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  • Workshop on “Network Simulator”

    Report on One-Day Student Workshop on “Network Simulator”

    The Department of MCA is happy to have conducted a one-day workshop on “Network Simulator”.

    Speaker Prof. Ramasatish K V
    Designation Assistant Professor, Dept. Of MCA, RNSIT
    Date & Time 17/11/2018 Saturday between 10-1 PM
    Venue MCA LAB New Business Block
    Participants III Semester Students
    Convener Dr. Samitha Khaiyum, Head of the Department
    Coordinator Prof. Vibha M B, Assistant Professor

    The workshop began with a brief introduction of the speaker by Prof Vibha M B.

    The speaker spoke about the basic concepts of networking and its applications. He gave certain real time examples of networking such as web application, e-Commerce etc. The speaker also created awareness regarding the protocols required for communication.

    Mr. RamaSatish, gave an insight about network etiquette, the do's and don'ts of online communication. The case studies discussed by the speaker, gave clarity to understand the concepts clearly. The talk was followed by demonstration of the “steps involved for installation of Network Simulator”. Later the speaker demonstrated the working of the simulator through few examples. The students were given an exposure for hands-on session.

    The Head of the Department, Dr. Samitha Khayium thanked the speaker Mr. RamaSatish K V.

  • Mission Compassion

    Report on “Mission Compassion”

    The NSS Unit of Department of MCA observed “Mission Compassion” Week from 12-March-2018 to 15-March-2018.The following events were conducted.

    SLNo Date Description
    1. 12/03/2018 Fund raising “Best of waste”
    2. 13/03/2018 Fund raising “Game Contest”
    3. 14/03/2018 Free Dental Check up
    4. 15/03/2018 “NSS” T-shirt Designing
    5. 16/03/2018 Orphanage Visit

    The HOD, Staff & students actively participated in the donation drive. Items like toys, stationaries, groceries and reusable clothes, etc., were donated by the faculty and students of MCA. During the five day Mission Compassion event, the students from the department of MCA actively participated in fund raising, coordinating free dental check-up and visit to the orphanage.

    The event provided an opportunity for our students and faculty to give back to the society in their own way and show concern to the needy.

  • Engineering Conclave

    Engineering Conclave

    “Engineering Conclave” was held on 20th January 2018 at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore. The Computer Science stream met at “IBM –Centre for Excellence”. Dr. Ramesh Babu, Vice Principal and HOD- CS, DSCE chaired the event. The participating departments were Computer Science and Engineering, Information Science and Engineering and Computer Applications. Industry experts from Infosys Ltd., Adobe Systems India, Textron India Pvt. Ltd and EY Global Delivery Services India Pvt. Ltd. were invited for the conclave to share their views about the current education system.

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    • Organized by: MCA for DC-WEST and Womens Grievance Cell
    • Date:  16/17th November 2017
    • Time:  9.30 AM-5.30 PM

    As per the directive of National Commission for Women, the Department of MCA conducted the quiz on Awareness on legal rights of Women for Women’s Grievance Cell of DSCE. The Department collated 2 sets of multiple choice questions online and students were encouraged to take up the test on 16th and 17th November 2017. About 876 students participated in the event and the prizes were distributed to winners as follows:

    Sl NO. NAME USN DEPARTMENT Prize Awarded
    1 SINDHUJA.N 1DS16MBA31 MBA-VTU/3RD SEM First Rs.2000/-
    2 GANESH 1DS14ME047 MECHANICAL/7TH SEM Second Rs.1500/
    3 SHASHANK HC 1DS14ME137 MECHANICAL/7TH SEM Third Rs.1000/
    4 GURUPRAKASH.SD 1DS16IS035 ISE/3RD SEM A Third Rs.1000/
    6 SAI NIKHIL.R 1DS14ME120 MECHANICAL/7TH SEM Third Rs.1000/



    • Organized by:DCB Bank
    • Date: 4th Nov 2017
    • Venue:NASSCOM, Bangalore

    Five students from the Department of MCA, participated in the Fintech hackathon organized by DCB Bank.

