MUDITA is a word that describes the pleasure that comes from experiencing delight through people's well-being. Team Mudita is a community development club which primarily focuses on lending a helping hand to the ones in need.


  • To socialize and spread happiness among people who are in dire need.
  • To create a pleasant atmosphere and spread optimistic vibes.
  • To help and support those in need.
  • To uplift the underprivileged classes of society.

Our Collaborations

Mudita has been in close contact with many NGOs like "Let's Be The Change", "Mahachandra Prathistana", etc

Media Outreach

  • On the month of June 2022, Mudita got featured on "This Week India News", a news platform which showcased our event "Valuable Vintage" where we visit old age homes.
  • Mudita has been featured in the November 2022 issue of "Darpan" an International Kannada magazine for their series called "Elemareya-kayi" which focuses on the budding youth of India with a vision to bring about a positive change.

The team’s fundamental goal is to build and nurture a society where there are only smiles to be spread among people. Mudita also focuses on bringing to light the realisation and importance of values and basic ethics in life. A few of the objectives of the forum to name are to empower and engage with those who are less fortunate and underprivileged so as to build fruitful, lasting connections within society.

Mudita’s small step towards the betterment of society as a whole is aimed to reflect a big change and bring hope to many disheartened lives. Be it imparting education to the underprivileged, giving senior citizens of society a recreational break, or collecting and distributing essential commodities to those in dire need. Lastly, Mudita has set out to make a difference with whatever it takes, and together, we rise.

Amhiti - The Joy of Giving

Mudita, with an intention to bridge the gap between the needy and those who are willing to donate, came up with an initiative, AMHITI-The joy of giving.

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JoyFul Learning

Joyful Learning is an extensive campaign where the team members actively teach kids who belong to underprivileged localities. Enthusiastic children of all age groups have been an active part of this program.

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On 9th of December team MUDITA organised and hosted the event called “VIHAANAM”, in the campus of Dayananda Sagar Institutions. This event invited over 70 students from ‘Rani Sarla Devi Government School’ to give them an enriching experience which included a tour of the campus, different engineering branches and the scope for each one of them.

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Valuable Vintage

Valuable vintage has been one of the most popular and frequent programs of Team Mudita, where the team's co-ordinators visit various old age homes, and spend quality time with the elders of these old age homes.

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Other Events

'Magic of sharing' is an initiative taken by the team to create awareness on the joy of sharing and to acquaint with a habit of sharing with the people who are in need of resources. Sharing not only helps in cultivating the habit of giving but also generates positivity and joy in the very own surroundings. The main aim of this event is to bring up the culture of social service in each individual.

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Team Coordinator

  • Dr. Vindhya Malagi

    Professor & HOD

    Dept. of AI and ML

    Faculty coordinator

  • Dr. Vidya C

    Assistant professor

    Dept. of Physics

    Faculty coordinator



    Forum Head

    Content Team Head

    Core Coordinator

    Media Team Head,

    Core Coordinator

    Design Team Head

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