Yoga & Meditation:




[ P.G. Diploma in Yoga & M.Sc in Yogic Science from Annamalai University, B.NAT (Bachelor of Naturopathy @ Yogic Science Degree) from Madras University., B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Alternative Medicines) from Calcutta University. A certified yoga teacher from Adi Shankara Yoga Kendra]

Dr. Sudhindra - is a Yoga Therapist. He joined  Dayananda Sagar Institutions(DSI)  in the year 2018 as Yoga instructor / Mentor to train the Teaching Faculty, Staff & Students of DSI.

Dr. Sudhindra, introduces Yoga and Meditation techniques to the newly joined students of both DSI and Dayananda Sagar University (DSU). His commitment also extends in conducting regular training sessions for the faculty members and the staff of DSI and DSU at the Meditation Centre, DSCE, Kumaraswamy Layout, Bangalore.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he has conducted many online sessions on YOGA & Meditation for the benefit of students as well as staff.

Title Type of activity conducted Location Remark
Performance Acceleration and Stress Management Webinar – Personal Counselling and mentoring cell DSCASC Dayananda Sagar College of Arts, Science, and Commerce

3rd and 4th July 2020 online mode

Total No. of participant

Internal 26 and External 76

DSCE Cultura (Online)

Yoga Science and meditation – Episode – 9 DSCE

During 11th April and 5th July 2020

Aired online in google meet platform

Yoga for the Sedentary Life Styled / Desk Jockeys

Simple Asanas / Yoga Mudra for Eyecare – neck pain – shoulder pain – backache, knee pain, etc., DSCASC Dayananda Sagar College of Arts, Science, and Commerce

1st July 2020 –Digital workshop on Yoga

No. of Participants:

Student – 187 and Faculty – 20
Enhancement of Memory & Natural Immunity through Yoga & Meditation Memory Management & Meditation for Immunity of individual self – Clapping exercise, Deep Breathing, Kapalabathi, Bramari yoga, Anuloma Viloma pranayama

DSCASC Dayananda Sagar College of Arts, Science, and Commerce

MBA - Branch

14th January 2020


Student:64, Faculty: 3

Yoga and Meditation Class at Shiva Sagar Meditation Hall – 7th Floor Apex Block – DSCE Campus

Yoga and Meditation for DSI Dental Science Staff and student

Stress-Free body & Mind, performance Enhancement, Health improvement & Inner Happiness

DSI Dental Science Staff and student 24th October 2019

Math for Machine Learning and Effectiveness of Yoga and Meditation on Human Mind

Invited talk  by Shankar Raman – IISc, Bengaluru Department of Mathematics - DSCE 25th September  2019

Chakra meditation and improve yoga to keep good health

Inspiration Talk on Yoga and Meditation Department of ISE – DSCE

20th September 2019

For students of 3rd-semester ISE

25th September 2019

For Student of 5th Semester ISE
Lecture on Yoga for students of DSI Guest Lecture on Yoga and Meditation DSCE 28/8/2019 and 30/8/2019
Fit India movement Walkathon Walkathon for fitness DSIT –DS Institute of Technology 29/08/2019

Chakra Meditation classes for Engineering students of DSCE

Enhancement of performance

Stress Clearing with relaxation, Health enhancement, Clarity & Happiness

DSCE – 1st-year students of DSCE (Physics cycle) 28th August 2019

Chakra Meditation classes for Engineering students of DSCE

Enhancement of performance

Stress Clearing with relaxation, Health enhancement, Clarity & Happiness

DSCE – 1st-year students of DSCE

(Chemistry Cycle)

(Physics cycle)

29th August 2019

28th August 2019
Induction program The practice of Yoga and meditation for student/staff DSCE Faculty / staff / student 28th July 2019
Nurturing the Mind through quantum science – an ability enhancement FDP on Multidisciplinary perspectives in Science for Engineering Applications DSCE During 22nd July to 27th July 2019

Performance Acceleration and Stress management techniques

APTHAMITHRA  - Mentoring and Personal Counselling cell DSCASC – BBA and BCom staff

3rd and 4th July 2020 using Team link platform


Internal 26 External 76

Improving Focus Through YOGA

Basic yoga techniques for mental strength, breathing exercise, memory management

DSCASCE – BCA Students

( 2nd semester & 4th Semester)
5th March 2020 and 6th March 2020
Yoga and pranayama classes as per instruction from AICTE for Polytechnic students Orientation / Induction Programme 2-week yoga/pranayama classes for the 1st-year student of DSIT 1st July to 14th July 2019
International Yoga Day – 2019 Practice yoga to transform your body and mind physically, mentally, and spiritually. DS College  of Dental Science – Department of Public Health Dentistry and DSCE for Faculty and Staff

21st June  2019

Chief Guest: Mr. Hata Yogi L. Chandrachari – Yoga expert

Yoga Meditation and Fitness

Yoga and meditation practices in daily life. DSCASCE – MBA Faculty / Staff & students 15th June 2019
Practical Session of Mind and meditation Classes Stress management, Being Energetic,  ailment for body and mind, adopting clarity and focus of thoughts DSCE – Shiva Sagar Meditation Hall

From 22nd April 2019

(30 sessions conducted during 11th April 2020 and 28th May 2020)

Between 4.30 to 5.15 pm, Monday to Thursday)
Simple yoga and Meditation Class Yoga and Meditation techniques for well being Department of yogic science and meditation –DSCE 28th March  2020
Meditation Class for Engineering students Induction program on yoga and meditation DSI / DSCE 11th March 2019 to 13th April 2019 (19 sessions)
Stress management through yoga FDP on Yoga Meditation

DSCASCE – Staff of BBA / B.Com

At Shiva Sagar Meditation Hall
7th March 2020
Meditation Classes Meditation classes for 1st year Engineering students of DSCE During regular College hours

4th Feb 2020 onwards

Mediation Classes for Faculty / staff Meditation classes DSCE – Shiva Sagar meditation hall From 22nd Jan 2020 onwards