    The problem statement given was,to find a solution to rural areas where online transactions are difficult. The solution provided by our students follow in their own words:

    We can make the transaction easier and smooth for a farmer by completely finishing the entire transaction process with a single action and also make it Offline. The OCP (Offline Cashless Payment) is such mechanism which helps the farmer to experience a seamless transaction. In our project, every farmer will be having a card in which, points will be added at the starting of every month based on his salary, by the employee of the bank who visits the farmer at the starting of every month. Our idea flows in this way: Farmer gives card to the merchant, Merchant enters the unique Id then checks for the fingerprint authentication of the farmer and if it matches, then the purchase amount will be deducted from the farmer’s card and the merchant receives the amount and returns the card to the farmer.


    The judges suggested us to improve upon the following areas of our idea:

    • Updating of the farmer’s card
    • Work on authentication of bank employee who visits the farmer’s on monthly basis to update his card
    • Work on voice recognition of the farmer so that the bank employee who visits the farmer at the starting of every month cannot cheat the farmer.

  • Workshop on Cutting Edge Technologies using IBM's Bluemix and Watson

    Workshop on Cutting Edge Technologies using IBM's Bluemix and Watson

    • Speaker:Mr.Sai Subramanium,Sr. Consultant,Global Knowledge Tech,Bangalore.
    • Date: 15th November 2017
    • Time:2 PM to 5PM
    • Venue:AV Auditorium, Main Library, DSCE, Bangalore
    • Co-ordinator :Prof. Vibha M B, Asst. Professor

    A workshop on “Cutting Edge technologies on IBM’s Bluemix and Watson” was organized by the Department for the final year students. Head of the Department, Dr. Poornima Nataraja, welcomed the speaker and his team. The speaker Mr. Sai Subramanium, gave an insight of cloud technologies and its service models and focused more on IBM’s cloud services.

    The session included demonstration to deploy the user applications using IBM’s Bluemix and Watson. The structures of both the tools were shown to the students. The students were made to understand the ease of deploying the user applications developed on different platforms. The speaker also enriched the knowledge of the students by demonstrating the Devops. The students were given suggestions regarding the job opportunities in the field of Cloud Technology. The workshop was helpful for the students as it is also a part of their curriculum.



    • Venue:Dr. PC Auditorium Food Court.
    • Date: 7th October 2017
    • Time 10.30 AM

    DC-WEST in association with TechFest of IIT Bombay conducted Nirbhaya- a Self-Defense workshop for girl students of DSCE. The trainer for the event was Mr. Fawad Ullah Syed, a Karate Black Belt, International Gold Medalist and Dojo Instructor from World Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Organization. The event was organized by the Department of MCA.

    More than 110 girl students attended the event. Dr. Poornima Nataraja, HOD, Department of MCA welcomed the Principal Dr. C P S Prakash, Vice-Principal Dr. D R Ramesh Babu, Mr. Fawad Ullah Syed and his team.

    The Principal addressed the students on the relevance of self-defense for girls in modern times, where mobility and independence of girls has to be complemented with basic knowledge of survival under adverse situations.

    An introduction of the Nirbahaya initiative and TechFest was given by Mr. Abhijeet, Student Coordinator of the event.

    Mr. Fawad Ullah Syed and his team started the session with brief warm up exercises and trained the girls with quick and smart methods to defend themselves from unwanted and unexpected situations. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and were happy to have had an opportunity to learn methods of self-defense.

    Some glimpses of the event follow:

  • Induction Program for First Year PG students

    Induction Program for First Year PG students

    The induction program for first year PG program was organized by Director-PG studies on 9th October 2017 at 2.30 PM. All the first year MCA students attended the event. The students were addressed by the PG-Director, Dr. A Sreenivasan, Principal Dr. C P S Prakash, Vice-President (Placement) Mr. Guruvenkatesh, Controller of Examinations, Dr. Kiran S and Dr. David, the chief-librarian. The event was emceed by Dr. Poornima Nataraja, HOD-MCA and the vote of thanks was delivered by Dr.Hemalatha KG, HOD-MBA.

