, Bindushree H E. Darshan N, Goutham S Prepaid Payment for Utilities   2017
25 Yogesh V, Sandesh Kolakar, Nandan Tantry Automated Stringing of Flower   2017
26 Rajesh, Raghu Vamshi, Rajath, Rachitha Diabetic Foot Neuropathy Monitoring System   2017
27 Akash Babu V, K P Shashikala, Wireless Connection of Microcontrollers (Wi-CoM) IJARTET 2015

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