The Department mission is to constantly innovate, acquire new knowledge and skills & provide solutions to the challenges faced by power sector. To achieve this, the department regularly organizes the technical talks.

Sl.No. Technical talk/Guest lecture/webinars Speaker Name Date Venue
1 Capacity Planning in smart grid Dr. Musti K S Sastry, Associate Professor, Namibia University of Science & Technology 15/12/2022 PSS lab, EEE department
2 E-Bike Controller Mr. Vishnu Sheshadri, R&D Engineer Electric Drives, Vitesco Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.  15/12/2022 Online
3 Effective use of linkedIn Suma Annegowda (LinkedIn Expert,Motivational Speaker) 7/12/2022 Seminar hall, EEE department
4 Energy Efficiency in industrial drives Dr. Anand Rao, Deputy General Manager, OTIS, Bangalore, 3/12/2022 Seminar hall, EEE department
5 Applications of AI/ML in Smart grid John Benedict Bogalla (Customer Success Manager - IN/ROW at Locus) 24/11/2022 AV Auditorium
6 'ETAP’ utility from design to operations & application to industries Mr. Deepak Ramachandran  Sr. Electrical Engineer , ETAP Automation, Mr. Abhishek Saxena ,Development   Manager , ETAP Automation  3/11/2022 online
7 Data Analytics in Energy Sector Mr. Shreyas Hegde, Wissen Technology, Senior Principal Engineer 15/06/2022 Seminar hall, EEE department
8 Process of Innovation Development & Technology Readiness Level (TRL) & Commercialization of Lab Technologies & Tech-Transfer Mr. Abdul Azeez Khan, Founder and Director, FASMHO ENERGY SYSTEM, Bangalore. 29/03/2022 Online /Google meet
9 ‘Axon-Axon, Electrical Engineering perspective’. Dr. Aman Chawla, Associate professor. Dept.of EEE, DSCE 27/01/2022 Online /Google meet
10 Motivational Session by Successful Startup Founder Mr. Abhishek Jain, Founder of Volt Vocabulary builder app, motivational speaker and chemistry professor. 27/12/2021 Online /Google meet
11 Automation with industry 4.0’ Mr. Mohammed Akmal, Manager, Seimens, Coimbatore. 31/08/2021 Online /Google meet
12 Importance of Goal in Life Sushma Lingraj, Student Councellor, CIL,DSI 22/07/2021 Online /Google meet
13 Entrepreneurship – Mindset, Models and Method Mr Harish H N, Founder Director, Kalya Technology Innovation Private Ltd. Bangalore. 10/06/2021 Online/Google meet
14 Retrospect Of Intelligent Automation On Packaging System’ Mr Anil Kumar Meti,Executive officer, IMTMA Technology centre Bangalore. 4/06/2021 Online/Google meet
15 Applications of High Voltage Engineering in real world Mr. Rohan Lobo, Applications Engineering Manager, In cresol Engineering Solutions Pvt.Ltd.   10/05/2021 Online/Google meet
16 Industrial Electrical System. Mr. Harsh Sinha, Engineer at GAIL, Kanpur 21/05/2021 Online/Google meet
17 Successful Startup Founders Mr. A .Govindaraj, Founder, Eco-Energime Engineers LLP, Bangalore 24/03/2021 Online/Google meet
18 Design and Development of Prototype Modelling in High Power Audio System Amplifier for Home Theatres Mr S V Sreeraj, Director, EmCog Solutions, Chennai.   27/03/2021 Online/Google meet
19 Professional career - Importance of Internship. Mr. Rajendra Kumar Singh , HR manager , EPSON India Pvt Limited   15/12/2020 Online/Google meet
20 Embedded  Product Design Cycle Ms.Deepshika Executive Engineer at Continental 5 /12 / 2020 Online/Google meet
21 C++ Usage In Real World And Computational Science Ms. Gouri Deshpande, Research Scholar, University of Calgary, Canada 27/11/2020 Online/Google meet