    Some glimpses of the event follow:

  • Report of workshop on Mobile Application Design and Development using IBM - Worklight studio

    Report of workshop on Mobile Application Design and Development using IBM - Worklight studio

    • Trainer: Mr.Raghavan S, SunBee Microsystems, Bangalore
    • Venue: Department of MCA
    • Date: 13th October 2017 from 9 AM to 5PM
    • Report by: Ms Medha Hedge, 3rd sem MCA

    On 13th October 2017, a One-day workshop was organized by the Department of MCA on Mobile Application Development and Design by Mr. Raghavan S. Dr. Poornima Nataraja, HOD - Dept. of MCA gave a brief introduction of the trainer and the aim of the workshop.

    The workshop began with an hour of theory session, in which the IBM Worklight Studio interface and basic theory of HTML5, JavaScript and jQuery were discussed. It was followed by hands-on session in which we were given small exercises to implement HTML5, JavaScript and jQuery.

    In the afternoon session, we worked on the IBM Worklight Studio, to develop a basic mobile application using HTML5, CSS, JS, jQuery and Dojo. With IBM Worklight, it is easy to create mobile applications for various environments like Android, Blackberry, iOS, etc. We applied the concepts learnt on Android and Blackberry environments.

    The workshop concluded with certificate distribution by our HOD. The workshop was an enlightening session which gave us the basic tools for Mobile Application Development.

  • Orphanage Visit

    Orphanage Visit

    9th September2017

    MCA department faculty and students visited the orphanage on 9th September 2017. The orphanage is situated at BCMC Layout, off Kanakapura road, Bangalore. The faculty and students spent the time with the children and also made donations in the form of Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables, Stationeries and Goodies.

    During the visit students and faculty interacted with the children by exchanging interests and opportunities. The children exhibited their talents and our students entertained them with stories and songs.

  • World Yoga Day Celebration

    World Yoga Day Celebration

    On June 21, 2017 to mark the celebration of International Yoga Day, Department of Automobile Engineering, , Department of MCA, andDepartment of Mathematicsunder the banner of DC-WEST had invited ISHA foundation, Jayanagar, Bangalore for learning Upa Yoga formulated by his excellence Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

    Principal Dr. C.P.S. Prakash presided over the celebration and participated in practicing and learning yoga along with Vice Principal Dr. H. Ramakrishna. HOD’s of various departments along with their faculty and instructors actively participated in the celebration from 10.15am to 12.30pm at Seminar Hall, Heritage Building, DSCE.

  • Seminar on “Cyber Security”

    Professional Body Activity conducted in Association with Board for IT Standards in Education (BITES)

    A Seminar onCyber Security was conducted for the students of II and IV Semester MCA on 11th April 2017 from 2PM-4PM at AV Auditorium. After a brief introduction of the dignitaries by Dr. Poornima Nataraja, Professor and Head, Department of MCA, the event started with a welcome note by Dr. A. Sreenivasan- Director (PG Studies). Dr. Sujatha D N, Executive Director (BITES) and also Professor and Head, Department of MCA, BMSCE introduced the audience to the activities of BITES across the state.

    The invited speaker for the session was Mr.Ajith V, Scientist ‘F’, Group Director, GTRE, DRDO. The speaker provided vast information on Cyber Security threats, back door entry, Vulnerability, Computer Security, Impact of Security breaches, hacking, Baiting and Phishing. He also gave awareness on the ways to avoid security threats. Mr. Ajith encouraged the students to also look into immense career opportunities in DRDO.

  • MoU between Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering and M/S Harness Systems,Bangalore

    MoU between Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering and M/S Harness Systems,Bangalore

    A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 11th March 2017 between Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering and M/S Harness Systems. The MoU was signed in order to build industry institution activity This agreement will help in the ensuring convergence of industry practices in academic activity.

