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General Questions

Q1.Who is authorized to use the DSCE Library?

Ans. 1.
All students, faculty members and Staff Members of DSCE are authorized to use the Library. Staff Members and visiting faculties also have the privilege to use the Library.

Q2. Can bound volume of journals be issued to a member?

Ans. 2.
Yes, bound volumes of journals can be issued to the Students, faculty members and research scholars for overnight from the Reference Section


Q3. Can current (unbound) issue of journals be issued to a Library member?

Ans. 3.
No, current (unbound) issue of journals are not issued to any category of library user.


Q4. How can I recommend a book for purchase in the Library?

Ans. 4.
An authorized user can recommend a book for purchase by filling-in a "Book recommendation Register" that can be obtained from the respective sections.


Q5. How can I recommend subscription to a new journal in the Library?

Ans. 5.
An authorized user can send your request for subscription to a new journal through your Head of the Department / Centre.


Q6. Can I bring my personal books or other reading materials to the Library?

Ans. 6.
No. Users are not allowed to bring their personal books or other reading materials to the Library (Including reference sections). They can, however, bring their personal materials to the segregated portion of the Library Personnel and Private Study Zone at the Ground Floor & Second Floor ‘A’ Block.


Q 7. Give me the GENERAL INFORMATION about library collection?

Ans. 7.

  • Books
  • Video Cassettes
  • Digital Library
  • Periodicals
  • Audio Cassettes
  • Virtual Library
  • CD Rom’s
  • Educational DVD’s
  • Project Reports
  • Old Question Papers


Q8. How can I become member of DSCE Library?

Ans. 8.
A library Form will be issued to students and Staff Members members in the Circulation Section and take the registration. Later RFID Tagging will be done on the Smart Card (ID card). After getting the Tag she/he will be eligible to borrow the books.


Q9. Is it possible that I can use the library Smart card of my friend on his/her behalf?

Ans. 9.
No. Strictly it is prohibited


Q10. Who other than belonging to DSCE can use the Library?

Ans. 10.
On special permissions from the Chief Librarian alumni and old Staff Members of DSCE can refer the books in the library but are not allowed to borrow the same.


Q11. Are visitors out of state and country allowed to visit the Library?

Ans. 11.
Visitors are allowed to visit the library.


Q12. What Should I do if the book I borrowed got lost?

Ans. 12.
If the borrowed book is lost then immediately you should give a letter to the Librarian stating the cause. If the book is available then you should replace the same otherwise you have to pay triple cost of the book for the same.


Q13. Whom to contact for Queries regarding finding Books and Journals?

Ans. 13.
There is a help desk in the ground floor for queries regarding finding a book or a journal. OPAC gives the accession number of the book or the journal and if you are not able to locate the book, please contact the help desk for the same.


Q14. Can I able to use British/IIMB/CMTI/IISc/NAL Libraries?

Ans. 13.
Yes. Contact chief librarian


Borrowing Books and Journals

Q1. Which are the books that will not be issued to the members?

Ans. 1.
All students, faculty members and Staff Members of DSCE are authorized to use the Library. Staff Members and visiting faculties also have the privilege to use the Library.


Q2. Which are the books that will be issued to the members?

Ans. 2.
The books which are kept in the circulation section 1&2 are issued to the members.


Q3. I have taken Library membership. What is the procedure for borrowing books?

Ans. 3.

  1. You should take the book you wish to borrow, together with your library Smart card, to the Issue Desk.
  2. The book will be issued to you and the date it is due for return will be stamped on the date slip inside.
  3. There is a limit to the number of books you can borrow at any one time and that depend on whether you are a student or a staff member. Books that are reserved are not permitted to be borrowed.


Q4. Will I get any acknowledgement for return of library books?

Yes. Our library is computerized and automated with RFID system. Automatically a mail will be generated to your account for every transaction is made by you.


Q5. How do I find a particular book or a journal in the Library?

Ans. 5.
Library catalogue is old system used to find a book or a journal manually. Since it’s a tedious process, we are using OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) it is user friendly. Here user can search for any book on a particular subject or of a particular author
To know how to use OPAC take help from help desk or read the instructions which is displayed on the Web OPAC desk?


Q6. How do I renew a book and for how many times can i renew the same book?

Ans. 6.
Users are permitted to renew the books only two times if there is no reservation and demand from the other users for the same. It is mandatory to bring both book and smart card (ID card) physically.


Q7. What is the fine I have to pay, if I would not return book within the stipulated date?

Ans. 7.
Users, if they don't return books in time should pay fine to library and no consideration shall be made. The details of the fine is as follows:

No of days after due date Fine to be paid
1 to 15 days 1. Rs
16 to 30 days 2. Rs
After 31 days 3. Rs


Other Services

Q1. How do I get books and journals Photocopied in Library?

Ans. 1.
photocopying facility is available in the basement of the Library on nominal charges. This service is made for DSCE Faculty members, Students and Staff Members only. Users are not permitted to take the Library materials outside the library.


Q2. How do I get an Inter Library Loans (ILL) to get books from other Libraries than DSCE Library?

Ans. 2.
Material which is not available in the library, may be obtained from other libraries in using the Inter-Library Loans service through DELNET. This service is available to all library members. Contact Mrs. Kamala at Reference Section to avail this service.


Q3. Apart from Technical books any other section to improve the general knowledge facilities in the library?

Ans. 3.
Yes. We have General knowledge books and competitive examination books are available in the First Floor reference section.


Q4. Which classification system using in your library?

Ans. 4.
Dewey decimal classification system is used in our library


Q5. How can use the Book Drop Station?

Ans. 5.
Book Drop Station is placed in the entrance of the library. Users can drop borrowed library books on any time even after closing hours of the library.
The system will take care in cancellation of the books and immediately a mail will be generated to the user.
This system will save the time of the reader for standing long queue during peak hours.


Q6. What is the timing of library?

Ans. 6.
Circulation Section (without lunch break)
Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5.30PM
Saturday 9 AM to 1:45 PM
Reference Section (without lunch break)
Monday to Friday 9AM to 12 PM
Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM
Digital Library (without lunch break)
Monday to Friday 9 AM to 06.00PM
Saturday 9 AM to 02:00 PM

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