22 Electrical Machines Basics for Competitive Exams. Mr. Bharamu Waghamode, Assistant Engineer , KPCL 26 /11 / 2020 Online/Google meet
23 Authorship workshop Dr. Gowtham N and Prof.Savyasachi 05/11/2020 Online/Google meet
24 Embedded systems in Avionics Mr. Amit Girimaji , Deputy Engineer Electronic Warfare and Avionics Division, Bharat Electronics Limited. 13 /10 / 2020 Online/Google meet
25 Introduction to ML and Tiny ML Mr Abhishek Nair , Research scholar IISC 14 /10 / 2020 Online/Google meet
26 Use of Li ion batteries in storage and Electronics Associated with it. Mr Atul Bhatnagar , VP R&D Luminous Power Solutions. 22 /10 / 2020 Online/Google meet
27 Design and Commissioning of Solar Power Plant. Mr.Rahul Kumar , Manger , Kreate energy (I) Pvt ltd, India 22 /09 / 2020 Online/Google meet
28 Modern Transformer Technology Mr. T.V  Ramaswamy , Proprietor of Sara consultants , Transformer design  &    Teaching Consultant 25/09/2020 Online/Google meet
29 Machine Learning using Python Mr. Vikas. B.O , Lead Technical Specialist , TNS India 26/09/2020 Online/Google meet
30 Engineering in Practical World Mr. Shankar Narayan P S , Group Manager, Driver Electronics Volvo Group 28/08/2020 Online/Google meet
31 Covid-19 Impacts on Solar Energy Projects Mr.P.Kumar, CEO & Director, VRM Energy Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd. ,Chennai 13-06-2020   Online/Google meet
32 Lidar Based Obstacle Detection For Autonomous Driving Mr.Vishal Mishra, Software Engineer at Elektrobit, Germany. 09-05-2020 Online/Google meet
33 LEDs and their applications Dr. B K Chandrashekar, Managing Committee Member, ILSE -KSC 05/03/2020 Seminar Hall, SH-304
34 Renewable energy and micro grid Prof.S S Murthy , visiting professor of Indian National Academy of Engineering. 04/011/2019 NEB-206
35 Smart Distribution Grid Mr. Suresh Babu,   Assistant Director of NPTI 06/011/2019 NEB-206
36 Opportunities and challenges to core Electrical Engineering Mr Prashant Vittal , a distinguished alumni of DSCE  , CEO of NORDEX/ ACCIONA Wind
Power India
16/11/2019 AV Auditorium, Main Library
37 Smart metering and smart grid  Mr. Gokulmuthu Narayanaswamy, Senior Principal Software Engineer at Itron 27-04-2019 AV Auditorium, Main Library
38 Relays and Substation Automation Mr.R.Anand Member Execom ,IEEE PES Bangalore,Head-system technologies,ZIV Automation 16-03-2019 Seminar Hall, SH-304
39 Scientific computing Mr.Rajashekhar Uchil and  Mr.Ramdas Chandrasekhar ISA-DSCEN student chapter, Bangalore  12-03-2019 Seminar Hall, SH-304
40 Talk on Entrepreneurship Mr.Vikramaditya Singh.CEO VAS webwork and career services.Australia. 15-10-2018 Seminar Hall, SH-304
41 Electrical Design & Estimation Asif Akhter, Prinston Smart Engineers, Bengaluru 06/09/2018 Seminar Hall, SH-304
42 Innovative thinking Mr Anand Bohori 07/04/2018 Seminar Hall, SH-304
43 Microgrid and renewable energy Prof.  S.S.Murthy, Senior IEEE Member 14-03-2018 Seminar Hall, SH-304
44 Career Choices and Navigation to Professional Field Mr.Shashank .B.L 30-01-2018 Seminar Hall, SH-304

Conference and Webinar videos


Authorship Webinar on 5th NOV

Technical Talk

Prof.S S Murthy, Distinguished visiting professor of Indian National Academy of Engineering gave lecture on “Renewable energy and micro grid” on 04/011/2019 for 5th semester students

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