    The students of Master of Computer Applications will be benefitted through this bilateral agreement via training and internship opportunities provided by M/S Harness systems.

    The Principal, Dr. C P S Prakash and Mr. Raju John, Co-Founder, Harness Systems exchanged the MoU and wished each other for a long term successful partnership. Dr. Poornima Natarajan, Professor and Head, Department of MCA and faculty members were also present during the signing of the agreement.

  • Workshop on Angular JS

    Workshop on Angular JS

    A workshop on Angular JS was conducted for the students of II and IV semester MCA on 13th March 2017 (2 -5 pm). Venue for this workshop was the AV Auditorium.

    This workshop was conducted by Mr. Deepak Kumar Chakravarthi, Founder and CTO, Crecientech Infosystem pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

    This workshop was divided into two sessions. The first session focused on Introduction to Angular JS, where Mr. Deepak introduced Angular JS as an open source web application framework licensed under Apache License Version 2, having a structural framework for dynamic web apps.

    The speaker highlighted the features of Angular JS in depth - discussing its core features, its scope, data binding, controller, filter, directives and dependency injection. Mr.Deepak demonstrated how to setup the environment and walked us through on how to get started with Angular JS.

    The second session then covered Modules Controller & Scope in Angular JS. In this session he covered in depth the different modules, controller, scope and directives. He gave an insight into how the code is developed for building webapps. He demonstrated the execution of various web apps developed in Angular JS.

    Students found this session very interactive and it opened new avenues to developing web applications, which is a part of their course curriculum.

  • Report on I.O.T. Workshop

    Report on I.O.T. Workshop

    The one day workshop on “Internet of Things”, was organized on 17th February 2017 at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering campus for the benefit of students pursuing Masters degree course. About 152 PG Students attended the workshop apart from the faculty from various programs.

    This workshop was conducted by department of Mathematics and Master of Computer Applications in collaboration with Visvesvaraya Trade Promotion Centre (Govt of Karnataka Centre for Export Promotion).

    The event started with a welcome address by the Director of PG Studies, Dr. Sreenivasan A. The Principal, Dr. C P S Prakash, addressed the students emphasizing the importance of IoT in all fields of engineering. He called upon the students to involve in the field since it is still in its nascent stage with respect to mass implementation. He opined an early engagement in the field would help them in their future career prospects.

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  • Five-Day Faculty Development Program

    Report on Five-Day Faculty Development Program

    The Joint venture between the departments of MCA and Mathematics to conduct a Five day Faculty development program on “Use of Tools and Technology in Research” would not have manifested, had it not been for the Support provided by the Management, Hon. Secretary Sir and the Principal. This workshop focused various areas of research where Mathematics and Computer Science can be converged. We had a very lively participation from the faculty of the departments of Computer Science, Information Science, Mathematics and MCA. Researchers from R&D Centers and faculty from other college also participated in the program.

    Day 1 , We had Prof. N S Kumar , Director, Kumaradhara Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd., and also Visiting Professor at PES University. N S Kumar completed his Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from U V C E, Bangalore in 1983 and Masters in Computer Science from IIT, Madras in 1986. He was Scientist in I S R O Satellite Center and Gas Turbine Research Establishment. In 1988, he started a company called Hitech Computer Institute and ran the company successfully for 10 years. He joined SystemLogic as General Manager (Edu) in 1998 and became General Manager (Projects) in 1999. He quit SystemLogic in April, 2000 and since then he is Director of M/s Kumaradhara Consultancy Pvt Ltd. He has been in Training, Consulting & Software Development for over 31 years and offers consultancy in Object Oriented Analysis and Design.

    Mr Kumar gave us a deep insight into “Common Misconceptions in Computer Science”. He treaded in C and C++ Programming covering areas like Loop invariants, precedence of operators, polymorphism, abstraction, inheritance and so on.

    Day 2 ,we had with us two young researchers from IISc, Mr. AashrayaSachdev and Ms. Ankita

    Gupta who jointly spoke about “Introduction to Machine Learning through Python”.

    This was hands on session, where we were familiarized with the installation and usage of different packages for data utility, machine learning, statistics, visualization, IDE, deep learning, parallel Programming and Storage. We then were taken into a vigorous session covering unsupervised learning, supervised learning and Reinforcement in detail.


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  • Industrial visit to Infosys, Mysore:

    Industrial visit to Infosys, Mysore:

    On 25th October 2015, the students of 3rd semester MCA and some faculty members visited Infosys at Mysore as a part of the study tour. A total of 49 members visited the campus.

    We reached the campus at Mysore around 9.30 AM. After a quick breakfast, we were guided to the Global Education Center. We were appraised of the rigorous training that the fresh graduates undergo at the center. Currently, there are about 7000 trainees being trained. We walked through the vast library in the center and also the training and seminar halls.

    Mr. Bhargava, Head- Mainframe operations, addressed the students on the qualities to be acquired by a software professional and the skill to learn and unlearn. He stressed on the adaptability required to transition from one project to another. Mr. Bhargava motivated the students to think out of the box and come up with ideas. He stressed that the current generation has to undertake the task of sustaining the industry and also building new avenues for growth in terms of technology and economy. He touched chord with students by reaching out to them and addressing their questions and concerns regarding the future of IT and opportunities.

    After the interaction session, the group was taken around the campus to the various facilities available within the campus. Students were taken through the state of the art facilities- from the swimming pool, snooker tables, bowling alley to the squash, tennis and volleyball courts. The students were in awe of the unique architecture of each building in the campus: be it the GEC or the Multiplex or the development centers.

    In all the visit was a fruitful one with a lot of take away for the students. On the way back from Mysore, we visited the Venugopala swamy temple under construction at KRS backwaters.

  • One Day Workshop on Introduction to Logic Design:

    One Day Workshop on Introduction to Logic Design:

    Jointly Organized by Departments of MCA and Electronics and Communication Engineering. Date: 26th September 2016.Target Participants: I Sem MCA Students.

    The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering headed by Dr.Manjunath T C conducted a one day workshop on Introduction to Logic Design on 26th September 2016. The 4 session workshop was handleed by the Lab Instructors at ECE department. The workshop provided the students an overview of all electronic components from resistors, capacitors to integrated circuits and chips.

    The students were given a hands on exposure to performing various logic design activities.

    Sessions were conducted by:

    • Mrs. Padma G - Analog Circuits.
    • Mr. Shivasmamy - Logic Design.
    • Mr. Puttaraju M.S - Analog Circuits.

  • Techno - Cultural Event:

    Techno - Cultural Event:

    The Technical and cultural event for the academic year 2016-17 was conducted on 24th September 2016 for all the students of MCA.

    Venue: CD Sagar auditorium

    It was a colorful day at the department of MCA as all the students participated with great enthusiasm and zeal. The energy of the youth was visible even in the ethnic outfits they donned.

    In the Morning session, technical competition like IT QUIZ, IT dumb charades and IT Manager were conducted.

    Afternoon session was packed with events like Dance, Music Mad Ads and Skits. At the end of the session HOD of MCA, Dr. Poornima Nataraja congratulated the students and distributed the prizes to the winners of various competitive events.

  • Orphanage Visit:

    Orphanage Visit:

    DATE: 27th August, 2016.

    The faculty and students of the department of MCA visited the orphanage managed by Karnataka Orphan Children's Development Management on 27th August 2016. The orphanage is situated at Girinagar, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bangalore. The faculty and students spent the afternoon with the children who are in the age group 6 to 15 years, by involving them in various activities. That apart, the department also made donations in the form of Sports items, Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, biscuits, nuts and raisins , Books and stationeries.

  • International Yoga Day:

    International Yoga Day:

    “When you inhale, you are taking the strength from God. When you exhale, it represents the service you are giving to the world.”

    --BKS Iyengar

    The department of MCA celebrated "International Yoga Day" at the department on 21st June 2016. The Head of the department along with faculty members and students were participated in the event.



    DATE: 16th May, 2016.

    Final year students of Department of MCA conducted a workshop on ANDROID APPLICATIONS for the I and II Year students of MCA. The students demonstrated real time android applications to the juniors, thus motivating juniors to take up real time projects for upcoming semesters.

  • Visit to SAMPTHU an Orphanage:

    Visit to "Samapthu" an Orphanage:

    DATE: 7th May, 2016.

    “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” - John Holmes.

    Department of MCA took up the initiative to reach the underprivileged students by visiting them along with staff and few students. The visit was to orphanage Sampathu, BCMC Layout, off Kankapura road, Bangalore which takes care of orphans aged between 5-14 Yrs. The contribution towards the children's home was in terms of cash and kind. The children were happy to interact with our staff and students. It was a memorable time spent with the kids.

  • + One Day Workshop for the girl students:


    Oracle India in collaboration with SBI Foundation conducted a free One Day Workshop for the girl students on "ICT and the numerous career options in the technology sector" at State Bank of India Local Head Office, No: 65, Saint Mark's Road on 28th April 2016. The girls of IV Semester MCA participated in the workshop.

    “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” - John Holmes.

    Department of MCA took up the initiative to reach the underprivileged students by visiting them along with staff and few students. The visit was to orphanage Sampathu, BCMC Layout, off Kankapura road, Bangalore which takes care of orphans aged between 5-14 Yrs. The contribution towards the children's home was in terms of cash and kind. The children were happy to interact with our staff and students. It was a memorable time spent with the kids.

  • Industrial Visit:

    Industrial Visit:

    Department of MCA, DSCE, organised a one day Industrial Visit to "Cognizant Technology Solutions", Manyata Tech Park, Bangalore.

    Industrial Visit On : 5th March 2016

    Participants : IV Semester MCA students and Faculty Members- Dr.Samitha.K and Mrs Vibha M B


    Our team reached CTS at 9.40 AM. After going through the necessary registration formalities, we were introduced to Mr.Vikram, HR Manager. The team was welcomed with refreshments.

    Later Mr. Prem Reddy, Manager, Development, gave a detailed presentation about the company and its growth in the past twenty years. He also briefed us about the services and products of CTS. A video presentation gave a clear understanding about their work culture. There was an interaction session with Mr.Vikram, where our students got to know about the job opportunities at CTS

  • Technical fest SHELLS 2K16:

    Technical fest SHELLS' 2K16":

    Suhas Kamath, Bhargav Ramesh, Koushik.R and Syed shahabuddin, 2nd Year students of MCA - VTU, DSCE won 2nd place in gaming (counterattack) at Kristhu Jayanthi College Technical fest SHELLS' 2K16 held on 19th February 2016.

  • National Conference on Information and Communication Technology (NCICT-16)

    National Conference on "Information and Communication Technology (NCICT-16)"

    National Conference on "Information and Communication Technology (NCICT-16)" was conducted by the departments of CSE/MCA/ISE on 17th and 18th Februray, 2016.

    Shri. Bharat Lal Meena, Principal Secretary- Higher Education, Government of Karnataka was the Chief Guest. Shri Parameshwar R, Head, R&D, United Telecom was the Keynote speaker of the inaugural Session.

    There was an overwhelming response through paper presentations by researchers, academicians and students during the two day event.

  • + Hands-on Demo session on Adobe Presenter

    + Hands-on Demo session on "Adobe Presenter"

    Hands-on "Adobe Presenter" was conducted by Mr. Ramesh Srinvasaraghavan, Senior Engineering Manager, Adobe Systems on 06th February, 2016. All the faculty of the Department of MCA attended the interactive Session.

    Adobe Presenter helps


    • The learning facilitators to record their presentations along with speech
    • Provides option to include quiz and tracking student performance
    • Allows integration with LMS.

    Mr. Ramesh trained the faculty on how to capture on-screen presentation and publish on the computer, Adobe cloud or YouTube. The faculty were happy to learn the Adobe presenter and implement it as blended learning method in the teaching learning process.




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